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    Bribie Island buggy this weekend

    10am is probably too early for my friend, il see if i can turn up though, 10-15 knots is too good compared to what we have had earlier this week.
  3. Dan-dra

    Any buggying happening this weekend?

    after i posted in the buggy forum i remembered im an idiot, i will do
  4. I promised someone i would take them buggying with me sometime. i was wondering if anyone was buggying at Bribie or Maurrie park This weekend?
  5. Dan-dra

    Who has the fastest buggy time

    Place :-Bribie Island Skirmish point date:- 13th March 2010 Kite:- 1.4M PKD Buster Buggy:- Libre Special Bigfoot tires Wind 25-30knts Witness: Sluggo, BGKD, Rick