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  1. 16 hours ago, Mustapha Makkouk said:

    Hi everyone, does anyone know any place in Melbourne where they teach land boarding same as what they for kite surfing? 


    Hi Mustapha, and welcome to Extreme Kites. There isn't really anywhere in particular in Melbourne that does landboarding lessons anymore. The best bet is to keep an eye out on the Events section of the website and come along to a meet in Melbourne. Come and say hi.

  2. 1 hour ago, igeighty said:

    Gday Mark.

    Actually buddy, I am SO glad you stayed till the very end. I put that in there especially for you.. purposely left with a long pause of black, most people would hit 'Next Video' long before then. but you my friend, you found the golden Easter egg !!


    Dude, you know me too well. If there is an easter egg (or a cockpuncher for that matter) to sniff out - oh yes, by golly gosh I WILL FIND IT!

  3. Yep, i tend to agree with a Trampa deck. Maybe it's a bitsa board, or an old style Trampa when they had similar matrix trucks to MBS. I also can't tell from the wheels. Anyway, looks solid enough. A bit of rust clean up or new kingpin bearings and should be good to go.

  4. Hi Alison,

    Welcome! There is another factor that hasn't been mentioned yet and it's the wind speed. Generally you want a smaller kite if the wind is blowing stronger and a larger kite if the wind is light. A de-power kite suits a wider range of conditions as it can be powered up or de-powered to get you comfortable in the conditions you are flying in.

    Keep updating us on your progression and we will be happy to offer advice and guide you through your journey.

    Main point is have fun and stay safe (safety equipment/protection).

  5. 1 hour ago, andy666 said:

     I make up a 5th line safety for my arcs and instead of a stopper ball I just tie a small stainless steel ring onto the safety line. Just make sure it’s big enough that it can’t pull through the eye on the bar.

    Ah! That's what that ring was on the 5th line of the bar I got from you mate. I thought it was for adding a little weight so the 5th line hung down a little to sit out of the way if the 4 main lines. That may have just been a happy coincidence. Genius work either way 😀