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  1. mik333

    Vmax and 6m Peak 2

    Bit hard to follow... Is that $450 for each item or $450 the lot? Just to make it clear for others. 👍
  2. mik333

    Born Kite 10m Nasa Star 2

    Knowing John, I'm sure the windbreaker would be an optional extra 😎
  3. I am keen if the wind works out. If I can get away, I'll be there 😎
  4. mik333

    Wanted- PKD Century 2 kites

    I'm after a 4.5 metre and an 8 metre Century 2 kite. There must be some lurking in in garages or wardrobes somewhere. Michael
  5. mik333

    U turn kites

    Those handles could be useful as splints for any broken bones...........👍
  6. mik333

    U turn kites

    Good to see that you are still kicking. I'm interested in seeing them fly. Might be better than those killer speed wings!! Have to catch up
  7. Monday has been perfect for a long buggy and board session. Rob, Mark and I tore up the beach from Waratah bay to the inlet. Warm sunshine, smooth light onshore wind and an empty beach. We all left for home at 7 pm with big grins. Very satisfying.
  8. mik333

    Flysurfer 4m Peak 2 SOLD

    Sounds cosy up on the Murray .........
  9. Hi Mark. Looks like a light south westerly wind at lowish tide later in the afternoon. I will give it a go. Chat tomorrow morning. Have to get some sand rash after such a miserable weekend.
  10. Good luck with the weather. Hope you don't get on each other's nerves.........
  11. Dreadful wind gusts, hard westerlies, hail and I'm busy trying to stop the caravan annex from self launching. Will come over to Sandy tomorrow morn.
  12. mik333

    Ozone Riot 9m

    Shame John couldn't chuck in a set of lines at that price........😎
  13. Set up at Foster. Down to Sandy tomorrow for some sightseeing. Poor forecast with westerly winds (gales). Doesn't look good till after the weekend. I'll have to wait it out.
  14. mik333

    Ozone Riot 9m

    What a bargain!
  15. mik333

    XR+ Buggy, PL Vipers, Ozone Methods

    Hi Doug, If you come down to Sandy Point, can you bring the 5.3 Viper so I can have a look at it? Thanks Michael