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  1. feral1

    Shoudda bought the Aston!

    Well really i reckon the build quality was pretty good it took quite a beating
  2. feral1

    sharing the stoke

    Dont be too jealous its lake lefroy in kambalda wa goldfields, three and a half hours from the coast , you can see the waste dumps of the mines in background. i think its a few hundred km square area so yea not a bad place too learn and a couple minutes from my door. working a 2 week on one off roster so able to get a good go (wind cooperating) on my weeks break . As far as i know only and first to landboard here , a few blo karts go out occasionly further along the lake . Now ya know how i feel when i see the beach you lucky buggas have. cheers Feral
  3. feral1

    sharing the stoke

    A couple of photos to show you all my playground cheers Feral
  4. feral1

    sharing the stoke

    hey Norman, Ended up getting the gi patrol 106 suited my balance between budget and quality , yep have done the downhill buzz a few short runs in the area mostly gravel and rocky no green slopes or mountains . it is good fun and great too muck about with the kids but after tasting the power of a kites pull it sort of pales in comparison.Your right always a good fall back when the winds dont co-operate.Reminds me of my surfing days waiting for swell can get frustrating but the joy once going cant be beaten cheers, Feral
  5. feral1

    sharing the stoke

    It all started with an old episode of Top Gear ...... I saw the a mountain board racing a rally car down a track, id been looking for a new past time in land locked Kambalda(wa goldfields)since selling my motor bikes and always wanted some sort of all terrain skateboard . Problem solved . After much internet searching and youtube opening my eyes to kites that was me . Ultimately found my way here and started exploring .Got the board had heaps of fun taking the family out bush kids on bikes ,me on board, Mrs armed with camera and dog getting in the way of everyone . Since, ive harnessed the dog for trips to the shops and the mrs and jas from briskites conspired to surprise me with a kite for my birthday . Have only flown a handful of times as the wind has either been too strong for this green as beginner or too weak to fly. First flight came home with a grin a mile wide and i dont think ive stopped grinning , checking weather , planning for more kites or just thinking of that next oppurtunity . Ive only managed maybe a fifty metre run with board and kite so far but each time becomes more enjoyable and it gets harder to pack up and come home . A big thanks to all on EK for the advice whether you realised it or not , this site has become a great source of knowledge , as i encounter problems its usually solved pretty quickly with a quick search through old posts . Something as simple as letting the bar out to increase turn speed would have taken me a while to figure out on my own , but a quick read and another session had me another step closer to charging along the salt lake. Jas and kerry at briskites your advice , help with layby and effort in helping Kim get the kite over here on time for my bday was much appreciated , it went well beyond normal customer service . And to my Mrs who is asking when the next time im going again , if the wind is enough to get going and whos only concern is my doing it safely and making sure the cameras charged Thanks Anyway look forward to reading more advice and interesting topics on here , only if im not too busy playing with my new toys Cheers Feral ps anyone got a cheap access 6m or similar need something for the stronger winds , Im covered for the light stuff with a montana4 , Looking for a cheap one missed out on the last one in the for sale section and tax will be in shortly hehe
  6. feral1

    speed wobbles

    HA HA go the dog power, im just starting out too , but with rotty power . From skateboarding tighter trucks should solve this (harder cubes , egg shocks whatever ya using).Im using a harness on my dog to get a tow he loves it
  7. feral1

    Mining Super Profits Tax, Agree?

    i work in the mines and can see why this tax would be beneficial for australia as a whole. However it will cost jobs projects may be mothballed and the flow on money spent by people such as myself may decrease a little . Probably a very sound idea but bad timing , let the economy recover for another year or more before we think about this one . Mining did let australia get through the downturn relatively easily compared to the uk and others .
  8. feral1

    for sale

    pm sent
  9. feral1

    first kite advice needed

    hello everyone , Needing to pick your brains on what you think the best first time kite would be . i have no experience with kites ,no access to a school (nearest one about 700 kms) and want to learn properly as much as being self taught and listening to advice from forum members will allow . i want to use it on a big salt lake across the road from me so will have plenty of space to learn . looking for something i wont grow out of quickly as i advance but something good to learn on.We have all sorts of wind strength and i'm 100 kgs . looking for a bit of lift once competent enough to start jumping . I know everyone will favourites but even general advice would be great Thanks for the advice on a board on my last post , ended up putting a patrol 106 on layby hopefully be paid off shortly and ready to play. Cheers Feral
  10. thanks for the advice fellas , may take a bit more saving and searching the net but ill get there ,
  11. feral1

    puncture proof tyres?

    i live in the bush with heaps of double gees and hard wood for my kids bike tyres . i use seatbelts from wrecked cars to line them and never have any punctures after may work for you . cheap and easy with heaps of spares .
  12. tall and heavy haha .192cm and about 100kg. got heaps of balance and coordination can skateboard , surf and sandboard but can these boards handle the weight . Have been looking at GI ak103 for sale for 370 bucks it seems to be suited to what i need and intend doing . briskites was one i have checked . Was just hoping to pick up maybe a better board for good price second hand or do you think not worth it with the abuse boards cop . any tips recommendations greatly appreciated
  13. ive been a surfer for most of my life but have been landlocked for the last few years.started looking for a new sport which i can get into in a mining town . landboarding looks great but expensive to get started.looking to get a board second hand does anyone know of a place to look for second hand boards or have any for sale. once i have the board sorted and semi mastered ill grab a kite there seems plenty more options for those with the crossover uses. i have a massive salt lake over the road screaming to be ridden and motorbikes just not as fun any ideas or boards for sale please let me know