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  1. Foil boarding with a wing

    Yeah, still got it too. Dunno about "got into it" but pottered around with them for a couple of years, with the skates mostly. That was fun. I can imagine being short would suck, you'd have to lean the 'wing more I guess -- and the tips got scuffed on mine too. Lots of places here aren't big enough for kites or have banned kites...and are behind stop banks so they're gusty as. Easy to just let go of the rear hand on the 'wing and the power is gone, no mess no muss. Unlike at 3:25
  2. Foil boarding with a wing

    I didn't notice that, but I primarily used it on hard-pack dirt or concrete. Cumbersome? Nah. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjNRjgH5fn8 But yeah, kites would be more productive no doubt.
  3. Foil boarding with a wing

    The issue is you need a lot of wind, even to skate on concrete. You could kitesurfing easily by that point. The advantage is you can use a kitewing in carparks where a power kite with lines wouldn't work because lamp posts or whatnot.
  4. How not to paraglide

    No, bamboo is a grass so they taper towards the top and get busy in the last few feet. Dropping onto them would be no worse than trees and flying into them may be fine, as I don't think they're too deeply rooted. Jet ski and boat licenses surely teach people nothing about safety. I don't know about the PG licenses... But like most activities here, no matter how retarded you behave it's not a problem until there's an accident.
  5. How not to paraglide

    Well, they're all speaking Japanese so I guess it's Japan, and you've a license for everything here -- even jet skis. Doesn't mean they've any skill with the gear though... They're pretty notorious here. The PPG boys are worse -- they like to buzz the kite beaches too.
  6. Axis aluminium kite foil: SOLD

    I didn't have any plans to change gear before so who knows. Was never interested in racing, just saving light winds sessions. Then I started playing in the swell...
  7. Axis aluminium kite foil: SOLD

    Sure. I'm getting a SUP setup with a huge wing, for chasing swell and playing in waves . . . slowly
  8. Axis aluminium kite foil: SOLD

    Axis aluminium kite foil, 90cm mast. Includes the carry bag and the travel covers. Great condition, some cosmetic scratches on the wings as can be seen in the photos. $850 ono
  9. Only a can of worms to the uninformed
  10. Yeah It's the rear's shrinking, not the fronts stretching. Same with the bridle. FS had an article up about it for a while, and guys on Seabreeze have measured their lines -- always shrink. Kinda makes sense, when they're sold pre-stretched anyway
  11. You mean, shrink, not stretch, of course
  12. So the Phantom isn't for racing then? It's when they don't get used so heavily or so often that they shrink. I've heard you can't splice the Q-Power and have to knot it -- is that the case?
  13. Oh, they've eliminated line shrink then? And the drag from thicker lines...?
  14. SHOP - Flysurfer ex Demo Kites & Boards

    You should update that list
  15. Watches: water, silt, mud and scum proof?

    I had trouble with watch straps only just going around my wrist, then since I broke it, it's impossible to wear wristwatches at all. I bought a $10 watch at the the hardware store and leash it to my harness through the side straps. The watch's strap broke in a crash but it was wedged under the strap good, so didn't lose it and now I have a little leash. When I have work in the evenings, I set the alarm and that gets the job done. Otherwise, I don't care about the time. Mfwetu looks like the best solution. Anything on my wrists gives me visions of things catching the lines...