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  1. BGKD

    Samsung's Exploding Phones Discontinued

    OK, I’ll bite, but I'm not really sure why I should be the one to say how great Samsung are, I guess the phone I currently own is a Samsung, but when it comes to phones my history would suggest that my brand loyalty (if I claimed any) was to Sony and Ericsson before that. The thing I find comical however is the thought that Samsung 'slavishly' copy Apple, surely if this was the case they should have some dickhead in a turtle neck sweater come forward to tell their customers that its their fault and they are holding their phones wrong, maybe they should patent and sell the iAirChargingbag that allows you to safely charge your phone, and should your phone explode then the patented iAddress feature means that all you have to do is buy the iPostage (Patent pending) and the revolutionary iMail system will take your phone to a licenced repairer who will sell you a new phone at a generous 10% discount. Yup, its actually really disappointing the all Samsung have done here is take the somewhat unimaginative option of saying "shit we have fracked up (twice), send your phones back and get a refund" Ultimately this is an expensive error on behalf of Samsung, and I’m sure Apple and its fanbois will try and make capital out of this, but the reality is Samsung are just one manufacturer, as history has shown all these competing companies have highs and lows, and the great thing is Android users can pick and choose from a large range and move between brands with ease, maybe this is the death of Samsung, Sony look like they are becoming strong again, Google phones have always trodden an interesting path between phones demonstrating high tech specs yet low ascetics, maybe Nokia or Blackberry will make a comeback.
  2. BGKD


    Another awesome afternoon, and this time went out with a mission Objective 1 :- beat PB Objective 2 :- beat sluggos PB Objective 3 :- enter 70Km/h Club On arriving at beach wind was a good clean 25knts, this was pretty much at the top end of what I'm comfortable with on the 3m Crossfire, but what the hey, that was to be the weapon of choice so out it comes and on the first pass with a speed of 68.8 objectives 1 and 2 are immediately achieved, and as such just had to stop by where Sluggo was still setting up his kite to tell him that he's officially playing catchup for the rest of the day! The next half hour pretty much stuck to this script, in these winds the crossfire is just awesome, but sadly was not able to cap the initial 68.8, and soon a squall hit the beach which I sat out until it passed, and it took a while for it to dry out again before it would fly properly. Then the wind picked up beyond what the 3m can handle so it was time to put it away and go for plan S. Plan S was my 2m sky bums spirit, these days you could be forgiven thinking that Flexifoil, PKD, Peter Lynn, Libre, HQ, Ozone etc are pretty much the only players, they certainly rate amongst the vast majority of kite purchases, so its easy to forget that there are other very minor players who are not backed by multi million $$ development budgets, yet still manufacture some pretty good kites... and one of these minor Players is Paul Morgan, the guy behind Sky Bums and the Spirit. This particular Kite was actually my first real foil, I started flying quad lines when I got a revolution, and shortly after bought this 2m spirit off skybums stand at a local Kite show with an interest in flying it as a stunt kite, but also with a half interest in traction kites.... and that where the trouble started This kite has always been a absolute joy to fly, but one you have to fly with care in high wind, it was this kite that damned near killed me when I tried flying it in way too much wind, and this afternoon when I took my eye off the ball for just a moment too long tried to take both me and Sluggo out at the same time! On the Skybums website Paul claims to have used this kite to reach a speed of 69MPH (111KM/H), which is actually quite a claim.... and one I'm well prepared to believe! The kite itself doesn't look all that special, its basically a rectangle, no sweeping curves or rounded edges that characterise modern kites, its just a flat rectangle with a 6:1 aspect ratio, and at $300 its dirt cheap! However, in the right wind its little short of awesome, it easily took me up into 70, and shortly later topped out at 78.4....Objective 3 met and obliterated!!!!!, could probably have done a lot more but I was getting severely limited on sideways traction and was not able to lay down enough power, but still Sluggo flying a 2.8 century 2 was being left standing (literally because he was getting lifted out the buggy) So there you go guys 78.4km/h on a $300 kite, that's less than $4 per KM/H.... maybe something to think about before you limit your next purchase option to Flexifoil/PKD/Peter Lynn/Libre/HQ/Ozone next stop the 80Km/h / 50MPH club!!!!
  3. BGKD

    Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

    Do those things come with training wheels?
  4. BGKD

    Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

    Yeah, looks rough up there, let us know how Basil and Sybil fare at Driftwood, they look to be in the direct firing line for copping a hiding!
  5. BGKD

