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  1. Magoo

    Ozone Access 6m for sale. $250 ono

    G'day Ben, I'm happy to post it. Dimensions are 70x15x18 2.5kg, so postage would probably be $20 - $25 depending on your post code. Cheers, Nathan
  2. Sold. I bought this kite a few years ago to go snow kiting, but have only used it once at a local oval. there is one small repair from the previous owner, but otherwise it’s in great condition. It still has that crinkly feel. includes bar, lines and bag and it’s in the ACT. good winds, Nathan
  3. Magoo

    Kiting on Lake Burley Griffin

    mmmmmm. Sounds fair. I might just have to get a Mtn board / Buggy and join you guys at the oval after work instead.
  4. Magoo

    Kiting on Lake Burley Griffin

    I was more thinking out from the boat house in the nor wester, but then the same principal applies to the Kings av bridge. Agreed, and given the choice between the coast and the lake I'd choose the coast, but I've got a bad track record picking when to go to the coast (more time surfing than kite surfing) and the coast is out of the question for a lunchtime / after work session. That aside, surely the wind instability -> risk of being lofted is just as bad or worse for any of the local land kitting sites. I don't understand why it would be worse on the lake with more room for the air to clear than on the ovals around town. Happy to be corrected, just want to understand before I keep sitting in my office when I could be on the lake.
  5. Magoo

    Kite surfing on lake Burlygriffin

    Good point, hadn't considered all the latent debris. Thanks
  6. Magoo

    Kite surfing on lake Burlygriffin

    Hi Guys, Here's the comments I got when I posted this question a while ago if you missed it. viewtopic.php?f=74&t=13594 I'm keen to get out kitting on the lake, but I'm still starting out so not so keen on being out there alone. Let me know if you plan on heading out. Cheers, Nathan
  7. Magoo

    Standby Peeps

    Thanks for a fun afternoon gents. Here's a few of the photos that worked out.
  8. Magoo

    Extreme Kites Canberra Social Night #1

    Count me in. Looking forward to it.
  9. Magoo

    AUS Snow kite Best Location

    To recycle a link from another snow kiting thread in case you haven't seen it yet, http://maps.google.com.au/maps/ms?ie=UT ... 5&t=p&z=11 shows a few supposedly good spots. I haven't been to any of them with a kite, but I'm heading up to Cootapatamba this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.
  10. Magoo

    Kiting on Lake Burley Griffin

    Thanks for the replies guys. I'm not sure what you're driving at here Steve. How is it any different than if the wind packs it in at the coast, or do you just think that it's more likely? I wasn't thinking of going any where near the dam wall end of the lake, if that's what you mean. That's way to scary for this chump. Do you think the lake contributed to this, or is it likely that the guy had more kite up to keep going in the lulls? Unless the lake is likely to throw off more thermals than other kite surfing spots, I don't understand why the risk of getting lofted here would be any greater. Cheers, Nathan
  11. Does it go? I remember seeing a few guys out in East Basin ages back, but haven't seen any out for a while. Not sure if that's just because of the algae, if the authorities have been making it difficult, or if the wind is just too unreliable. Have any of you guys been kiting on the lake? I saw on the NCA website that the man eating blue green algae has moved on and the lake has been reopened to swimming http://www.nationalcapital.gov.au/index ... Itemid=317 so I'm wondering if there is anyone out there keen for spin? Cheers, Nathan
  12. Magoo

    So i alterd the setting on my kite.....

    I have three locations on each wing tips for attaching the lines which are clearly labeled as bar pressure adjustment, but the attachment 'pigtails' (not sure what the proper name for these is) each have three knots I can attach to, so I have length adjustment on these lines as well position adjustment. The other lines have only a length adjustment, so I'm not sure how the two sets of length adjustments interact with each other?
  13. Magoo

    So i alterd the setting on my kite.....

    On the topic of kite setup and line adjustment, I recently bought a near new REV2 which has 3 adjustment settings on the front lines in the same way it has for the back lines. Does anyone know if these are there to give me a greater range of AoA settings or do they have another purpose?
  14. Magoo

    Kiting on your own. How bad is it really?

    Awesome. Thanks for the thoughts guys. I ended up deciding to hang out for a while working on my kiting on the beach until the locals showed up. When I was still Nigel no friends an hour later and was happier with the wind and that I hadn't forgotten how to fly the kite, I decided to go out for a spin ...... and the wind died in the arse. This was the one that really got me in the first place and largely the reason for this post. I was happy in my ability to have a safe session in what I know of the sport and the risks I could identify, but having only been kiting for a while, what are the risks that I don't know about? Are there any that a noob like me might not think of?
  15. Scenario: You've had a few lessons and are comfortable getting up on the board so you bought your own setup, but since then every time you've had a chance to kite, there as been no wind. You finally get a chance, a steady 12 - 15 knts on shore at a spot you've previously had lessons, so you know you can walk 200m out into the lake. But there is no one around. You call all the people you know in the area who kite, and no takers. Everyone's busy. Question: Do you pass it up because you're still learning and don't know what you don't know, or do you ignore all the dire warnings about not kiting on your own and hook right in because the winds are light and you have the water to yourself?