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  1. The future of wind power

    I've seen models that suggest falling birthrates could result in population crash...
  2. The future of wind power

    I'm more convinced than I was before, but I still think it's not the best idea. Japan needs to look at wave power, with all the coast line. It's a crying shame WaveGen went tits up... "Can operate in a hurricane" LOL go on, get away with you...
  3. Naish Foil Board

    There's a video in the TefGel website about how to and how much to apply. I used to completely disassemble, except for mast to plate, and those were the bolts that seized then sheared off at the head. So I'd at least do those; they're a bugger to get out. Start out in the ocean then I guess the breakers make it tough if the wind is up, but you have to learn to body drag through them eventually. And I seem to remember there wasn't much wave action on 12 knot days... My first strapless was on the Hover. For water starts in light winds with big slow kites, you need something to keep the board in place. But for learning no straps is ideal: there's zero chance of twisted ankles or knees.... So the compromise is single very loose front strap. When you're riding, pretty much only your toes will be under it so baleouts have very low risk of locking your foot in there. You'll find out when you can get up and ride, but then the board falls downwind while you fall upwind Can't stress enough: shift your weight with yoga lunges. Put your feet in the center of the bolt holes; maybe a little forward, like they would be if hard forward into the straps. The board designers probably know best where the holes should be to balance the ride then keep your torso upright and lunge. You'll shift more of your weight with less effort and more control. Keep your knees relaxed but your legs well damped, like good off-road suspension. And anyone who tells you that you need to stand in front of the rear mast has poor technique. When you get better you'll need the rest foot back more, and you'll actually find yourself pushing of it... Good job my first session was about two hours too. Probably 119 minutes trying to get out to deep enough water and a whole minute trying to get onto the board. The ratio improves rapidly, especially when you choose to go out in more wind I had the most success with Speed 3 12m (speed vs power) and about 15 knots. I recommend at least a helmet too...
  4. Naish Foil Board

    Good score That mast etc is identical to the LF Fun Foil, and I've ridden the Naish and that board for a few hours too. Here are some thoughts for you . . . Long mast is fine. Short is easier initially as you'll get launched and lobbed and slammed a little less, but once you have your balance you'll find the extra length will give you time to control the height. With the full length mast, you'll need the highest tide to ride the estuary and really only out in the center where the channel is. You still ground out with 60cm mast but you'll have more space either side of the channel where the water starts will be possible. TefGel all the bolts, unless you plan on breaking it down every session. Use actual TefGel; other stuff I've that was supposed to be the same, wasn't. The bolts would loosen no matter how tight I did them. I'd replace the bolts with Torx bolts too; I hate hex heads, they always round themselves out Don't hit the bottom. That board cracked (easily IMO) from hitting the bottom and the board hitting the water. When you ground out, try to get your weight off your front foot. Easier said than done! Single front strap only (if the board can). You only want it for water starting, to hold the board in position. When you fall off at funny angles, you're going to end up with twisted ankles. And straps as loose as possible -- you don't need them when you're standing on the board, and you don't need them. Solid wind. Lulls and gusts will give you shits; it's hard enough getting the board into position without having to fight the kite. Same kite size as what you'd ride a big TT and just be able to go upwind...

    ...from Japan? The origin of the word might be...
  6. Alex Sanz - Longest Kite Replies in History thread

    Yeah, better to have sixteen different logins so you can support yourself, confuse others and hide like a coward when you mouth off 😂
  7. Alex Sanz - Longest Kite Replies in History thread

    Was he on Seabreeze? Name seems familiar... Or maybe just infamous
  8. Alex Sanz - Longest Kite Replies in History thread

    I see nothing in that thread to suggest he knows anything about kites or design, I assume we're reading the same one. Please, leave it on Facebook. Dragging forum shit to FB and vice versa is bad form, especially when you don't have consent of those involved. That's some real Steve/Terry asshole move.
  9. Soloshot 3

    I got a 1 for $50 to have a play with it...
  10. SHOP - Flysurfer ex Demo Kites & Boards

    I'd have to fly them side by side to notice any difference in where they sit... My S3 15m is at least as good for me as a Zephyr 17m for the locals, but I can hang on to it a lot longer. I don't have a lot of love for the 12m on a TT, and as SKB says apparent wind and lack of grunt may be the reason. Given how gusty the wind is when it really picks up here, I wouldn't like a 9m foil at all. I tend to use 15m and bigger foils, then 12 and smaller LEIs...
  11. Quad leading edge mesh

    Nice moves! Do they need a mesh at all?
  12. SHOP - Flysurfer ex Demo Kites & Boards

    No Sonic 1 15?
  13. My Pansh Aurora 15 is here

    It's not as tangled as you think. Reset the bar and when the wind puts tension on the lines, they should pop the foil into the right shape. You will probably need to unspin the bar, and maybe reach up and pull a rear line to get the line out from around the tip. It's much easier to practice this on the land!
  14. SpanishMan's Garage Sale II

    It's a Pants. Of course you spent a lot of time adjusting bridles.
  15. static_qr_code

    Asking what a QR code is or what the code links to?