    Yeppoon and Capricorn Coast

    Thoughts are with you guys up there over the next couple of days, keep safe and leave the kites packed away till next weekend
  6. BGKD

    Bribie a new

    Thems skirmish numbers...... I could be tempted
  7. BGKD

    Bribie a new

    NNE.... not really, ENE though to S is bribies range...... best with E to SE
  8. BGKD

    Bribie a new

    Went to Skirmish for a walk on Saturday, place has changed a lot, the beach entrance has been opened up so its a lot easier to get buggy's on the beach... lot of people on the beach, and a LOT of dogs... and point was swarming with fishermen. Dunes are very eroded and there is about 30m of soft sand between high tide mark and tree's, the area of dune grass between teh beach and treeline on teh point is completely gone.
  9. BGKD


    Greater weight is a benefit for a race buggy not a hindrance, sure a lighter buggy will accelerate faster, but the real problem with race buggy's is maintaining traction at high speeds and that requires weight, look at many race buggy designs and they include features for adding weights, last time I read the rules for buggy racing and there is a maximum weight not a minimum weight. If you read the rules for kite buggy racing you will see that they are specifically written to reduce the ability of pilots to increase the weight of the buggy, ie no use of solid metal components and limitations on the amount of weight that can be added. I'm afraid I'm with Andy on this, the initial buggy concept appeared to be a 'revolutionary' carbon design, and we pointed out many glaring deficiencies, now its re-emerged as a traditional stainless steel buggy with carbon dressings, and there are attempts at marketing it a 'lightweight' race buggy, when there is absolutely no demand for a lightweight race buggy. This is again a blatant case of the tail wagging the dog, again the designer has entered into the project wanting to use carbon fiber to build a buggy without ever asking if its the best material for the job, and has used carbon fiber at every opportunity, this is completely backwards the correct way of designing a better race buggy is to use the materials that best address the requirements of the design. On the positive side the steel work looks well designed and well build and there are some nice carbon parts here, i.e. carbon belly pan, carbon mudguard and carbon axle, all except the axle would be attractive to the buggy racers, but they are of much greater interest to the freestylers, but the bottom line is this is a traditional buggy with bling, remove weight saving carbon features and replace them with heavier stainless steel and it may be a reasonable race buggy, albeit one with some expensive bling.... but its not a carbon kite buggy, which is a good thing, give us an option for replacing the carbon with heavier stainless and it may have potential
  10. BGKD

    Extreme Kites Yeppoon Easter 2014

    Im now kinda at a loose end for a couple of weeks and really trying to resist the urge to hitch the trailer and join you guys (maybe take a detour and pilfer sluggos big vapors whilst hes polishing his di....deck )
  11. BGKD

    Game of Thrones fans - what are we gonna do?

    Ill wait till next march and buy the blu ray... now we are on nbn fibre, we are watching a lot more download tv
  12. BGKD

    Extreme Kites Yeppoon Easter 2014

    Probably not going to happen for us this year, having just finished building our house and Jill not being able to find work has created a pretty major hole in our finances.
  13. BGKD

    Stopping at 70+kph

    If there are hazards that make it difficult/dangerous to stop or your going faster than you have the skills to stop then you are going too fast. If your planning on doing speed runs then it pays to scope out the area first by doing a few slow passes before hand, watch for hazards and test your options for stopping (power slides) and escape If you find that conditions have changed then just jettison the kite. Rock walls rarely sneak up on unsuspecting buggiers, but 4WDs, pedestrians, dogs, fellow kite buggiers etc can.
  14. BGKD

    Kite scooter

    I came up with a similar rig idea a couple of years ago as an idea to improve kite buggy loading, its certainly cumbersome, but it solves a lot of issues
  15. BGKD

    "Revolution"launch help

    Best way to launch a "revolution" is to start by making sure its not a cheap Chinese knock off. Revolution kites launch. Cheap Chinese kites don't need to launch. Revolution base their reputation on their kites launching, Chinese copies steal revolutions reputation, and don't actually need to launch. If revolution kites didn't launch then nobody would buy revolution kites, if Chinese copies don't launch then who cares, they are happy with your money. If your unhappy with your rev kite then take it back, you are covered by warranty and consumer rights, Chinese copies....don't make me laugh! Have fun with your knockoff, it sounds like its teaching you a lot.