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  1. Only a can of worms to the uninformed
  2. Yeah It's the rear's shrinking, not the fronts stretching. Same with the bridle. FS had an article up about it for a while, and guys on Seabreeze have measured their lines -- always shrink. Kinda makes sense, when they're sold pre-stretched anyway
  3. You mean, shrink, not stretch, of course
  4. So the Phantom isn't for racing then? It's when they don't get used so heavily or so often that they shrink. I've heard you can't splice the Q-Power and have to knot it -- is that the case?
  5. Oh, they've eliminated line shrink then? And the drag from thicker lines...?
  6. SHOP - Flysurfer ex Demo Kites & Boards

    You should update that list
  7. Watches: water, silt, mud and scum proof?

    I had trouble with watch straps only just going around my wrist, then since I broke it, it's impossible to wear wristwatches at all. I bought a $10 watch at the the hardware store and leash it to my harness through the side straps. The watch's strap broke in a crash but it was wedged under the strap good, so didn't lose it and now I have a little leash. When I have work in the evenings, I set the alarm and that gets the job done. Otherwise, I don't care about the time. Mfwetu looks like the best solution. Anything on my wrists gives me visions of things catching the lines...
  8. Naish Foil Board

    Toldja For an aluminum set up, I think it's a good weight, verging on light. I think there's a lot of hair splitting going on -- 1kg either side of an arbitrary number makes something "heavy" or "light" and has people shaking their heads IMO chines help when you're leaning the board over and the rail is close to the water -- they bounce of the water rather than dragging and digging in. I think a wider, flatter bottom will help more for starts...but big boards like the Alien Air aren't the best for actual riding, especially when you have enough power. You really need two boards, one for ultimate light wind and one for easy powered riding Very soon, the walks of shame will be having to walk DOWN wind because you're so far upwind
  9. Naish Foil Board

    We equally get about up to 30 degrees (at the very, very most) cross either direction and dead on. Which is kind of good, as the beach pokes out a bit and if you lost the kite in cross conditions, one direction would be several hours float to dry land, the other a couple of days Sand is too soft for land boarding....it's all better than nowt though, and it's only 15 minutes away. Although depending on where you stood at the estuary, it could actually be offshore
  10. Naish Foil Board

    I can count on one finger the number of times I've kited in cross-shore conditions
  11. Naish Foil Board

    Yes. Foiling is for light winds for me. I like trying to ride waves but you don't need much of a swell to glide...Big waves are better used with other boards IMO
  12. Dakine Storm Harness

    My current Fusion started falling apart at the seams almost immediately, but only in a cosmetic manner like the seams between the two different materials. Not the major failure like you've got there. But that's an ancient harness, gotta be at least six years old! Even if you only used it a few times years ago, the rot will have long since set in. Harnesses are pretty much a consumable for me -- 2 years is a good run.
  13. Dakine Storm Harness

    My first Dakine Fusion, I got three years out of it. The last one lasted a year. I've snapped 4 spreader bars before I switched to a Dynabar 2 years back... Mystic Star hybrid looks brand new after 3 years but isn't as comfortable. 6 of one, half dozen of your mother.
  14. Buggy conversion

    Looks fake to me, but I've seen similar things. I'd rather have Colin's speeder bike, myself...
  15. Axis Prototype Foil Board Video

    Looks similar to what the production board became. Can't say enough good things about Axis gear!