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    Video Les Hemmes

    Really nice video put together of some casual buggying at Les Hemmes...
  2. .Joel

    Kite Artists & Prints

    T-Shirts are easy to find, it seems prints and wall art is a little trickier Please share links to artists and places that release wall art & prints. Megan, Kitesurfer & Artist living in Antigua. Megan's Prints: https://www.lifeofmegan.com/prints/ Megan's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/megananxo/ How Megan creates her drawings: Feel free to share any links to other people selling kite related prints.
  3. .Joel

    Flysurfer Soul

    New Freeride foil kite from Flysurfer called the Soul. Flysurfer continue to make some stunning looking kites, the Soul is available in 6M, 8M, 10M, 12M, 15M, 18M and 21M. It's a bit more nimble than a Speed 5 and offers easier single line relaunch so you can relaunch the foil just like an LEI off the water by simply pulling a single steering line. More Info: https://flysurfer.com/project/soul/ Video of the Flysurfer Soul
  4. Stuart Mackay shared this photo on a post, after some reading it's a new Closed Cell from Peter Lynn for 2019. It will be available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12M.
  5. .Joel

    how old is too old ?

    Ty for the birthday wishes
  6. .Joel

    Flysurfer VMG 13^3 - Game changer!

    @Chook now there’s a low wind engine ;)
  7. Finally, a bit of zip
  8. .Joel

    Pansh Genesis 2019

    I'd be interested in hearing from @socommk233 about this kite.
  9. .Joel

    Low Wind Racing

    @Chook I think you need to build a couple of these for you and @Mez in case there's low wind at Kingston 2019
  10. .Joel

    Ok which one of you is the smart arse?

    Has to be @bakersdozen he kites out that way regularly...
  11. .Joel

    Funny Videos

    So we have "Funny Photos (Click Here)" I thought we should kick off a Funny Videos as well. I received this one via email today, the lady is going "I don't believe it, I don't believe it." (NSFW!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLxdx75yL8o
  12. .Joel

    Funny Videos

  13. .Joel

    Lightweight Buggy rims

    Other than the Peter Lynn aluminium lightweight buggy rims, what other options have people found? I stumbled on these on BuggyKiteShop ( http://www.buggykiteshop.com/index.php/wheel-spares/rim/buggy-aluminum-rim-2-5-x8-3spokes.html ).
  14. .Joel


    Contact Kite Republic. Chris in the past has had someone there that does Land Kiting lessons as they also arrange Snow Kiting trips
  15. .Joel

    Videos from Facebook

    They both load fine here not logged in to either Facebook or the Forum.
  16. .Joel

    F#@k It All....

    MASSIVE.... Rangin Antonin.
  17. .Joel

    Chasta's Flow

    Its been a while since seeing a Chasta snow kite video!
  18. Strapless... this is pretty bloody good riding!
  19. .Joel

    Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
  20. Personally I prefer live recordings of tracks, and if I find an album version of a song I like I immediately go on the hunt for a live, acoustic or unplugged recording. Share your favourite Acoustic & Live Performances of songs you enjoy here... Guitar at the end of this one may just get @jhn.holgate jamming in his studio...
  21. .Joel

    New PKD Brooza IV

    Wow, it has been a while between drinks for PKD, this appeared thanks to Don Edwards & David Wilmer in the PKD group.
  22. .Joel

    Someone giving his new(2nd hand) Chrono a fly

    Oooohhhh..... he's got himself a foil
  23. .Joel

    Craig Hansen Inflatable Kite

    From the album: Rosebud 2018 Kite Festival

    Craig Hansen from Peter Lynn Kites inflating a large display kite. Member: @Craig Hansen