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  1. buggy boy

    Nasa Star 3 Competition

    A Nasa Star 3 for little old me would really be quite Luvly!!!
  2. buggy boy

    For Sale Ozone Access 6m 2011

    Hi! I am selling my Ozone Access 6m 2011 complete on Ebay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/121626053516 ... 1555.l2649 It is listed on ebay for $480 plus $30 post. If you are interested send me a PM and I will take $430 plus post if I don't have to pay ebay fees
  3. buggy boy

    Ozone octane vs HQ Beamer

    I have a NS 2 4m not being used that you could have for $50 plus post kite only if you just wanted to test the water. It has the Z bridle so it will work on handles or a 4 line bar.
  4. buggy boy


    At least you got a session in without incident! You have to be there when the weather is cloudy and miserable and not a weekend or public holiday to have your best chance of having it to yourself. That was good the Ranger showed no interest in your activities, maybe he thought you had an amphibious kite board and were on your way to the water
  5. buggy boy

    Can I buggy on Stockton Beach?

    Just wondering about the guy who I saw there screaming up and down the beach on his landboard being towed by his dog on a long leash, or the guy with a paramotor flying over the dunes. I notice camel and horse dung is accepted by the trailer load up and down the beach and all around the bottom car park without a mention. Last time there was someone teaching their unlicensed friend how to ride a trail bike through a crowd of people on the beach at the section zoned as "no vehicles beyond this point!" You are more likely to be harpooned by a poorly anchored beach umbrella blowing down the beach than run foul with a considerate chap taking a leisurely run down the beach when its safe to do so in a kite buggy!
  6. buggy boy

    Can I buggy on Stockton Beach?

    In the past 12 months I have buggied down the beach and passed the national parks suzuki jimney going in the opposite direction and also buggied slowly down the beach while being watched by the rangers, who were stopped watching me from 100 metres away and nothing was said! Thats going to suck if you cant buggy anymore! They run trotters up and down the beach every low tide unregistered mostly faster than I can go and I have had several off the leash dog encounters involving my young children but strangely never had any issues with kite buggies It will be interesting to get an official verdict
  7. It is a very addictive sport especially when the planets align and you fluke the right wind, tide, weather and an unpopulated beach to really let loose! Glad it all went so well for you and it sounds like you have no regrets joining the Buggy scene
  8. buggy boy

    Maiden voyage for new buggy build

    Top spot you found! Nice work
  9. buggy boy


    The wheel ruts are generally start at the outer edge of the 60 metres, where the sand starts getting soft which isn't so bad
  10. buggy boy


    You can buy these permits at the following outlets: Birubi Beach Service Station, Anna Bay - location mapexternal link Tackle Power, Sandgate - location mapexternal link Birubi Beach Holiday Park, Birubi - location mapexternal link Out of Town 4WD, Barnsley - location mapexternal link Mobil, Salt Ash - location mapexternal link Port Stephens Visitor Centre, Nelson Bay - location mapexternal link Medowie Tyre and Auto, Medowie - location mapexternal link Metro Service Station, Lavis Lane, Williamtown - location mapexternal link
  11. buggy boy


    With the predicted tides for that weekend not being the lowest, you would probably get about 60 metres of firm sand. The 4WD's mostly leave deep wheel ruts which are fairly harsh to keep running over in your Buggy if you are running forward and back across the beach. You need a Southerly and then your set ! I normally average 10 days a year at Stockton and am lucky to get 2 days out of 10 with Southerlies.
  12. buggy boy


    That weekend sounds good to me, low tide at 3.50 pm on Saturday. Glad to have the restricted dune access confirmed to avoid disappointment. The main Beach will be fine for anyone with narrower wheels too!
  13. buggy boy

    Buggy for Sale

    Yeahhhh!! You got one! Welcome to the buggying fraternity, life will never be the same now!
  14. buggy boy

    Ozone Chrono - who has one?

    There is a couple of new videos on the Chrono released 2 days ago, Ozone Chrono Designer Tech Talk and Ozone Chrono-Tips and Techniques
  15. buggy boy

    Pro Depower bar for Nasa Star 2's

    But no one has written a song for the Peak, so with "Shoot the Breeze" playing loud enough in the background it just might tip it in your favour