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  1. lol new boat on the right?
  2. Cool_Aid_Guy

    Prism Zephyr and Revolution Shockwave

    Prism Zephyr and Revolution Shockwave for sale!!! Shockwave: Practically brand new its only beed flown Twice. Comes with two frame sets, Bag, Lines and handles: $350 Prizm Zephyr: Its in very Good Condition. Include everything in picture $270
  3. Cool_Aid_Guy


    graphite colour new condition. its been fited with rollbars to stop the lines geting caught around the wingtips. great for a beginer learning tricks. asking price is $200
  4. Cool_Aid_Guy

    Figure 8's or coils

    reli so do u keep the handles attached? I just wind the lines around the handles then pair them off at the end with a larks head. I don’t get any tangles it seems to be fine. Anyone else do this?
  5. Cool_Aid_Guy

    Figure 8's or coils

    yep for me it’s a nice tight figure 8. But what about Revs? How many of you use winders like the rev video? I just go around my handles.
  6. Cool_Aid_Guy

    Zephyr help please.

    Thanks for the reviews guys.I've flown it and love it but i just baught a rev b series, so.... In light winds (under 5-7 knots) ill fly my zephyr and over that ill fly the rev.Im geting a vented b series soon so im covered in all winds. And as for the E3 its going to be in the cupboard for a while, unless anyone is intrested in it. Pics are in E3 mods page. P.s. Anyone got a Rev Shockwave? Wats it like?
  7. Cool_Aid_Guy

    Favorite Season to Fly ?

    mine is all year round here down under.
  8. Cool_Aid_Guy

    Zephyr help please.

    yaay i got my zephyr today too windy for it today but tomorow ill take some pics of it in the air
  9. Hey guys i need some help.im going to buy a prism zephyr and i know a few of you have one so i need a in depth review and if possible a comparison to my e3.I've made all the bridle mods so it flies beter and i have rollbars on it,(picks in "e3 mods") cheers c.a.g
  10. Cool_Aid_Guy

    e3 mods?

    Okay, well in flight its works great. After yoyo's, the lines sit nicely against the roll bars and it flyes like that. I can still steer it and go into multiple rolls without getting caught on the wingtip. I attached it to the TE with a small hole punch then put the sail clip in there. Then, for the LE I used the existing fitting. The actual bar itself is 2mm fibreglass. But, if you dont want to put a hole in your kite, you can use the holes already there for the standoffs but I'm not sure the angle will be right. I recommend this mod to anyone with an E3. I bought all the spars and fittings from a place called Kitepower. If you need any more pics or have and questions just ask
  11. Cool_Aid_Guy

    e3 mods?

    check out my new roll bars they work a treat. (
  12. Cool_Aid_Guy

    ying yang kites

    just wondering if anyone has one or has flown one? the design looks intresting but i wana know how the perform.
  13. Cool_Aid_Guy

    e3 mods?

    yer iv made them mods I just gota fly it haha but I was also wondering if any1 had tried to put a trick line on one? ino its probs unnecessary weight but it would be interesting to see how it goes with yoyo's because sometime my line gets caught under the standoff attachment point where u can like make it light or heavy winds and etc... ?
  14. just worken on my flapjacks and yo-yo's and lazys and combos im geting ther