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  1. The Block 2017

    Definitely not. That show is just a cobbled together, edited for effects, nonsense reality show. Michael
  2. Website Upgrades

    Is he planning a new child?? Or is he just practising??? Site improvements look good. Joel is always the busy boy. Michael
  3. Harden Kite Festival.

    Well done Darren. Those eyes look like something you might create. Michael
  4. Trevor, I'm sorry to hear the news. Good luck with your travel plans and I hope to catch up at some time. My mother is still battling serious infections in palliative care and maintains a positive attitude towards all who are supporting her. I look forward to the next buggy session, perhaps the November weekend. Michael
  5. WANTED! Kite Buggy and Kite. TAS.

    A long standing rule on the for sale forum is to provide prices on items offered. Michael
  6. It is a bit easier for me, as my mother is located in Ballarat and I'm only 80 minutes away. When loved ones are on the other side of the world, decisions are so much more difficult. Good luck, Tiger37. Michael
  7. I may not be able to attend the weekend as my 89 year old mother is in palliative care. Time frames are out the window, but as Tiger stated, if I can get to Sandy for a visit, I will. Michael
  8. Does anyone resemble this image

    Is this Ingo in his new outfit?? Michael
  9. Speed Week v2 2017 - CANCELLED

    I think we are doing the old Groundhog Day routine over and over. The unfortunate tide timing of the Melb Cup weekend led to suggestions by others for a switch to the earlier weekend with the advantage of middle of the day tides. By all means, buggy any time.... Michael
  10. Speed Week v2 2017 - CANCELLED

    I am a bit surprised that this thread started, considering that we all knew why the Speed Week celebrations had been switched from early Nov to Sept. Michael
  11. Safety gear I just bought...

    I love the way Kamikuza never repeats himself....lol Michael
  12. Safety gear I just bought...

    Ingo, regarding kite control setups and safety gear, you can check out the different approaches used by each buggier at Sandy. So, don't purchase any more goodies until you try out ideas that may suit your flying style. Michael
  13. Safety gear I just bought...

    As long as you don't wear it to the Fish Creek dinner.... Michael
  14. Dean kite festival

    I have enjoyed the kite day on two previous occasions, but can't make it this year, as Marie and I are escaping to the NSW coast. Will check out some beaches, prior to returning for the Sandy Point celebrations. It's not easy being retired. Every day is like the weekend.....lol Michael
  15. I eventually saw that the dinner is on Friday...... I will be there Michael