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  1. Prawnstar076

    Redcliffe kite festival

    There's me underneath toothless in 2014...
  2. Prawnstar076

    Revolution full vent

  3. Prawnstar076

    Prism quantum

  4. Prawnstar076

    Prism quantum

    Prism quantum in excellent used condition Includes line set, handles and kite bag. No rips tears or otherwise. $90 plus some postage
  5. Prawnstar076

    Revolution full vent

    Still collecting dust..... $150 plus some postage
  6. Prawnstar076

    Revolution full vent

    Bumpy to the top... make me a reasonable offer gang, I've got another sail that I need to pay for ... lol
  7. Prawnstar076

    Share a Photo of Your Latest Kite!

    My newest purchase after selling off some other sails. one benson superfly to throw around
  8. Prawnstar076

    Revolution full vent

    If anyone was contemplating this but was put off by the mesh bits, I can get you a quote on repair.... I may know a guy :-)
  9. Prawnstar076

    Wanted. MEFM

    Hey I know someone selling one, they aren't on here though. Msg me and I'll put you in touch
  10. Prawnstar076

    Revolution full vent

    Have stitched up one previous, can see that in the pic. The other holes are like 2-4cm max and I hadn't worried about them as they weren't spreading. its all in the one section of mesh near the leading edge and is just due to age rather than abuse. its had a small sail repair near the bungee as you can see
  11. Prawnstar076

    Revolution full vent

    @Chook - will get a couple of images up this arvo for you.
  12. Prawnstar076

    Revolution full vent

    Revolution baressi signature series full vent for sale, includes 3 and 4 wrap frames. Has some small splits in the mesh near leading edge is pretty common once they have been flown a bit. However doesn't affect flight and can be sewn up quite easily if a drama. Bought new from briskites, is about 3 years old. Making room for new sails $200 including post
  13. Prawnstar076

    Couple of duallies for sale

    All done and sold
  14. Prawnstar076

    Couple of duallies for sale

    Talon is sold nirvana is still here
  15. Prawnstar076

    Couple of duallies for sale

    Looking for a benson superfly if anyone might be interested in a swap