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    Lightweight Buggy rims

    Other than the Peter Lynn aluminium lightweight buggy rims, what other options have people found? I stumbled on these on BuggyKiteShop ( http://www.buggykiteshop.com/index.php/wheel-spares/rim/buggy-aluminum-rim-2-5-x8-3spokes.html ).
  2. .Joel


    Contact Kite Republic. Chris in the past has had someone there that does Land Kiting lessons as they also arrange Snow Kiting trips
  3. .Joel

    Videos from Facebook

    They both load fine here not logged in to either Facebook or the Forum.
  4. .Joel

    F#@k It All....

    MASSIVE.... Rangin Antonin.
  5. .Joel

    Chasta's Flow

    Its been a while since seeing a Chasta snow kite video!
  6. Strapless... this is pretty bloody good riding!
  7. Stuart Mackay shared this photo on a post, after some reading it's a new Closed Cell from Peter Lynn for 2019. It will be available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12M.
  8. .Joel

    Video Les Hemmes

    Really nice video put together of some casual buggying at Les Hemmes...
  9. .Joel

    Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
  10. Personally I prefer live recordings of tracks, and if I find an album version of a song I like I immediately go on the hunt for a live, acoustic or unplugged recording. Share your favourite Acoustic & Live Performances of songs you enjoy here... Guitar at the end of this one may just get @jhn.holgate jamming in his studio...
  11. .Joel

    New PKD Brooza IV

    Wow, it has been a while between drinks for PKD, this appeared thanks to Don Edwards & David Wilmer in the PKD group.
  12. .Joel

    Someone giving his new(2nd hand) Chrono a fly

    Oooohhhh..... he's got himself a foil
  13. .Joel

    Craig Hansen Inflatable Kite

    From the album: Rosebud 2018 Kite Festival

    Craig Hansen from Peter Lynn Kites inflating a large display kite. Member: @Craig Hansen
  14. .Joel

    Bye Dad.

    Sometimes things just don't go to plan... Jim Theodorakopoulos 26/09/1963 - 10/11/2018 My Dad's battle with cancer is now over, but the memories he left behind are not. For nearly 15 years he'd come to our Sandy Point meets and lend a hand, a lot of people here will remember him from the XK Meets where he'd come setup the Gyros and cook. Dad's first passion was Fishing, he'd always pack his rods then comment that I would "find the windiest blown out places on the face of the earth." So eventually he put the rods away, bought a Kite Buggy and packed that instead. Once his kite control and confidence grew, so did the blind optimism that despite whatever the forecast said it was going to be a good day's kiting and we should go! I'll miss him, our family will miss him, and his grand daughter who grew exceptionally close to him the last six months will really miss him.
  15. .Joel

    Bye Dad.

    Thanks guys, and appreciate those who came to the funeral. The morning before the funeral I dressed Dad with the family and he went wearing his Extreme Kites Buggy T-Shirt underneath his suit It has gone from being very real and being incredibly hard, to just a surreal feeling of emptiness. My kiting gear is still stored at his place, so it's a bit raw at the moment to go load up the buggy on the car without him to go for a kite. The aim is to enjoy Christmas then get back in the buggy in the new year, and have a big gyros.
  16. Tread Marks @ SPEED WEEK 2018! Saturday November 3rd - Tuesday November 6th. More info to follow.
  17. .Joel

    Garmin etrex 10

    Garmin etrex 10 GPS. $100 + post.
  18. .Joel

    Funny Videos

    So we have "Funny Photos (Click Here)" I thought we should kick off a Funny Videos as well. I received this one via email today, the lady is going "I don't believe it, I don't believe it." (NSFW!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLxdx75yL8o
  19. .Joel

    Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    @nigel translated
  20. .Joel

    Garmin etrex 10

    Har Har Har.... No that's my other eTrex Just a few too many "extras" in the kit, this being one of them.
  21. For those that enjoy a sail between their legs...
  22. Get in to Kite Buggying TODAY with these Package Deals! Peter Lynn MK1 Kite Buggy + Nasa Star3 2.5M Complete $495 Peter Lynn MK1 Kite Buggy + Nasa Star3 4.0M Complete $545 Kite Buggying is fun, but it can also be expensive to get in to or opportunity to grab gear limited. Here's a perfect starter's package for someone looking in to getting in to buggying on the cheap. The package includes an excellent condition Peter Lynn MK1 Kite Buggy and a brand new Nasa Star3 Kite complete with bar and wrist strap. Progressive Options Once you've gained confidence and control you can attach the Harness Loop to the Bar and hook right in with a harness. You've got the bar and line setup already, adding additional kite sizes to your quiver is affordable. Interested in purchasing? Send me a PM or email to Joel@ExtremeKites.Com.Au