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  1. igeighty

    Tribe of Trilobites

    Three of the 'Tribe' 36,16 and baby 3. Taken from this angle, they all appear roughly same dimensions. have fun dougie..
  2. igeighty

    Kite Zhang's Kites

    digging up an old thread.. I just finished watching this film. you can view it here in its entirety. https://www.imdb.com/videoplayer/vi4216763673 quite amazing skill,
  3. igeighty

    Gt race order

    Hi Grants, If you do get the landseglers. It may be an idea to get the 100mm wide ones, they are excellent as Skinnies but still wide enough to allow you to run on the softer beach, Ill Give you a run on mine at Kingston. regards. Dougie
  4. igeighty

    Last Ride for Jase

    glad you are still getting out there for him mate. He will always be there watching. regards. Dougie.
  5. igeighty

    Bye Dad.

    still miss you big fella.
  6. igeighty

    Tribe of Trilobites

    hi @Chookie, Yes mate, I love them, a couple of weeks ago at a small kite event in western Victoria I had a good play with Ricky Bakers 10m Trilobite. I think I was hooked. then I saw these white ones for sale on Ali, I knew I had to have them. I bought myself some decent spectra, 100m of 175kg,750kg and 1200kg and ordered the 36 and 7, and the jellyfish (Blob Marley) for mezz. Up at the Eden whale festival, Ian Burrell had a 2m the wind was cracking 35-40 knots and the little 2m was right at home. I will get myself a 3 and a 16 also this Monday all in white.. (Ali express has its 11.11 sale) with the 3 as low as $65. Mum would like a 3m also, but I think ill get her a 7 for Christmas Hopefully tomorrow I will get out and give the 36 a crack, (that's what the 1200kg line is for) Bring yours to Kingston, I know a few others from Adelaide have them too. And Bull has one or two (probably more by now) and we can see how many we can get up at once.
  7. igeighty

    Tribe of Trilobites

    First go at the Trilobite 7. It is still too wet to fly the 36. as it doesn't fit it our small lounge to dry out. as it is the 7 is taking up the entire lounge just drying out. I went for the white ones as I haven't seen these before. Perhaps later I can make some color for it. but I really like the white
  8. igeighty

    Victorian Flash Mob Kite Fly

    Hi guys, just a question regarding the Facebook page for Vic Flash Mob. I am not a Facebook user and cannot view the page https://www.facebook.com/groups/700636233461468/ because it wants me to log in. Is it possible that the page could be made public ? so that myself and other facebookophobes could still see when events are happening ? or is there a 'public' page that doesn't require a login. regards. Doug
  9. igeighty

    New single line kite

    Meet 'Blob Marley' the 18m Jellyfish. It arrived a day after the whale festival and so did the rain. today was a nice day but wind speed of 3 knots Amazing quality for a Chinese kite. excellent stitching and great construction. pretty hard to beat for the price. (AUD$340 with shipping) Its brothers and sisters are still lodged deeply in the sunshine west blackhole.
  10. igeighty

    Tribe of Trilobites

    finally pulled the pin on a few of these, they are sitting in the sunshine west black hole at the moment, a pair of all white. 36 and a 7. next week a 3 and a 16. an 18m blue jellyfish arrived today. (and so did the rain)
  11. igeighty

    U turn kites

    I have spare handles you can have. yours next time we meet..
  12. igeighty

    The keeper of kites.....

    Thanks Mark, that is a great picture :)
  13. igeighty

    The keeper of kites.....

    Thanks Trevor. We know she loved all you guys.
  14. Tipping down with rain, wind blowing 35-40knts straight down the beach. Heading home to watch a movie. It’s now hailing the beach has eroded considerably. With water lapping right up to the dunes.