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  1. Axis aluminum foil

    Oh, here's a really bad video. Low end is ridiculous; if you can get on the board, you can ride. Fun starts when the kite stops falling out of the sky, because the foil glides for miles. I use a 10m for low end, and an 8m for powered riding up to 18 knots when I can usually get on a TT. I've also the 720mm prototype wing, which is a little faster and a little more nimble, but it gives up glide... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2HHbfWyFIc
  2. Eco Charging....

    I wouldn't have thought they'd burn for very long?
  3. Duotone / TRUE Kiteboarding 2019 Gear

    With ex-Cabrinha staff
  4. Kitesurfing in Brisbane

    Primo spot for learning! Apart from the walk out...
  5. Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    Oh SAND. I was looking at this on the small screen of the phone and thought the thread title was SEND...
  6. Axis aluminum foil

    Still no video but I've a new setup now SUP foil with the kite foil board. No ride yet but if it's as good as the demo it'll be epic!
  7. Duotone / TRUE Kiteboarding 2019 Gear

    That was the spin I was referring to. It's a result of what seems to be rather petty licensing squabbles and penny pinching on behalf of the investment group that owns the corporate identities. It's not just a name change, eh.
  8. Duotone / TRUE Kiteboarding 2019 Gear

    Amazing to watch them try to spin this eh
  9. Duotone / TRUE Kiteboarding 2019 Gear

    Amazing to watch them try to spin this eh
  10. Ow I'd rather break my wrist again
  11. Project speed

    I contemplated doing the same thing for land boarding our soft sand beaches here and talked with the guy, and he said it'd work...but I never got around to it.
  12. Project speed

    Flexboardz Haize. I always wanted one of those too Dunno if they're still around though http://www.actionsportsenterprises.ca/mainpage/flexboardz
  13. Flysurfer Boost3 Kite

    The wobble is normal and nothing. What I'm talking about is the LE folding between the wing tip and first LE bridle point. Of course the foils are more powerful, they present more projected area to the wind for a given size. As I've said for a long time though, if you're happy to live with the foibles of foils, they're bloody great. Unfortunately, the time for me has come to move on so I'm clearing out the foils. I've sold the Sonics, so if you want Speed3 12, 15 DLX or 21 really stupidly cheap, then give me a PM.
  14. Flysurfer Boost3 Kite

    FS haven't had a swivel in years, although the QR body rotates. Technically not a swivel But for example the Cabrinha bars ditched the swivel for under the bar manual swivel because some folks didn't like them and wanted single front safety because freestyle. Depends how you like to foil. Note all the other guys in Chch are on tubes... And I've given up on foils.
  15. Flysurfer Boost3 Kite

    As Eppo would say, too on/off and disconnected feel between front and rear lines. And simply couldn't handle my weight -- buckled all the time when loaded up for jumps etc. Might have been the setup or my technique though, I might be able to ride around it now... Hated the valve, too I do miss the Infinity bar's unspinning though...goddamn single-front safety no swivel fashion victims ruining bars for the rest of us