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    Snow Time Sale - Kites - Ozone & PL

    Making some room for the kites that I don't use. Ozone Frenzy FYX 11m - immaculate condition, still soft and crispy $500 Complete RTF with bar, lines (still super waxy), bag (hasn't been used), spares kit and leash. Hasn't seen a lot of use. PL Arcs. F-ARC 1200 and S-ARC 840 with bags, spars, Cabrinha bar and lines. $250 (for both kites and bar/lines) F-ARC is new and S-ARC has been around the traps for a while. Happy to post a buyers expense. Price and shipping negotiable. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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    Bye Dad.

  3. bakersdozen

    SOLD Trampa mountainboard

    Yep, i tend to agree with a Trampa deck. Maybe it's a bitsa board, or an old style Trampa when they had similar matrix trucks to MBS. I also can't tell from the wheels. Anyway, looks solid enough. A bit of rust clean up or new kingpin bearings and should be good to go.
  4. bakersdozen

    Hello. newbie Q bout depower kites-

    Hi Alison, Welcome! There is another factor that hasn't been mentioned yet and it's the wind speed. Generally you want a smaller kite if the wind is blowing stronger and a larger kite if the wind is light. A de-power kite suits a wider range of conditions as it can be powered up or de-powered to get you comfortable in the conditions you are flying in. Keep updating us on your progression and we will be happy to offer advice and guide you through your journey. Main point is have fun and stay safe (safety equipment/protection).
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    One more

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    Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    Sorry to hear that, Trev. Feel better soon.
  7. bakersdozen

    Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    Any action today, crew? Thinking a day trip on Tuesday if the forecast holds for direction. Anyone still going to be down there then?
  8. bakersdozen

    Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    Keep us posted for any chance of day trips please 😀
  9. bakersdozen

    Ways to bring kids for a ride along.

    Video should start at 5:15 showing a good shot of @nigel and his little Man in tow.
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    What...no nips?
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    Snow Time Sale - Kites - Ozone & PL

    @Gilbert Taylor yes still available.
  12. bakersdozen

    HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    Ah! That's what that ring was on the 5th line of the bar I got from you mate. I thought it was for adding a little weight so the 5th line hung down a little to sit out of the way if the 4 main lines. That may have just been a happy coincidence. Genius work either way 😀
  13. bakersdozen

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    @igeighty Check your codec. YouTube is fussy. You may need to render it out to a YouTube friendly codec at 4k from your editing program. Thanks for offer. Was thinking for other gear down the track, opens up great opportunities. Spark will stay portable and compact packing as that's one of the greatest features. Grab and go, no worrying about a hard case.
  14. bakersdozen

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    Nice work dude! That's fairly cost effective, was thinking it'd be heaps more than that. Have a look into where you can download some LUTs for FCPX . You can get some corkers for converting dlog into say rec709 colorspace and then apply grading luts from there or just use the curve wheels. This will help match different scenes as you mentioned above.
  15. bakersdozen

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    Where'd you get them water cut? Expensive?
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    Snow Time Sale - Kites - Ozone & PL

    Yes, I now officially have no Pulse.
  17. bakersdozen

    Happy Birthday.....

    Happy Day @igeighty !
  18. bakersdozen

    Snow Time Sale - Kites - Ozone & PL

    Flysurfer sold.
  19. bakersdozen

    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    I'm sure @.Joelwill be happy to send you a pair of his undies!
  20. bakersdozen

    Snow Time Sale - Kites - Ozone & PL

    You know what I mean Mr smart*ss
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    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    @andy666 need another arc??? http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/maroochydore/surfing/kite-boarding-peter-lynn-arc-foil1120-kite/1187100150 Almost worth it for just a set of new lines 😀
  22. bakersdozen

    Project speed

    Lowering the COG will be beneficial. What's a Haize?
  23. bakersdozen

    Shout out to all the regulars....

    I'll be lurking round Mez!
  24. bakersdozen

    Worn out Springs

    Mine originally were yellow and same vintage so makes sense.