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  1. Peter Lynn Waterfoil 5.6

    OK @.Joel this has gone on too long. The quick fix is take it to you next meet let every one use it and the one it kills us it to drape over the coffin.
  2. Buggy bits clean out.

    are the seats the same as the one on the 4 wheel buggy, reckon it may be used as an integral part of a folding buggy frame, if so I'll have one. and a quick number 2, are any of the P.L. "aly rims",the flow spun rim bits, standard barrow size, if so I could use a spare, s mine are the first set soled(probably) (Bristol Kite Festival 1996)
  3. static_qr_code

    it's cool when I've got EK open on my laptop I can point my iphone at it and open EK on that, what ever next
  4. Dean kite festival

    yes a good day nice to meat some EKers and not a little windy but a little windy then no wind then rip your arms of then no wind and so on
  5. Dean kite festival

    weather report from Steiglitz (about 2 1/2 times south of Balarat than Dean is NW) very light breeze and showers
  6. Dean kite festival

    I've got no pile as 3/4 of the shit is in my car forgot to wash my buggy last time I used it And knead to put air in the tires, just 1 bag and a dog to take to the car & I'm ready to go
  7. Dean kite festival

    well @Mez which one of you is getting incontinent ?
  8. hay @Bill you still around :round-thumbs-up: will you be going to Dean?

  9. 6ft flexifoil

    was only going to take one but still
  10. 6ft flexifoil

    @Darren Tibbey take them to Dean K.F.
  11. Dean kite festival

    Hay ho plans have changed looks like I'll be along for a fly just may take a 6' flexi with me
  12. 6ft flexifoil

    we'll have to have a fly some time,have a play and may be swap. I take it the sky dogs are free bird and thunder bolt.
  13. Optus "Yes"

    Just found something more of a pain than Optus, Optus in partnership with Star Track.
  14. 6ft flexifoil

    OK Mr @Darren Tibbey so you really wont one, this one has a 2 or 3 patches from a ruff landing after body surfing with a stack of flexyfoils about 20 years back (the day after the surf canoe was bit in 2) I,ll swap out the blue rods for gray then swap you for a 2 line kite, so let me know what you've got