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  1. rednblackmatuka

    Vaporised @ Labour Day 2017

    Hey Joel, Thanks again for a great weekend... In fact thanks to all who who were at Sandy Point over the weekend. I had an awesome time.... Nothing better than a group of extreme certifiable "nut cases" locked up in one house... Entertainment around the clock.... The wind didn't want to play, but that became secondary as the weekend unfolded...... Thanks again to all...... Hard to top this one..... Except maybe the next one..... If at all possible.... 😜😜😠
  2. rednblackmatuka

    Ozone Frenzy 2011 & Unknown Kite Spotted!

    wot is it ???........ is it Ozone or not ????......... If not wot is it ??
  3. rednblackmatuka

    Kitemag Issue #4 in your mailbox!

    Thanks for the email, looks like a great website to accompany a great mag. Keep it up.