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  1. Chaos

    PKD Buster Soulfly 3.3 help

    uater have gone through 5 or so different build I, II & III. Soulfy and Soulfy Pro. Models I, II & III were fitted with a AAA bridal adapter, which chan ges the angle of attack of the canopy and gives different flying Charictoristics, well worth investigating, take a picture of the last 30 cm of the bridals, line end and we will see. Link to how AAA works Good luck
  2. Chaos

    PKD Buster Soulfly 3.3 help

    Hi, If you have good eyesight, you can makeout the bridal set up the the pictures on this web page, as below PKD German web site Cheers Andy666's answer is consise and spot on, I found the handbook on the site which I attached, below. Going abit stir crazy in the UK lockdown PKD-Landkitemanual(1).pdf
  3. Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening

    Are the methods still for sale, if so approximately hour many hours of flight time per size?



  4. Chaos

    Ozone Method

    Some of the posts on this thread were lost during the server crash about a year ago (ish). First of all, yes these kites 'may' have been over sold by a poster that claimed they were as fast as a race kite, which in my experience they aren't, yes in the right conditions you may beat a race kite flying Methods, but the winds must be challenging so the race kites couldn't handle or turn in the gusty conditions. I really do not want to start another heated debate about their flying characteristics and speed, my view is they definitely are not a fast kite compared to the competition, but they are a stable and a progressive kite, I use them on a land board and in my buggy. They are stable and a progressive kite and handle inland gusty conditions very well, and are quite fast when you fly and work them them close to their limits. Most importantly to me is they always put a big smile on my face when ever I fly them, which in my view is the most important thing. Which unfortunately brings me to the reason for the post, Ozone have stopped producing the vast majority of their FB range which includes all kites including race kites and all FB accessories, except for the Ignition trainer kite as the below announcement: http://www.flyozone.com/landkites/en/news/headlines/23771 Here is a video of me getting dialled into spilling power on my 5 m in a buggy from about a year ago, many thanks to Andrew AutoBuddy Jones for the video taken from his kite bike. I do not wish to start any heated debates, but if you have Methods and enjoy flying them, then take care of your kites. All credit to Greg a flying buddy of mine passing on this news. Mike
  5. Chaos

    ultimate travel kite?

    The above kites are just Sky Tinsel, so are no use to 'Man nor Beast' unless its blowing a constant 45 mph . . . . A kite you can hold in one hand, launch and will give some serious pull . . . . Have a look at this video From 0.38 onwards:
  6. Chaos

    Video - Flysurfer & cow

    The land board looks like a Quadrolution, which was made by DesignExtreme in the UK (which has sadly now closed) They are quite rare with only a handful being built. Here's a link to an image of mine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cleevehill ... 577292015/ Try that I hope it works this time
  7. Chaos

    Buggy Weight

    RE Buggy Weight During a holiday during late March early April this year I met a lady just setting up her new buggy at the beach in Pembrey, Wales, UK. It was her Birthday present to herself to mark a major Birthday, I would like to say it was her 25th, but I have learnt never to ask a Lady her age. Anyhooo the buggy she had brought / had brought for her , it was a GT-Race Rapide Ultralight, and it looked very, very Sexy, she was riding it on on disks. Only having the bug for a day or two she was just altering the bug to suit her ride style, down tube length and foot-peg angle, etc, etc. I picked the bug up by the front end and it felt like just like the weight a FF bug, not at all like the T2 I own. Link: http://gt-race.nl/Rapide_UL.php I appreciate that lighter bugs have greater acceleration compared to the standard heavier race bugs, so turning and acceleration away from marks may be crucial if the lighter bugs can hold down the power in the runs between marks, the trigonometry and set up the lighter bug will be critical. Only time and race results will demonstrate the difference. O
  8. Chaos

    an inspiring video..

    A great video / short documentary, thanks for sharing.