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  1. Psycho2 13m REDUCED

    Oh thats cool,then could join u guys for some fun time.PM me. Well wind in singapore is not that strong on land,say its about 4-7 so it a good time to practice this big beast now i guess.But it does gets gusty in changi and east coast area during moonsoon whoooooo.......
  2. Psycho2 13m REDUCED

    Oh thats cool,need friends to start with this beast.Currently we are playing around tuas,sengkang,woodland area.Wind not that strong in singapore @ e moment its only between 6-8,guess its a good time to practice this beast with low wind.Cheers
  3. Psycho2 13m REDUCED

    Hi all My name is Massufian and im a Singaporean malay mid 30.Got on into this crazy kite sport recently and enjoying it lots.Was searching for a used kite n stumble on this site decided to join the forum. Saw a very potential kite which is the closed sell kite sold by R.tony. Immediately fall in love with it after days of research on the kite. Decide to buy over and was respond by Tony immediately. Despite being advice by Tony that this is a different Beast then the Pansh 7m I had, im still going on with the transaction. Being new with Pay Pall I didn’t realize that Tony sent me bill in Singapore currency so it would be easier on my side and later Tony was charged 20buck from Pay pal for that, He cover the amount and didn’t charged me anything. The process was a tedious one as both of us live in different part of the world. Tony drove to 3 different towns just to deliver this as promised and found out the Post office is closed on Sat as he is formerly from the UK.So on Monday lunch break he drove to the post office and mail me this kite. This act of kindness was the best treatment ever that I had trough the journey of buying stuff from site. AND FOR THAT IM WRITING THIS TO THKS Username: riotflyer Location: Brisbane FOR A JOB WELL DONE AND THOES WHO WANT TO BUY STUFF FROM THIS SELLER,I SAID HE IS A MAN OF HIS WORDS THKS TONY FROM MASSUFIAN SINGAPORE
  4. Landboard (MBS Pro Style) SOLD

    r u willing to ship this to singapore,and do you have paypal?
  5. **new photos** 16m Venom, Munro board and more

    1.Hi mate intrested on the Underground Boards 141 Twin Tip,care to ship it to singapore. 2.Do you have a Pay Pal 3>could u send some pic to me (massufian@yahoo.com) Thks mate.
  6. Landboard (MBS Pro Style) SOLD

    is this still for sale?
  7. Psycho2 13m REDUCED

    cant wait to b e proud owner of this kite
  8. Psycho2 13m REDUCED

    how do we go about with the transection for the items,do you have a pay pal ,or something else? You could email me at massufian@yahoo.com will pass you my addresed from there Thks a zillion mate
  9. Psycho2 13m REDUCED

    i have read regarding this beast n know e risk,im willing to give it a try.will need a few advice from experience like you thks mate.
  10. Psycho2 13m REDUCED

    hi,im new to kites,got a 7m2 pansh blaze n a home made buggy,intrested in the Psyco2 hope u still have it. could you ship this to singapore? BTW my name is Massufian thks mate.
  11. Psycho2 13m REDUCED

    hi could u ship this to singapore? how much is the shipping fee,n di=o u have pay pal?