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    Freestyle Buggying

    Ok so quite a long time passed, but finally we had a 'good' buggy day last Sunday (23rd) I tried going on 2 wheels a few times but found i could maintain it for a second or two whilst moving from side to side really quickly, but more importantly i didn't roll. So now that i am confident going onto two wheels, i was wondering how you hold it because there is still some misunderstanding. I watched a youtube video of Brian Holgate, i've seen him mentioned on this site so im guessing he is known. It seemed that he was just turning the wheel left and right to stay on two wheels. It was pretty inspiring watching him. SO yes i was wondering how you stay on two wheels for more than a couple of seconds. Thanks Nick
  3. Nick.J

    BGKD OBE experience

    Good news Bryan ya kite is fine , the Radsail was actually more tangled up, i had to untie the lines to get it right. But i think the worse casualty was my speedo, the cable completly snapped
  4. Nick.J

    BGKD OBE experience

    We don't know as of yet how long he will be hosbitalised or whether he'll need surgery, but theyy said that there has been 50% movment of the fracture so it's not particully threatening, but it hurts. When he can finally sit and usehis laptop, All u guys support will make him happier so thanks nick
  5. Nick.J

    BGKD OBE experience

    Yes, so those of you that were at Skirmish today would be aware that around mid dayish Bryan had an epic OBE on his 4m thingio, umm yeh, so he was down all arvo until the ambos came and gave him the green whistle to help him along. They then took him to the A&E at Caboolture to get him checked over and found that he has a broken T11 vertebra, which is located at the bottom of the ribs. He is being transfered to St Andrews in the city tonight, and i'll post updates on how he's doing, but his pride is injured more than anything at the moment. So yeh, thanks to Janine for bringing me home, and Rick and Mike for arranging the ambulances that came, and again to Mike for making sure things go smoothly conserning me getting home and all of our stuff. Hopefully it won't be too long before we are back out again Nick
  6. Nick.J

    Freestyle Buggying

    Yes I will be sure to save the pennies and get a half decent full - face helmet. I found at the last session i was a little over confident, and was probably why i rolled so much. But anyway yes, after getting lofted a bit and landing on my back and hitting my head on the floor i found out how important helmets are I walked away pain free, exept the bruise on my hip that prevented me sleeping on my right side for a few days I will be sure to try and get some videos going, i enjoy watching myself buggying, as i can see if im doing something weird Nick
  7. Nick.J

    Freestyle Buggying

    Two wheelies sound like great fun, so my mind is definatly set to trying it, the only issue is that i dont feel comfortable trying it at Bribie, where the beach is real narrow, so i guess next time we're up there im going to spend most of my time going backwards I've found a good video on youtube of a guy doing the kind of things Andyfly was saying about, such as the backwards riding, also going on two wheels and riding backwards, but i can't even two wheel normally yet so i won't ask about that and get too far agead of myself Really looking forward to getting out and trying this stuff, ill be sure to take all this advise with me to the beach/oval Thanks Nick
  8. Nick.J

    Freestyle Buggying

    Thanks for all the advise guys, really apreciate it I was thinking, at our last Murrarie Session I found i got a gust and pushed to the side with my hips on the side bar and went onto 2 wheels, and then i was either on the floor with a buggy on me or back on 3 wheels, there seemed to be no time at all to feel that i was leaning to far over and correcting, or noticing that im going back on 3 wheels and powering up the kite more/leaning over more. Is it basically a combination of how much power you get from the kite, how much you lean, and where you put the front wheel??? I've had a few times of going backwards, usually from messing up a turn so i am used to the feel of going backwards after trying it a few times. So ill give that a go, i could try that up at Bribie, where we most often seem to be for Buggy days. It all sounds complicated but fun to learn and oneday master Thanks again for the help Nick
  9. Nick.J

    Freestyle Buggying

    Thannk for the advise Andy , I'm looking forward to giving it a go Unfortunatly, bribie has a narrow beach so trying new stuff there is probably out of the question. But definatly gonna give it a go at murrarie next time we get out. One other thing, generally when I rolled the buggy, when trying last time, the kite was powered up and smashed into the floor, I was considering not using the harness and having kite killers so i can just let go when I roll, so I don't risk damaging the kite, or myself if a gust hits. Would you advise this?, or am i better off getting the feel for 'wheelies' with a harness? Thanks Nick
  10. Nick.J

    Freestyle Buggying

    Recently i have become very interested in Freestyle Kite buggying, but after 4 attempts of trying to go on two wheels and landing on my face i found out it's harder than it looks. I was wondering if anyone knows any good tricks (I only have a kite, harness and buggy) and where a good place to start is. Thanks. Nick
  11. Nick.J

    Brissy boy's

    Even though there was no wind i still managed to take the skin of my fingers and roll the buggy four times.
  12. Nick.J

    Extreme Kites Yeppoon Meet (April 2010)

    Broken the 50kmh mark, and had a good time. Thanks too the guys who arranged the event and all the people that cooked up the barbie on Sunday, Jason for providing the helmet that i ended up winning and most of all Bryan, for all the time spent teaching me to fly 4 strings and letting me use his old spiderkart buggy
  13. Nick.J

    brissy crew gone quiet

    Best day so far, finally have the ability to use larger kites, so i don't have to rely on the wind being past 25knots