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  1. PKD Century 2 - Six metre for sale

    Just saw your post, Gilbert. The kite is still for sale and has not been used since my original post. I'm happy to sell, but also happy to keep if it doesn't sell. PM me if you are still keen, or call me 0419374653 Michael
  2. Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    As Doug said, we stay at Foster, which is a very nice park and town, but is 20 min from Sandy Point. It appears that the Sandy Park has improved through new management, so may suit Tiger. Michael
  3. Eco Charging....

  4. Eco Charging....

    Or the big campfire winner.......the piano accordion...🎼
  5. Eco Charging....

    They would make a classic pair of earrings..
  6. Multi-Rotor Thread

    Worried about a bird poop on the wagon??
  7. Multi-Rotor Thread

    Is that a new car Doug??
  8. Happy Birthday.....

    No no.... I sold the set to a happy SouthAustralian in 2016. (I think). I never realised at the time, that you were the Blade Godfather.... Hope that fatherhood is still a joy for you. Michael
  9. Need a defrost button.....

    You could try Bowdens Melt Down. This a waterless de icer that melts windscreen ice with a few sprays and inhibits re icing. Also Bowdens Fully Slick is the best glossy paint sealer ever. Try it Michael
  10. Happy Birthday.....

    Thanks Mez. Yes, I am still kicking. We are heading west with the Eco Tourer in a few weeks and I'm looking forward to buggying beaches through SA and hopefully WA. Got to do these things while the opportunity is still there, before age and/or infirmity lays you low. Will be back for Sandy Point. Hope to catch up then. Michael
  11. Big kites for sale

    Almost sounds too good to be true, Doug. Michael
  12. May the 4th be with you??

    Better get in early. They are sure to sell out fast... Michael
  13. Peter Lynn Waterfoil 5.6

    Mez only blossoms, because of her relationship with Doug! 😀 Michael
  14. Greenland Snowkite Crossing

    Does anybody remember the Greenland crossing, several years ago. 3 guys on skis, with Quadrifoil kites. All rather primitive, but made for a fascinating tv doco. This new effort looks so professional, by comparison. Michael found the story...... http://www.ericphilips.com/polar-explorer
  15. Peter Lynn NZ Factory Tour

    Brings back happy memories of my factory visit in 2011. There were lots more people on site, at that time. Michael