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  1. bakersdozen

    Footy Grand Final weekend 29th Sept to 1st Oct

    Have forgotten it mate. If the wind is unkind for Friday, might have to get you to pop it in the postal service for me.
  2. bakersdozen

    Footy Grand Final weekend 29th Sept to 1st Oct

    Dang, Friday is my only option at this stage
  3. bakersdozen

    USB Rechargable Batteries

    Me too, I have a bunch that I rotate thru all of my devices. I am VERY interested in these 9V rechargeables.
  4. bakersdozen

    Old / Spare Micro SD cards

    Thanks Ingo! I prefer apple pie. What you building knackers? Automated kite bitches?
  5. bakersdozen

    USB Rechargable Batteries

    Hey, that's cool!
  6. bakersdozen

    Old / Spare Micro SD cards

    Still after any micro sd cards anyone may have laying around. Please let me know. Thanks, B12
  7. bakersdozen

    Footy Grand Final weekend 29th Sept to 1st Oct

    our thoughts be with you Mick & Trev
  8. bakersdozen

    Safety gear I just bought...

    That all looks like it will come in handy @Ingo Shroeter. And at a good price, you can't complain mate.
  9. bakersdozen

    Footy Grand Final weekend 29th Sept to 1st Oct

    @Kathleen , best not to count me in for the moment. My plans will have to be confirmed closer. Thanks!
  10. bakersdozen

    Flysurfer Peak 3

    I have to agree there!
  11. bakersdozen


    Pretty cool idea
  12. bakersdozen

    New Kiting spot (Melbourne)

    Welcome to Extreme Kites @Ingo Shroeter..Thanks for introducing yourself. Keep an eye on the Victorian Events and we will be sure to meet up with you soon!
  13. bakersdozen

    Soloshot 3

    Yes it most certainly is. Probably because they've integrated the camera too.
  14. bakersdozen

    Soloshot 3

    Is that an integrated camera @.Joel?
  15. bakersdozen

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Nice find Chook! This is the Dirtysurfer Flexi. Same model as mine. It has a flexible board between the two chassis and really helps to smooth out those bumps and can be used to pump like a landboard. It's still available @nigel?
  16. bakersdozen

    Did Plummet do Townsville?

    Sounds like an adult movie starring @plummet
  17. bakersdozen

    No more pandora

    Upsetting for Pandora and Soundcloud and their dedicated staff members. I always wondered how the balance between paid and free versions, over the years, would eventually take its toll. For whom the bell tolls.
  18. bakersdozen

    1 Man, 2 Kites

    Geeze. And with the dogs again.
  19. bakersdozen

    6m F-arc

    Awesome work!
  20. bakersdozen

    New Kiting spot (Melbourne)

    Yep sure am. My inbox is probly full again.
  21. bakersdozen

    New Kiting spot (Melbourne)

    Here's a quick low res few minutes for those who weren't there to get an idea of the spot...
  22. bakersdozen

    New Kiting spot (Melbourne)

    I think around midday mate
  23. bakersdozen

    New Kiting spot (Melbourne)

    I'm in for Sunday Funday!
  24. bakersdozen

    Old / Spare Micro SD cards

    Thanks Boy Wonder! PM imminent
  25. bakersdozen

    Old / Spare Micro SD cards

    Looks like the link has been removed. Won't work for me.