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  1. Butterfly Bee

    Prism E3 - Lower Spreader ARGHHHHH

    great ! i'll give it a try Nigel, thanks for responding !
  2. Hi Stunt Kiters I have broken so many P200 lower spreaders on my E3 to the point where I want to get rid of it....and its always the same thing.....the tubing cracks at the centre T on the female spar. Prism acknowledges this fact. Does anyone know, or developed a solution to this frustrating problem ? Your help would be most appreciated Grazie Mille
  3. Butterfly Bee

    Flying Wings Soul

    Hi All, I'm interested in getting a Soul, there were a lot of great reviews around a while ago but I wanted to ask anyone who owns one what there thoughts were after long term flying - performance : durability : enjoyment etc Appreciate any comments
  4. Butterfly Bee

    Prism Zephyr - Beginner

    Thanks guys, hadnt seen any of those. Definately lots of studying to do ! Looking forward to the day when I've got a cupboard full of gems. Ive managed to get the Zephyr out on half dozen times since (the Prism web does not do the kite justice in terms of how good the Orca finish looks) Tried it on a estimated 2-3km wind day and it wouldn't fly. A few outings in the 10-20 range and it was really great. My last effort was in 28-35 winds and this really pushed the friendship to the point of breaking a lower spreader when I put it into the ground (should have got the E3 out instead). Lessons learnt. Ciao
  5. This entry is for absolute beginners like me. Ive only been flying for 3 weeks and like many did lots of research reading reviews and watching Utoob vids. I picked up a Zephyr on a whim (my second kite) when I went into my Kite Shop to pick up some spares for my first kite and they happened to have only 1 Zephyr left in the finish I liked - Orca. Now i was a little nervous...it was a lot of cash, a kite for "intermediate-competition", and im still learning to land. So....I took the kite to my local area and there was very little flukey wind so i wasnt sure if it would even get off the earth, I'd read it wasnt really for very low wind. Anyway I decided to give it a go and set it up, which was very easy. The build quality is excellent, the Orca finish makes it look like an expensive Challenger or Alphakite. A sharp tug and up it went. Instantly I felt this kite was a flyer. In the light flukey winds it seemed to just find a way to stay up, I could feel it through the lines. Controlling the kite was very easy, it responded so well to my input, keeping it stalled wasnt difficult (even managing a slide once). At one stage I took it as high as I could and watched it for a few minutes just subtly adjusting itself to find more air. Once I got a bit more comfortable moving it all around it became obvious the kite tracked really well, I could even do a relatively sharpish square. This kite is definitely flattering - and Im ok with that. Axeling was fun, moving from one spot to another, almost like the kite just took to where the wind was. The wind picked up a bit and things got even more fun. The kite just goes where you want it - and very quickly if you want it to. The pull was so smooth and manageable. At no stage did I feel like I'd gotten myself in over my head, the kite is soooo well behaved and balanced. I found it amazing at the edges of the window about 0-5mtrs from the ground. I started throwing it around and the kite drifted and dropped wheelies, man it was so much fun ! I know I'm going to be able to learn many tricks with this kite and It's definitely a kite for those afternoon breezes, which means its going to be taken out the most. So I would say If you are learning, like me, don't be afraid to spend a bit more if you can. If you're not looking to fly in 40+ winds you should definitely consider the Zephyr. I'm glad I invested and I'm not overwhelmed by the kite or feel it wasnt worth every cent. Its amazingly fun and easy, it wants to fly and I will spend more time flying now I have the Zephyr. It's a kite I am going to have for a long time to enjoy and grow with. Ciao