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    SOLD - sysmic s2& plmk1 & quiver 4 sale

    Sold sold I have the cash so please no more silly offeres...... To all those who thought my prices were high ner ner ... you all need to read properly as I said a few times offers considered... also the s2 was 1690 + 2?? FOr the MIDI upgrade +130 for the bag iwas as new in near mint condition I wasn't about to give it away and the problems with getting the new ones in ..... the new. Owner got a fully optiond and assembled rtr ...... with a saving enough to get a kite too . THe rest I'm keeping so I need to close this thread please moderator .... HAppy flying jimbo .f
  3. imjimbo

    SOLD - sysmic s2& plmk1 & quiver 4 sale

    Bump....... I'm in a good mood taking offers
  4. imjimbo

    SOLD - sysmic s2& plmk1 & quiver 4 sale

    Ok so some ppl are showing interest in splitting my kit up so prices are as Follows 6 x flexifoil bullets $900 1 x pansh 5.0 $100 Sysmic s2 with midis $1700 Peter Lynn mk1 with new seat $600 Libre harness $80 Systemic large bag $80 Or the lot for $3000 Postage is extra and organized by you
  5. imjimbo

    SOLD - sysmic s2& plmk1 & quiver 4 sale

    having probs with the computer so pics are available to serious buyers only via sms
  6. after much deliberation and non use i've made the decision to sell up.. grab a bargain quick, as il leave it on here for a couple weeks then its going on ebay... 1x sysmic s2 with midis- 4 runs total as new condition(still got spikes on tyres), 1x peter lynn mk1 with brand new (used 3 times) seat , quiver of flexifoil bullets 1.5 2.5 3.5 5.5 7.0 - the 5.5 &7.0 are in realy good nick, the 1.5 & 3.5 are in good condition but well flown, the 2.5 needs repair the mesh at the top opening needs sewing back together Easy fix and will not harm the kite. there are 4 sets of handles and lines between them most only had a few sessions each. 1x5.0 pansh (jd's old one) flys well bitten me hard comes complete but could use new lines. 1x libre harness 1x sysmic bag that holds all the above and lunch/drinks ect whilst streapped on to symic... also as a freebie i made up a bracket thats on the rear axcell of the s2 so you can unbolt the front wheel of pl mk1 and attach to s2 to make a "trailer" of sorts $3000.00 phone will be easiest 0450469307, ill tyr to keep an eye on this but i do 12+ hr days email imjimbo@live.com.au pick up preferred pakenham or hallam vic...
  7. imjimbo

    2 x Extreme Kites Hoodies

    got any buggy ones
  8. imjimbo

    Sysmic update

    the ride height is lower than the wheel centers on the s2 not sure on measurement i will check but im 100 kg 6'1 and i can clench my fist up undcer the seat when im sitting in it.... i have the midis
  9. imjimbo

    Sysmic update

    @ jas.. any news on if they fixed the upside down logo on the pad covers. ie made a l and r cover ??? tis the only thing that annoys me bout mine
  10. imjimbo

    Joke of the Day

    so while i was at frankston peer today a really really drunk abo fell it. It looked like he was struggling so i did the right thing and notified the authorities. Hope i didnt waste a stamp!
  11. imjimbo

    Growth of Buggying in AUS

    so i agree with most of whats been said.. cost is a big factor but space is bigger ... more to the point insurance is a big problem that i have run in to. i have got to the point that i am sick of setting up somwhere local to have the local pigskin chacers and or crumpet munchers kicking me off coz they have training ect, that i have approached a few schools with sutible space to buggie all with the same response i cant use it unless i hire it and supply pub'liab, or no as there policy doesnt cover me,... then i asked if i could sneak in have a fly and leave with no one any wiser to get told that i could would get done tresspassing on school grounds. time space money weather these are all things i pointed out on a thread i started a week or so ago wondering what ppl thoought of me selling my big bug. on a positive though every time that i do go out i get asked all the q's and have let a few strangers have a go (condition depentent) and i refere all to here and our too main kite shops a question to all ... how many of you have a buggy sticker on your car or a picture at work... how bout the last time you left a mag in the lunch room or a faveroute shop or website page open for co workers to see? may sound silly but every litlle bit helps...
  12. imjimbo

    3 Words Only.

    wearing a rather
  13. imjimbo

    Sold - 2006 12m ozone frenzy to swap or $300

    struggling to find any reviews (good ones any way). what are the frenzies like - characteristic's ect... are they more for speed or freestyle or more allround... wallet is slim atm but i am keen for a 8 - 12 depower mmmmmmmm
  14. imjimbo

    To S2 or to S1; that is the question...

    i may be wrong but im sure i got the larger bag if so it fits well
  15. imjimbo

    To S2 or to S1; that is the question...

    i had the same dilema when purchasing my s2 ... i went with the s2 on size alone but i do want those foot rests and i am thinjking of buying / making new forks to accom bigies.. and then those 17's mmmmm another set of forks again... the s2 is ace at sandy point stable smooth yet when nessecary controlably outa control . ive looked at mine and the s2 "multipourpose camber/ adjustable axcel and it would be really really easy to replicate a similar setup with the standard axcel. for extra ballast the big sysmic bag filled with kites drinks food ect is an easy extra few kgs and fits well with the multi use straps ( can be used as shoulder strap - bag or straps to buggie). thats my 2c's hope it confuses u as much as it did nme jimbo