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  1. Bladerunner

    Speed Records

    Bob Childs who coined the name " doom wheels " claims 50mph on Ivanpah dry lake Nevada. I have hit 65kph there with stock Coyotes. It is a perfect surface and traveling at 55kph actually feels safe. Then you look over your shoulder and see a dust devil coming your way!
  2. Bladerunner

    Born-Kite Longstar 2

    Great review! Thanks. If I understand any 4 line bar with single line front flag will work? I wonder how it would take to my original navigator bar with Y front lines? Any opinion? Bar wise. I think Born may want to think about looking at the Peak 1 bar and go more stripped down for backcountry purpose? While I hope the market is bigger than just that, backcountry is the #1 fit for it. I understand you aren't impressed with the depower adjuster. I still don't fully get how it functions by the picture. What is that between the 2 balls? A metal ring? So great you could go back to back with a Peak. As you mentioned most folks wonder how those 2 particular kites compare. If I am correct it seems that LS2 has a lot more bridle lines than the Peak? In turn, LS2 has a more uniform shape and much less tip flap?? It would sound like the improved profile wins over the parasitic drag of the bridles. Interesting. I wonder how much they add to the overall weight / pack size? Now the million dollar question ...... Will they re-launch reliably on water???????
  3. Bladerunner

    C-quad's Super Single Skins

    When it comes to single skin performance lets not forget the good old C-quad from Peter Lynn. I own 3 of them and while I don't get out on them much anymore I won't ever get rid of them for the special joy they always give me when I do use them. They are best described as Rev's on steroids. The stiff frame allows you to adjust the Angle Of Attack and you can really throw on the power part of de-power. Like no other kite I have flown! My 8.5m is an amazing low wind engine. The 4.2 is the true joy to fly in the mid 'teens. The one I enjoy the most. The biggest issue with this kite is the rods. They have a nasty habit of breaking. Usually when packing the kite in the wonky sleeve it comes in. I would have to think that there is a more durable, flexible rod these days? I would love Born kites to get there hands on a C-quad and see what they could develop?
  4. Bladerunner

    Kite Killers. Everybody should use them.

    Seems I put this in the wrong forum to win points for the LongStar 2 so I will come clean. I think that killers have their place but having skills to kill the kite without them should be the goal.
  5. Bladerunner

    You know you are a kite addict when .....

    Oh NO! Should have read the rules a bit closer.
  6. Bladerunner

    Hazard Buggy

    It belongs in with all these cool Rat Rod's! https://www.google.ca/search?q=rat+rods&biw=1438&bih=686&tbm=isch&imgil=damcM-VaBwoKyM%3A%3Bei1m3_FcizpnlM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fmy.carid.com%252Ffeatured%252Fstories%252Fwhen-rust-cool-30-insane-rat-rod-photos&source=iu&pf=m&fir=damcM-VaBwoKyM%3A%2Cei1m3_FcizpnlM%2C_&usg=__b9lahxQ3zVwLJdBy2eO8wQ8KA-8%3D&dpr=0.95&ved=0ahUKEwi02t3A2fLQAhUD3GMKHScPAQ0QyjcIkwE&ei=uLZQWLSeGYO4jwOnnoRo#imgrc=damcM-VaBwoKyM%3A
  7. Bladerunner

    Blinged out Coyotes

    I had lost trust in my Coyote rims after a couple cracked. Screwyfits hooked me up with his cousin Sean and he made me these sweet aluminum rims! The only thing cracking now is the cracking good job He did! Tell me you like them and help me win that sweet LongStar 2 to use with them!
  8. Bladerunner

    Single Skins?

    I have had a couple of NPW 5 kites and they didn't really impress me. Poor upwind and all. I had a chance to try a Peak and after a short adjustment period was very impressed. It has " peaked " my interest in the single skins again. I haven't flown any Born kites but this new LongStar 2 concept has me desperate to get one over here in Canada. All I know about The LongStar is what I have picked up online. It seemed to fly and work like an NPW with nose tuck depower as far as I could tell? Not something that caught my interest like the 2. The 2 looks like it will trim more like a depower? Am I correct about this or is it something completely different and new?
  9. This one always stirs it up. I will let you know my true opinion once I here yours.
  10. - You want that LongStar 2 so bad you are willing to start up a topic like this. - Your Family and friends knows that when inviting you to Christmas get together is your attendance is Wind Dependant. - You feel a brotherhood with people on the opposite side of the world simply because we all ride the wind. You Aussie's are great at this game! Show this Canuck what you have got!
  11. Bladerunner

    Nasa Star 3 Competition

    I am Ken and you know I WANT IT! It will get used with Buggy, Board, Blades and Skis.
  12. Bladerunner

    Kite Roller, Kite Blades Video!

    I am pretty sure that is Lolo? He has a lot of stuff online. All entertaining. The guy is a hoot! http://www.youtube.com/user/lolokiterro ... jl-Z46ISGk
  13. Bladerunner

    Intro and Vid

    Hello, I am a Crazy Canuck From Vancouver Been kiting since 2004 . I try to ride everything every chance I get but love the crossover from Skis to Coyote Rollerblades the most. I am thrilled to see another forum discussing this style of riding. Here is a link to a poor old video of me " learning to fly " .