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  1. Tiger37

    Bargain Kite Buggy Set Up - SOLD

    SOLD - A sad day as I waved good by to my Sysmic buggy as she was taken away in the back of a UTE. Good news is that she has gone to a local guy and his 15 year old son, so I’m pleased the set up is going to be used and that somebody else can get as much fun out of it as I have.
  2. Tiger37

    Reaching out...

    Hi Mez and Doug. Thanks for reaching out in these difficult times. Hope you are both keeping well. Whatever State or Territory we live in I guess life is much the same in isolation. Decluttering, doing all those little jobs the wife has been on to me for years to do, the garden has never looked better and the cars never cleaner!
  3. Tiger37

    Bargain Kite Buggy Set Up - SOLD

    Rear axle length with wheels on is 1.5m. The remainder, apart from the front wheel and goose neck, all comes neatly apart and would fit around the axle.
  4. Tiger37

    Bargain Kite Buggy Set Up - SOLD

    I’ve looked on line. I think the major problem might be the length of the axle but worth a look!
  5. Tiger37

    Bargain Kite Buggy Set Up - SOLD

    Hi Howard, Thanks for your interest. The side rails come in slightly to hold you in the buggy but are adjustable. I’m 74kg and 174cm tall and fit in easily with the front wheel goose neck in the shortest position. I am willing to ship but strongly suspect it could be expensive even with the buggy fully dismantled as total weight is about 40kg. If anybody out there has experience of international shippping please advise. Thanks
  6. Tiger37

    Ozone Chrono 15m Kite

    Bump and price reduction! Make me a sensible offer!
  7. Tiger37

    Ozone Frenzy 04 5m

    Price cut to $100!!
  8. Tiger37

    Bargain Kite Buggy Set Up - SOLD

    Appreciate it’s difficult to transport a Sysmic buggy so prepared to deliver within a days drive of Canberra or meet prospective buyers half way if practical.
  9. Tiger37

    Born Kites Long Star 2 and Control Bar

    Thanks John. I’ll PM soon to explain! There’s a bit more kit to go on here yet so watch this space!
  10. After helping John H with a trial of the Born Kites Long Star 2 at Kingston SA, I immediately purchased a 3.5 and 7.5m LongStar 2 with their Totem Control bar and lines. Watch the video of that trial and read the report on this website These kites are stable, easy to launch and control, provide good all round performance and are excellent value. I made comments about the bar in a previous post after John’s trial report and have nothing but praise for it. Sadly due to personal circumstances I’m stopping buggying and so these great almost new kites are for sale. I would prefer to sell both of the kites and bar as a package. I’m asking $700ono for the lot and can post at buyers expense!
  11. Tiger37

    Ozone Chrono 15m Kite

    This 15m Ozone Chrono was purchased second hand with one professional repair as shown in the photos. After getting the kite I purchased a new Ozone control bar and lines which have only been used a few times. Kite therefore comes with almost new bar and lines plus ruck sack. Serious offers considered. Control Bar alone cost over $400! Can post at buyers expense. $550 ono.
  12. Tiger37

    Bargain Kite Buggy Set Up - SOLD

    Thanks. Replied. Happy to discuss over the phone if that helps.
  13. My Sysmic S2 buggy is for sale. This is a great stable buggy in good condition. It has been washed with fresh water and sprayed with silicon spray after all beach rides, but predominantly used in-land on grass ovals. MidiXL tyres. Front wheel mud flap. The rear axle is removed quickly and easily with 4 bolts, enabling the buggy to be transported easily. It fits in the back of my Subaru Impreza hatch. With my buggy, I am including a number of free items to allow somebody new to buggying to start immediately having learnt how to fly power kites. Included for free in the sale of this Sysmic Buggy will be: The Sysmic 80 litre kite bag which can be strapped to the rear of the buggy. A helmet (one of the 2 in the photo) A Flysurfer Peak 1 9m depower single skin kite. This kite has seen a fair bit of use but still flies well. There are a few repairs to the leading edge. It includes lines and the bar that came with the kite. It is in a small backpack which can be used as a harness. However!! See next Size small ProLimit seat harness. Knee and elbow pads “Walk of Shame” Peter Lynn buggy tow rope. This is a real bargain. Happy to discuss with any prospective buyer. Be quick at the remarkable price of $450
  14. Tiger37

    Ozone Frenzy 04 5m

    Ozone Frenzy 5m depower kite for sale. Includes kite, lines, bar and bag and original instructions and repair kit. Used but in very good condition. Happy to post at your expense. Bargain at $100
  15. Tiger37

    Looking to buy

    Hi Bodie, I have a couple of buggies and a quantity of kites for different conditions. I’ve been considering “down sizing” and getting rid of some of them if you are interested. You need to post 5 times before we can discuss privately on this site or better still, I’m happy to call you if you give me your phone number.