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  1. Spittle

    U turn kites

    I used to race these in the UK. I have a set (Evo2) if anyone is looking to buy? I have up to the 9.7m. Haven’t used for a while.
  2. Spittle

    Brisbane buggying?

    How wide is Kingscliff? That's close enough for me.
  3. Any recommended places for kite repairs in brisbane? some of the stitching - about 1cm square has worked loose in the internal 'bracing' and I noticed it hanging out one of the openings on the leading edge. Looks pretty minor but need fixing up. Not particularly savvy with a sewing needle.
  4. Spittle

    Brisbane buggying?

    Any of you buggying in and around Brissy these days? Had a static session on the weekend. Keen to dust the buggy off. Murrarie looks fairly big.
  5. just having a sticky beak to to find your locality, Brisbane at a guess

    1. Spittle


      Indeed - still not buggied locally. 

    2. the_hatman


      can't help you over there

  6. Spittle

    Yeppoon 2017

    Early days yet but I may be keen too. Used my buggy once since moving to Australia. :/
  7. Spittle

    Murraire show grounds

    I finally fixed my buggy. Im game when there's some wind, would be good to fly with someonr else...
  8. Spittle

    Anyone for murrarie, brisbane?

    I finally made the buggy landworthy again so am keen to head out. I've not been out flying since I moved to australia a couple of years ago. I'm over at Jindalee and am under strict instructions that the buggy can only enter the other half's car if I don't go to the beach!
  9. Spittle

    Murraire show grounds

    Reading through 21 pages on an iPhone is a bit of a nightmare so would someone mind telling me whether I can just turn up any time and fly? Also how big is the flying area? Suitable for race kites/buggy.
  10. Spittle

    Beware of salt lakes!

    Ouch, looks sore! Where are these salt lakes? Or any near Brisbane?
  11. Spittle

    Buggy adventure who's game

    Is this in Victoria?
  12. Spittle

    Buggying near Brisbane/racing?

    I'm keen to I kiting very soon, perhaps 3 weeks time. So is bribie my best bet for a day trip? And how many posts do I need before I can receive messages regarding more obscure locations? Also met a land boarder at work who's keen to make his Australian debut! He's just moved here too.
  13. Spittle

    Buggying near Brisbane/racing?

    It's ok, I'm English so more superior to all of you. Nah just kiddin - I've been pretty busy with organizing life but am pretty much sorted now, buggy and kites turned up this week so I hope to be out soon in the new year. I've got a race bug so will be keen to go somewhere with a bit of room, perhaps bribie if onshore wind if you guys are keen.
  14. Spittle

    Buggying near Brisbane/racing?

    Where is that pic taken? I'd be happy to fly there!
  15. Spittle

    Buggying near Brisbane/racing?

    Thanks for replies guys, still undecided on location. We're In burley heads until the weekend. I start work in the CBD on Monday and will stay with friends until we suss out where we want to live. I'm super keen to get flying again though. One mOrepost and I'm in the club! Quite tricky on a phone though! Can't wait till my PC turns up!