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  1. roblukin

    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    I'm fine, I didn't have an accident. I cracked my chassis. I've got another van but my problem is getting hand controls fitted in time for the meet. I'm still hoping to get there but not holding my breath..
  2. roblukin

    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    Not sure if I'll be able to get there either, i killed my van.
  3. roblukin


  4. roblukin


    Im up there now @Tiger37
  5. roblukin

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    Litchi is supposed to do this, i think they call it a "Magic Leash" or something like that, i dont have it and havnt seen it used but ive read about it. You could also take your controller on the buggy and the drone should follow that.
  6. roblukin

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    hey doug, im pretty comfortable with flying the drone, i mainly use Litchi, i love its waypoint missions and the fact that you can plan it all at home before you go out to fly, as for the active tracking, i havnt had much success with that yet. im using a samsung phone as my display, im thinking its not powerful enough and that may be half my trouble. Your all over the editing compared to me. i think itl be me picking your brains, not the other way round. When we get together we'll combine forces and work it out.
  7. roblukin


    thats one of favourite haunts when im up that way, it can be quite good. Where are you staying-Pinnacle Village caravan park?
  8. roblukin

    Yeppoon 2018

    Had a good run over easter, it was pretty fast, only 4kmh off my PB. Unfortunately ive had to shoot home for some family issues so im leaving chook to have all the fun
  9. roblukin

    Melbourne Star

    I remember that well! Great views! The London eye had a similar effect. I wonder which one was higher?
  10. roblukin

    Wanna Dunes GT Buggy again

    getting dizzy...
  11. roblukin

    Wanna Dunes GT Buggy again

    waiting for ya to come and show us how its done..
  12. roblukin

    Fisheries Bay Buggy Session

    its not quite right yet but kiting doesnt seem to bother it too much
  13. roblukin

    Louth Bay Gt Buggy

    It’s the only way to go..
  14. roblukin

    Footy Grand Final weekend 29th Sept to 1st Oct

    I was counting on you!
  15. roblukin

    Footy Grand Final weekend 29th Sept to 1st Oct

    Ill bring bread/rolls, @Kathleen how much will we need?