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    Prism E3 - Lower Spreader ARGHHHHH

    Is its a Sky Shark frame? If so it will be easy to get spares. Kevin at Kaos Kites can help u out Mike
  2. Coogee

    Found - AVIA Gforce UL

    To get those stubborn ferrules out heat is the go. Heat the spar with a lighter till the bond breaks then whip the ferrule out, spar is roo ted but the ferrule is ok. Got this tip off Leong, Ceewan.
  3. Coogee

    Found - AVIA Gforce UL

    Contact Mike at kite Magic.
  4. Coogee

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    High speed flying doona Mike
  5. Coogee

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    So what stunt kites did you get? Mike
  6. Coogee

    Quad leading edge mesh

    Nice bit of lateral thinking. Looks cool Mike
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    Good fun and your right kids love them. Mike
  8. Coogee


    Got a bit of an evil look.. Mike
  9. Coogee

    Fighter kites

    INIce kIte
  10. Coogee


    Really nice Bring it to the next FOTW Mike
  11. Coogee

    Line Laundry

    Nice Where did the plan come from Mike
  12. Coogee

    Single line kites

    1,2 or 4 line all good. Mike
  13. Coogee

    Prism E3 - Lower Spreader ARGHHHHH

    Does the LS push onto a ferrule or slot into a fitting? If it pushes on to a ferrule check the ferrule for a hard corner at it's end. Sand it to a round. You can wrap the end of the LS in cotton, plenty of wraps, and soak it in super glue. Give the LS a light sand first at that spot. If it pushes into a fitting stuff the LS tube with another smaller piece of rod. Again make sure that internal piece has no sharp corners on its ends. Glue it in. Mike
  14. Coogee

    Freilein Quadline Kites

    Not to be subverting the topic but.... 0.33 oz poly. More info please! Mike
  15. Coogee


    Just finished this Glider from a design by Doug Stout. It's 24" in Icarex and framed in Carbon Rod at 1 and 1.3 mm. Fun little kite for no wind days or in the lounge room after a few beers, put away any Ming vases. Not a complicated build and a nice result. Mike
  16. Coogee


    The fabric is very light. Much lighter than Icarex. It does stretch a bit but since I am using it for gliders that is not an issue for me. It is a bugger to sew, easily ripped, and you only get one go with DS tape. It is a bit tricksy to work with and I think it is not cheap. If I was looking for very light weight material for a full size stunter I would think that very light grade Cuban would be what I would try. Again not cheap but you can sew it. For SSUL kites i reckon the rods, fittings, sail pockets and reinforcements are the way to get a light kite. If your really keen after you pare all that down the next step is sail material. Mike
  17. Coogee


    Might not fly but are the sock of choice for thong wearing on a cold night. Mike
  18. Coogee


    The tea cosy was made by the Missus. She has also just done me some socks with a big toe so i can wear them with thongs, classy. Mike
  19. Coogee


    Another Hawk but this time in Orcon, many thanks to my mate Trev for the Orcon. Bit tricksy to work with but very light. Shaved 3 grams off the Icarex Hawk. Slower glides with the lighter weight. Mike
  20. Coogee


    If you find the right size insulated wire you can strip some insulation and use it on the end of the SO either as a stopper or to form a blunt end on the SO that won't punch through. Tip from Doug Stout Mike
  21. Coogee


    Make a loop of spectra 80 lb is ok about 25 mm. Get your end cap and using a rotary hole punch make the smallest hole you can near the closed end through the cap. Pull a loop of line through the hole and pull the knot through that loop. Pull tight. Larks head. Then LH it to where its needed. Maate that my lawn... or thats what I call it The pic is form Doug Stout Mike
  22. Coogee


    Very cool. Like the little gliders. The JIAC clip is great, train spotters have nothing on these guys. For the SO connectors use vinyl end caps. The smallest are around 1 mm. Punch a hole through the closed end and larks head a loop of 50 lb spectra through the hole. Then LH it to the spreader. Where do you fly the indoor stunter? Mike