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  1. NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    I’ll come up with some proposed dates and we can see which suits the majority of people who want to go.
  2. The next big thing?

    Thanks @andy666 for putting me right on price - got it now.
  3. Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    Sorry folks but something has cropped up and very sadly I will not be able to attend this year. Hope you all have good winds and lets see some photos!
  4. The next big thing?

    As an example he has given 4 stars for ram air de-power against 2 star for a mono-skin kite. I fly both, and my experience is that single skin kites have extremely good de-power, at least as good as a ram-air kite. Also he has 1 star for ram-air prices against 4 star for mono-skin price. I think that is wrong and in my experience its the other way round.
  5. The next big thing?

    Interesting. I’m not sure I agree with his comparison chart though.
  6. NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    I’m afraid with various commitments it’s not looking good for me to find a weekend to get away before Christmas. So with Kingston looming in January we will all need to see if we can find a suitable weekend in the New Year.
  7. 3.5m Flexifoil Blurr for sale

    Bump up - let’s sell this!
  8. NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    Good to hear from you JD and look forward to a buggy session again. Will look at dates options when I’m back in Canberra.
  9. NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    @Mfwetu suggested Culburra/Currarong/7-mile beach. If we plan a weekend, I would certainly base us at a caravan park.
  10. NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    It has been suggested that we organize a weekend probably somewhere along the south coast when NSW and Canberra kiters can get together. Of course all others welcome too. I will suggest some dates both later this year and early next year to see which suits the majority best. Please give an indication if you are interested.
  11. What's everyone's go to kite in patchy light wind.

    Ok Bob. I’m away from Canberra till 20 Nov but will investigate on my return and suggest a few dates. January is of course the Kingston meet so maybe we can put forward a few different weekends and see which one suits the majority.
  12. Bye Dad.

    I’m very sorry for your loss. I only met him a few times but he was a genuinely nice man. My thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.
  13. What's everyone's go to kite in patchy light wind.

    Sounds good to me. We just need to agree a date. Are weekends best for most people?
  14. What's everyone's go to kite in patchy light wind.

    @twojaythomo not sure where you are in NSW, but may be it’s time to try and get the NSW and Canberra kiters together perhaps on the south coast? If we get light winds you can then try my Chrono!
  15. What's everyone's go to kite in patchy light wind.

    @twojaythomo I have a FS Peak 1 9m which has been my go to kite for lightish winds. However, at Kingston last year there was a mere slight breeze one day and my 9m Peak just had no power although it did launch. @Chook leant me a 15m Chrono and we cruised all the way to the Granites and back. Superb low upwind performance. I have recently acquired a second hand Ozone Chrono 15m as my light wind kite!! An alternative of course is Born Kites Long Star 2 or Race Star which are great value for money kites. I have the 3.5 and 7.5m Long Star 2 in my quiver.