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  1. Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    @Mez I think we are going to have to confirm our sites at Sandy Point Caravan Park by this Fri at the latest. When do you think you will be able to give the “go or no go” regarding weather? Cheers.
  2. Harden 2018

    Great day and lovely to see old friends from the Extreme Kites community. Not much wind but had a short session in the buggy. Such a shame that traffic control when we left was non existent and it took an hour and a half to get out!!
  3. Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    @Mez thanks. We have to confirm our park bookings by about 26 Oct.
  4. drohnuts

    Clever photo!
  5. 3.5m Flexifoil Blurr for sale

    Price dropped to sell!
  6. Harden 2018

    @Mez and @BobM the day is in my diary and I hope to be able to make it. I’ll just pack kites and buggy in the car and see what happens on the day! Cheers
  7. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    @plummet - thank you. Yes I do have equal length lines. Thanks for the link. I’ll check all the speed system lengths before I try flying the kite in low winds.I’m going to try and use my Totem bar with all the recommendations everybody has made. I’m not giving up yet but accept that I may have to go the Ozone bar way if things don’t fly well. As you say - the price of control bars is stupid! Cheers
  8. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    Thanks @plummet. I have fitted a brake strop to the bar attaching it to the metal rings. I kind of agree with you but the bar works very well with my Longstar2s and if possible I would like to use it rather than have to spend money on an Ozone bar. I accept that in the end I may have to @jeffnyc once again thank you. That’s really helpful. As I mentioned to Plummet, I have fitted an Ozone brake between the metal stake rings. I still have not flown the kite with this bar yet. I’m beginning to get the feeling I may have to look out for a second hand Ozone bar! Any recommendations as to which bar I should look out for. There are a couple on Seabreeze. The main issue with me (as I guess with all of us) is safety so the fifth line length is important. Will let you all know how I progress.

    Hi @Gilbert Taylor, Seems you are after a larger kite but I can assure you that the Flexifoil Blurr would definitely pull you along the sand. What little use I did put it to was as a traction kite for buggying plus some static flying being dragged along for fun on my local oval. Understood if you are after something larger.
  10. WANTED

    @Gilbert Taylor Look at my advert below yours for Flexifoil Blurr. Feel free to ask any questions about it.
  11. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    @jeffnyc thanks that’s really helpful. I may well have to try and get hold of a second hand ozone bar (anyone out there have one?), but I’d prefer not to if my totem bar works. You make some great points about flag out and stopper distance. I’ve already fitted pigtails to adapt to my 4 line loop connectors but have not had a chance to fly the kite yet. I’ll check on the measurements you suggest first. Thanks.
  12. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    Thanks. Yes that’s my plan re pigtails but why do you say “shudder”? The bar should be ok with any kite that flies on equal length lines.
  13. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    I did a deal with the guy selling the kite for US$50 for postage.
  14. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    It's a Totem bar that I purchased from Bornkites when I purchased my two Longstar 2 kites. Its a little different from this http://www.venturi-power.de/product_info.php?info=p274_ls-universal-control-bar.html which is the current bar on their website and like mine, is adjustable in length from 55 to 45 cm. You can see the colour coded line loop ends protected by small nylon sheaths.
  15. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    @Kamikuza Thanks and yup, fully understood. The bar I use for my other depower kites has 4 equal length lines all colour coded and all ending in loops. I think I have the solution to adapt the Chrono to my bar having searched my spare parts box and found these pigtails which if I extend the Chrono speed system by equal amounts on all 4 lines will hopefully work. Thanks for the advice.