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  1. Peter Lynn arc spars for under $15

    I just got given an absolute crap-load of fibre glass tent poles, all in the right diam for spars. If anyone wants any you are more than welcome - just let me know.
  2. Flying Objects - Flight Control Harness

    Still here if anyone's keen.
  3. Melbourne landboarding

    Welcome to Extreme Kites @JamesLH ! There are quite a number of Melbourne based land-kiters on here. The best place to keep an eye on when and where we meet is the Meets & Events section. https://www.extremekites.com.au/forum/47-meets-events/ The most popular spots in Melbourne for landboarding are Moran Reserve in Elwood, Sandy Point and down around 13th beach. Venus Bay can work well in the right conditions too. We would be keen to know more about you and your kiting history and look forward to meeting you at a fly soon. Cheers! Mark
  4. Peter Lynn arc spars for under $15

    Fibreglass tent poles work a treat. And the benefit of those is that you can also fold them up. Nice and light too.
  5. Custom Rev ZEN For Sale (Rev Triple Stack SOLD)

    Quick @Mez, check his arms and speech next.
  6. Big Daddy Deluxe!

    It looks great @.Joel. Can't wait for some sneaky swag missions.
  7. Happy B'Day Andy666

    Happy Birthday mate!
  8. Ozone Hyperlink V1 2017

    Would love a go after you, mate.
  9. The Dark Force

    pretty much got it all covered there mate!
  10. Venus Bay Session

    Yep, that's what I gleaned too. Really nice kite tho. Low wind weapon!
  11. Venus Bay Session

    @SoutherlyBusterthat is drwind's Spleen X-19
  12. Venus Bay Session

    Yes @ChookI think that was @DrWind's intention. Yep, it's a nice beach when the conditions are right =)
  13. Venus Bay Session

    Another great run with @DrWindthis past weekend.