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  1. Multi-Rotor Thread

    Haha, no. The eagle took a very keen interest in the drones. And after seeing the videos on the DJI forums about birds snatching your new toys, thought it prudent to pull the pin. The seagulls got very territorial also when I flew by them.
  2. Multi-Rotor Thread

    That is Mary's new car.. the Xtrail retired and needed more money to repair than it was worth. It is a VF Sportwagon. (SV6) same colour as the Xtrail and very comfy. We went for a quick run down to Tooradin and had a drone fly but when a fish eagle appeared, we quickly realised not a good idea to fly there
  3. Multi-Rotor Thread

    magpie approves..
  4. Happy Birthday.....

    Awesome, thanks very much you guys. !
  5. Les hemmes 8 hour 2019

    *cough* sandy point in September when the winds turn southerly
  6. Need a defrost button.....

    At Bayswater, I picked up the Ute for the week and the windscreen was frosty.. I hosed it off, had a smoke. When I went to get in the water had frozen solid. I arrived at Clifton hill just after 6 and all the cars in the street where covered in thick ice. nothing like our northern brothers, but thickest I have seen Froze my balls off till the sun came up over the buildings at 20 past 9.
  7. Les hemmes 8 hour 2019

    I could be twisted into this maybe we could get all the gear shipped over ? or do we buy buggy's there..
  8. Big kites for sale

    Yes looks like sadly I’m shit out of luck. still no reply
  9. Landsegler Beach Discwheels

    @Jase Shepperd these are the wheels you have been waiting for Edit, sorry GLX I mis read the post think you where saying they are still available, best wheels ever!
  10. Big kites for sale

    @Emily Morris, Do you still wish to sell this kite ? as I said before I am for you to get in contact and arrange details. I have sent you a private message that will be able to read, however you may need 5 posts here in this forum to reply ? if so, please reply here. even if it to let us know that it is sold
  11. Hi buddy not sure if this will alarm you but you have a freakin tail monkey boy
  12. Multi-Rotor Thread

    Budgie the little Spark has a 2 axis Gimbal so smoothing those spins will take a bit of practice, however for a drone of suck size, it really did well in the windy conditions down there. it was the first 'Real' outdoor fly for both drones. We tested the wind resistance, the range and the return to home features, Everything was amazing. Mezz did some 'active track' with the little spark where you can get the drone to follow you based on shape recognition and it works really really well. These little drone are amazing considering the low price. The view from above shallow inlet gave a whole new perspective of such an amazing place. I flew the mavic out from the sand bar right out over yanakie, some 3.5 k away twice on one battery. very stoked about the range. This is Budgie the little helicopter, And This is his new big brother Lionel, the Mavic Pro Platinum.
  13. Jase, you still have the pins inside ? if you do, are they a permanent part if you now ? What are they made of ? the side view really shows the oblique angle they are inserted. Especially the one at the front lower.
  14. Multi-Rotor Thread

    mez took her new toy to shallow inlet on Sunday..
  15. Big kites for sale

    I will take the mefm please..