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  1. Next Saturday We will be here.. If anyone wants to join in.. LOADS of room... suitable for all kites...and you get to see Puffing Billy go past Event: Lets go fly a kite Date: Saturday 14th April 2018 Time: 10am – 1pm Location: Pepi’s Land Pepi's Land Puffing Billy Walking Track, Kilvington Drive, Emerald Its part of the PAVE Festival.
  2. Rosebud Kite Festival 2018

    SIX week away....... We will be flying the SATURDAY and the Sunday.... The Saturday will have much more room... fewer people.. Its promoted as meet the kite flyer day so the public can come talk to us... We will put on some snags for Lunch.... Flying from 10 am.... The idea is to promote the event to the people attending the Market across the road... so we finish around 2 unless the wind is great and fly till whenever....
  3. Dingley Reserve Night fly.

    battery operated LED work well also..... or glow sticks.... bring a torch or two for finding stuff on the ground....
  4. Dingley Christmas Fly

    I think it was a wise move to wait a week...... would of been very miserable there today Fingers crossed for next Sunday
  5. Dingley Christmas Fly

    We will bring a BBQ and a heap of snags and bread and onions and sauces.... Daren going to bring some drinks if you want anything else BYO
  6. Buggy bits clean out.

    after a seat and a wide axle after a seat or 2 if possible and a wide axle 1.4m 20mm 25/32mm Please It wont let me send you a message
  7. Melbourne Cup Fly Day.

    The Bakers will be there from about one at this stage..... even Trent may make that date he just might be finished Uni by then Yeaaaaaaaaaaa
  8. Sad News

    I first meet Bob in Cairns at "Kites in the Tropics" way way back in 1989 I think... It was our very first kite festival and certainly not our last... We would catch up with him at Kite festivals across Victoria, New South Wales, Qld and South Australia over many many years...he always had a hug...kind worrds and many many laughs... I will never forget his fireworks at many Adelaide Festivals and my kids ooooohhhss and ahhhhhhsss and he lite up the sky.. even though my kids are now much older,...whenever we see fireworks I always think of Bobby...and those Adelaide Kite Festivals..... He will be sadly missed....but he will ALWAYS lite up the sky Jo, Ricky, Trent & Brett Baker and Maggie Phillips Team Positive Lift Melbourne Australia.