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  1. Perhaps another option is the HQ Matrix 15m or Spleene 19x?
  2. Hi all kiting addicts! I am currently getting back into being on the water after some years inland and need a larger kite for those low wind / marginal days. I love closed cell foils (twinskins)! I currently use synergy 6m & 10m; NEO2 11m. (All bought 2nd hand off this site) I have never used a Flysurfer but I am interested in giving them a try if it fits my budget. I'd love to hear from anyone that has a charger or similar that is sitting in the cupboard not getting enough use and you are willing to part with Thanks
  3. rjang

    Help choosing size POWERSLIDES

    G'day Awesome post! I have just ordered some Skikes but as an old rollerblader I will have to make myself a set of these!
  4. rjang

    Sport Kites

    Also, how old is the synergy?
  5. rjang

    Sport Kites

    what wind range is the 10m synergy best for on land and water? i weight 65kg I cant find info on the PL website
  6. rjang

    WANTED: 12m liquid force havoc

    Still looking? I have one that i would consider selling. 2009 model in good condition. Not available until end of Jan.
  7. rjang

    Peter Lynn Bigfoot Buggy for sale

    Hey. Merry Christmas! Is this buggy still for sale? Looking for one to thrash out in the desert. Cheers
  8. rjang

    Buggy For Sale

    Hi there. Merry Christmas! Do you still have this buggy for sale? I Don't really need anymore kites so would you consider separating? Cheers
  9. rjang

    Buggy for Sale

    Hi there. Long time since any posts but is the buggy still available? If so I would be interested in knowing how much it would cost to get out to alice springs. Cheers
  10. rjang

    For Sale : ALL SOLD!

    What is the freight costs for the skates?
  11. Did you ever sell these? What would you sell them for now with freight to Aus?
  12. Did you ever sell these? What would you sell them for now with freight to Aus?
  13. rjang

    Rollerblade Coyote Skates for Sale

    i am interested but not sure if they'd fit - i think i am a size 9 What's the damage$$$?