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  1. bakersdozen

    Easy buggy backrest

    Nice handy work there Andy!
  2. bakersdozen

    Wanted to buy dirtsurfer

    @Mark Duyvesteyn These are super hard to find. I can't send you a PM because you have a low post count, but if you want to chat you can email me at bakersdozenaudio (at) gmail dot com
  3. bakersdozen

    In Need of beach tires and bearing for my MTB

    Fair bit of info on here regarding granny tyres. Have a search
  4. bakersdozen

    2020 Vision at Kingston

    Sor Sorry to hear your foot is playing up, John. Kingston is always a nice place to be anyway. Thanks for the update.
  5. bakersdozen

    2020 Vision at Kingston

    Any updates? How's the conditions this year??
  6. bakersdozen

    The Distraction - Time Lapse Video and Music

    Still chipping away from time to time when I get a chance. Busy with 2 small humans taking the priority at present.
  7. bakersdozen

    The Distraction - Time Lapse Video and Music

    Great work Norm! Sounds great and some beautiful places captured in your neck of the woods 😀
  8. Finally had a moment to throw this quick edit together of our session the other week. YouTube seems to have shat on my image quality, but you get the idea 😃
  9. Awesome afternoon on the beach - had it all to ourselves soaking up the beautiful sun and on-shore breeze. Magic! Will have a look at the GoPro footage later on tonight and maybe do a quick edit if suitable.
  10. @mik333 if your still around, @roblukin and I will most likely go down to sandy for a sniff tomorrow. Will make a call in the morning after checking the weather . I'll PM you my mobile just in case.
  11. bakersdozen

    The keeper of kites.....

    Rest peacefully Mags! I always just wanted to curl up alongside in that cosy tent
  12. I'm keen AF, have taken the Friday and Monday off work so will make a call that week as to when best to head down 😀
  13. bakersdozen

    Composite Laminating

    wow! so jealous 😀
  14. bakersdozen

    Composite Laminating

    Pari, cool stuff! Is that your 3d router???
  15. I'm cool with that as long as I get to spoon with Lukin.