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    Happy Birthday

    Happy B'Day! Here's a card for you
  2. .Joel

    Video Les Hemmes

    Really nice video put together of some casual buggying at Les Hemmes...
  3. That donut looking one, next time give it a squirt of hairspray inside and a match... you'll get the sprinkles right off the top
  4. .Joel

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    I *think* he and Jenny had one each? Lets find out @bull31
  5. .Joel

    Greenland Snowkite Crossing

    "3 men, 9 kites and 330 kg food and equipment…that was needed for a 27 day crossing over the Greenland ice cap: powered by only wind. Adventurers Eric Leegwater (NL), Bjorn Wils (DK) and Carl Alvey (NO) used snowkites to cover a 2620 km distance in complete absence of any civilization. An absolute absurd trip" New video and news covering the Greenland Snowkite Crossing. Blog: http://www.peterlynn.com/crossing-greenland-with-snowkites-south-to-north/
  6. .Joel

    Ride Up, Fly Down

    Snowkiting the very peaks and flying down
  7. .Joel

    Thinking of you all!

    Nice post @KaoS There's quite the journey ahead for many over the next few months.
  8. One of the popular overseas sellers of land based kiting gear is closing up and has some deals going https://vliegersenco.nl Sale ends March 31st. @andy666 Venoms for sale too
  9. .Joel

    Vliegers & Co Closing Down Sale

    Nah you're just cheap
  10. .Joel

    Simpsons Go Kiteboarding

  11. .Joel

    Problem Solving

    Save, Print, Stick on wall for future reference...
  12. .Joel

    Flexifoil out of business ?

    Unsure about speculation, realistically they were 'gone' as a kite company years ago. They went from being a kite brand to selling plastic water bottles, hammocks, towels and whatever else they could print 'flexifoil' on and progressively reduced their range of kites year after year. Real shame, my old Flexifoil Blade IV's remain my favourite fixed bridle kites to this day
  13. .Joel

    Should I ask for warranty?

    Sorry, looking at the photos I can't see anything wrong with the T-Shirt. You'll need to contact QCAT for any future remedies
  14. .Joel

    Reedin Kites

    Kevin Langeree announces launching his new kitesurfing brand Reedin Kites. He's partnered up with Damien Girardin whom previously worked for Naish Kiteboarding. I remember interviewing Kevin back in around 2009 for a podcast after he had just won the world freestyle championships. A decade later being at the top of the sport he launches his own brand. Incredible progression, can't wait to see how he moves forward. https://www.reedinkites.com/
  15. .Joel

    Dash Cam Videos

    These are always entertaining, however this one just takes it to another level
  16. .Joel

    2020 Vision at Kingston

    I washoping that someone had taken over the reigns of the cafe/farm. Unfortunately not.
  17. .Joel

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    He was never a fan, just a chameleon in pansh clothing. Flexi Buggy & Kites $550 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/yanchep/surfing/kite-surfing-powerkite-kite-buggy-flexifoil/1236679218
  18. .Joel

    2020 Vision at Kingston

    We won't be there this year, it's too close to No2. Does anyone know if Sandy Grove is still operating?
  19. .Joel


    Amazing. 😍
  20. .Joel

    Bye Dad.

    Sometimes things just don't go to plan... Jim Theodorakopoulos 26/09/1963 - 10/11/2018 My Dad's battle with cancer is now over, but the memories he left behind are not. For nearly 15 years he'd come to our Sandy Point meets and lend a hand, a lot of people here will remember him from the XK Meets where he'd come setup the Gyros and cook. Dad's first passion was Fishing, he'd always pack his rods then comment that I would "find the windiest blown out places on the face of the earth." So eventually he put the rods away, bought a Kite Buggy and packed that instead. Once his kite control and confidence grew, so did the blind optimism that despite whatever the forecast said it was going to be a good day's kiting and we should go! I'll miss him, our family will miss him, and his grand daughter who grew exceptionally close to him the last six months will really miss him.
  21. .Joel

    2019 Cabrinha Bar $300

  22. .Joel

    Bye Dad.

    1yr today. House was filled with people today to celebrate and remember. We've kept his gyros busy and spinning the past year
  23. Get in to Kite Buggying TODAY with these Package Deals! Peter Lynn MK1 Kite Buggy + Nasa Star3 2.5M Complete $495 Peter Lynn MK1 Kite Buggy + Nasa Star3 4.0M Complete $545 Kite Buggying is fun, but it can also be expensive to get in to or opportunity to grab gear limited. Here's a perfect starter's package for someone looking in to getting in to buggying on the cheap. The package includes an excellent condition Peter Lynn MK1 Kite Buggy and a brand new Nasa Star3 Kite complete with bar and wrist strap. Progressive Options Once you've gained confidence and control you can attach the Harness Loop to the Bar and hook right in with a harness. You've got the bar and line setup already, adding additional kite sizes to your quiver is affordable. Interested in purchasing? Send me a PM or email to Joel@ExtremeKites.Com.Au
  24. .Joel

    Peter Lynn Buggy + Kite Package

    @alison melia 2.5m left.
  25. .Joel

    PrinCube - Totally Awesome!

    Will this make your Christmas list? Nifty little project with lots of uses. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/princube-the-world-s-smallest-mobile-color-printer