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    I get more bruises on 8 wheels than I do on 3
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  1. BobM

  2. Sydney Guys

    Pencil 16/17 in (if its raining, I' staying home). I think both days - need to look at somewhere cheap in Nowra to stay
  3. Sydney Guys

    Looking at the tides for those weekends I can make it, there are afternoon lows on the following dates 16/17 December 30/31 December 13/14 January
  4. Sydney Guys

    My weekends are free from the 17th of December through to the end of January. I can sell you my smaller buggy - its not getting used these days.
  5. Skates for kiting

    You might need to delete some old mail. Isn't there a 50 item limit? PM Sent
  6. Skates for kiting

    Very Tempting, Did you ever get a successful run in them? BobM
  7. Does anyone resemble this image

    So, who is a "kite man"?
  8. Does anyone resemble this image

    But which lego includes the character in the photo?
  9. Guess what I got for Father's Day
  10. He was at Googong on the weekend battling the fickle winds
  11. 6ft flexifoil

    Just as well. This particular sports team has a Zero Blood Alcohol / No Tolerance Policy. We even get diet tips from the Coach. Tapering and Carb loading are also topics close to the event.
  12. 6ft flexifoil

    My 3 x rainbow 8ft'ers are staying with me, sorry
  13. What's to do in Melbourne

    Good suggestions - thanks
  14. What's to do in Melbourne

    I am going to be in Melbourne from the 25th to 28th of August and I am looking for recommendations to keep me interested on the afternoon of Friday the 25th and I have a little time on Monday the 28th before flying out at 11am. If anyone wants to do something different then join me at the Show Grounds for mixed Roller Derby - I'll be both playing and officiating (different games naturally) on the Saturday and Sunday
  15. 6ft flexifoil

    do you mean these? http://www.extremekiteshop.com/kites/flexifoil-stacker-6-kites-p-69.html