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  1. I'm keen AF, have taken the Friday and Monday off work so will make a call that week as to when best to head down 😀
  2. bakersdozen

    Composite Laminating

    wow! so jealous 😀
  3. bakersdozen

    Composite Laminating

    Pari, cool stuff! Is that your 3d router???
  4. I'm cool with that as long as I get to spoon with Lukin.
  5. bakersdozen

    short kiting video

    Awesome little montage their dude! Always coming thru with the goods
  6. bakersdozen

    Landboard Pimping 2

    This is a hybrid of Ground Industries, MBS and Tramps boards. Fully customised with grannies and revo trucks.
  7. bakersdozen

    Ok which one of you is the smart arse?

    Yep, it was me - you found me out. @igeightyat least we know the "owners" have a sense of humor now, so it may be a viable option . not to be confused with viagra option.
  8. bakersdozen

    Hottest Sexy Female Kiters! (Pt2)

    Trust you to sniff this thread out, Mick
  9. bakersdozen

    Sandy Point 1st Run for 2019

    I have the Labor day weekend window of opportunity, so i'll be looking at heading out for a session somewhere if the wind is favorable over those 3 days.
  10. bakersdozen

    Sandy Point 1st Run for 2019

    I'm always keen AF. The weather just needs to line up with available time - which is slimming right now.
  11. bakersdozen


    Hi Mustapha, and welcome to Extreme Kites. There isn't really anywhere in particular in Melbourne that does landboarding lessons anymore. The best bet is to keep an eye out on the Events section of the website and come along to a meet in Melbourne. Come and say hi.
  12. bakersdozen

    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    Dude, you know me too well. If there is an easter egg (or a cockpuncher for that matter) to sniff out - oh yes, by golly gosh I WILL FIND IT!
  13. bakersdozen

    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    Nice one Dougie Steven Seagul would be proud
  14. bakersdozen

    Sandy Point 1st Run for 2019

    I will be well keen to see if I can make it down for one of the days!
  15. bakersdozen

    Nasa Star 4

    cool rig @Mfwetu!!