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  1. Worn out Springs

    Mine originally were yellow and same vintage so makes sense.
  2. Worn out Springs

    I went the red eggs in my comp95 (hardest durometer) and offset the springs to the most outer position. Hope you notice some new life in the board Norm!
  3. SOLD: Ozone Bar and Lines

    @Phil Litchfield that's a bargain, especially with the offer of wheels from @Mfwetu. That axle looks standard, so they should fit no probs. If you don't like the binding setup, I can send you a set of Velcro ones that will be heaps more comfortable and take more of a beating.
  4. Project speed

    Is there much difference weight wise Plums?
  5. Into Twin Galaxies

    Hadn't seen this one until someone put me onto it. Very good watch Greenland, snow skiing and kyaking adventure. https://www.redbull.tv/video/AP-1QHHXVBJN1W11/into-twin-galaxies
  6. Project speed

    Nice one plums
  7. eBay & Gumtree Finds

    That is a great deal for a holy pro! And looks to be in good shape, well looked after!
  8. Summer 2017/18 Sandy Point Sessions

    Will be leaving for sandy about 11am. See you guys there around 1pm
  9. Summer 2017/18 Sandy Point Sessions

    I could well be in that! Will be watching the weather for a day trip.
  10. Revo Trucks

    Hi @Spike J thanks for stopping by. There are only a few landboarders in AUS who sourced a pair of Revo trucks from UK. @plummet from New Zealand made his own from carbon and poured bushings from 2 part urethane. I personally love mine and have them mounted inverse to lower the center of gravity due to running 10" tyres. And had a machine shop make up longer axles. I would be happy to grab the CAD models off you, so we have them available to any members on here who might want to make some or have them made. I'll send you a PM with my contact details mate - thank you very much. And thanks to your commitment to the sport from many years ago! Do you still get out and about? Mark
  11. Flying Objects - Flight Control Harness

    sorry mate - has been sold
  12. Summer 2017/18 Sandy Point Sessions

    Wow - that's a great read @Mez. Great business minds there obviously!
  13. Summer 2017/18 Sandy Point Sessions

    Yes yes yes. effing oath. booked in !
  14. SHOP - Flysurfer ex Demo Kites & Boards

    Can you please re-iterate which 3 kites are available? Having trouble keeping up with what is available in this thread, from first post to last.