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  1. Coogee

    Found - AVIA Gforce UL

    To get those stubborn ferrules out heat is the go. Heat the spar with a lighter till the bond breaks then whip the ferrule out, spar is roo ted but the ferrule is ok. Got this tip off Leong, Ceewan.
  2. Coogee

    Found - AVIA Gforce UL

    Contact Mike at kite Magic.
  3. Coogee

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    High speed flying doona Mike
  4. Coogee

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    So what stunt kites did you get? Mike
  5. Coogee

    Quad leading edge mesh

    Nice bit of lateral thinking. Looks cool Mike
  6. Coogee


    Good fun and your right kids love them. Mike
  7. Coogee


    Got a bit of an evil look.. Mike
  8. Coogee

    Fighter kites

    INIce kIte
  9. Coogee


    Really nice Bring it to the next FOTW Mike
  10. Coogee

    Line Laundry

    Nice Where did the plan come from Mike
  11. Coogee

    Single line kites

    1,2 or 4 line all good. Mike
  12. Coogee

    Prism E3 - Lower Spreader ARGHHHHH

    Does the LS push onto a ferrule or slot into a fitting? If it pushes on to a ferrule check the ferrule for a hard corner at it's end. Sand it to a round. You can wrap the end of the LS in cotton, plenty of wraps, and soak it in super glue. Give the LS a light sand first at that spot. If it pushes into a fitting stuff the LS tube with another smaller piece of rod. Again make sure that internal piece has no sharp corners on its ends. Glue it in. Mike