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  1. Harden 2018

    Sad that I missed you. I was there in the morning and left around lunch time. If you follow the event on Facebook, there seems to be a lot of feedback regarding traffic. I think the organizers were overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who showed up to this event. It was certainly the largest (people-wise) that I have been to. I decided not to fly any kites on the day as I am currently carrying a shoulder injury (due to doing a youngster's sport in an oldster's body) Cheers BobM
  2. WTS Libre Super Truck II

    Any photos?
  3. Harden 2018

    Was good to catch up with the three of you. I'll see you in Yeppoon :-)
  4. Re Peter Lynn

    Norman, I thought that by putting pressure on the brake lines in a fixed bridle will change 3) a bit (maybe not as much as a depower) BobM
  5. Harden 2018

    I'll have to check my diary. I know I have to be back in Canberra by 5pm. Be wary of using the buggy in the air field - there are many tyre destroying burrs that will give you three flat tyres before you get up to speed. The airstrip in the middle is fine and burr-free, but the wind needs to be in the right direction.
  6. Yeppoon 2019

    Just the dates for Easter. Others are Coming Earlier and leaving later
  7. Yeppoon 2019

    Good Friday falls on the 19th of April. Chook is already booked in at Driftwood from March 28th until April 26th. Who else is making the trek? Don't forget to RSVP on the event to let everyone know you are coming along
  8. Yeppoon 2018

    I was thinking of spending a few days on the road (up the Pacific highway)arriving Monday the 15th and also leaving on the 26th and taking the Leichardt and Newell highways back to Canberra.
  9. Yeppoon 2018

    Have any dates been decided for 2019 yet? or is that in a different thread? BobM
  10. It’s not my problem. Worrying trend.

    Or carry one of these http://beacons.amsa.gov.au/about/beacon-types.asp
  11. Harden 2018

    Looks like this is on again 13 Oct 2018 https://www.hilltopsphoenix.com.au/harden-kite-festival-2/ https://www.facebook.com/events/155472345068938/
  12. Currarong Beach NSW

    Glad you liked it. Did you go all the way past the headland (where the beach changes shape and consistency) It works in a N.E er when seven mile is at all the wrong angles
  13. Kite and buggy storage

    I take the rear wheels off the buggy and hang it from "bike hooks" in the ceiling - they take up less floor plan that way. I also have a cupboard, that would be just "hanging space" if you put clothes in it, packed neatly with kites and kite related stuff (harness etc)
  14. Sydney Guys

    try taking all the spaces out of the URL. Google maps and Extreme Kites seem to disagree about things, so I added the spaces. There is a dirt track off the road to Currarong (which is at the co ordinates in the url). There is a car park and a track down to the beach. It is definitely a two person job to get my large buggy back up from the beach to the car park (I had my wife with me to help out). Next time you are down that way, check it out for NE winds tending Northerly
  15. Sydney Guys

    That's why I migrated down to Hammerhead last weekend - the beach is at a different angle to the prevailing winds and if the wind becomes a bit more northerly then the beach accommodates the upwind leg a lot better. put this into google maps for a location h t t p s://w w w . g oogle.com.au/maps/@-34.9955245,150.7880225,18.25z