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  1. Rev ZEN and Rev Triple Stack

    Quick @Mez, check his arms and speech next.
  2. Big Daddy Deluxe!

    It looks great @.Joel. Can't wait for some sneaky swag missions.
  3. Happy B'Day Andy666

    Happy Birthday mate!
  4. Ozone Hyperlink V1 2017

    Would love a go after you, mate.
  5. The Dark Force

    pretty much got it all covered there mate!
  6. Venus Bay Session

    Yep, that's what I gleaned too. Really nice kite tho. Low wind weapon!
  7. Venus Bay Session

    @SoutherlyBusterthat is drwind's Spleen X-19
  8. Venus Bay Session

    Yes @ChookI think that was @DrWind's intention. Yep, it's a nice beach when the conditions are right =)
  9. Venus Bay Session

    Another great run with @DrWindthis past weekend.
  10. Flying Objects - Flight Control Harness Size M in top condition. Barely used as I prefer my ozone harness to this. That's just my preference tho, as this is still a super comfortable harness and does the job very well. Comes with leash. $70 I'm located at 3198 Happy to post at buyers expense.
  11. Another Jean Baptiste PG gem!

    freaking stunning!
  12. Venus Bay run

    Great vid @DrWind. Good old dogs and Venus Bay. That isn't the first dog v kite powered vessel incident there.