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  1. igeighty

    Found - AVIA Gforce UL

    Thanks @KaoS the spar replacement is perfect, and has restored the kite to a pristine condition. next for me is to go over these old kites and replace the bungee, that has deteriorated over time, found that stuff here, and is on its way. https://www.ropegalore.com.au/o3mm-x-5m-shock-cord-free-postage/ thanks again. Dougie
  2. igeighty

    Found - AVIA Gforce UL

    looks like super glue on this one, I generally use Tarzans grip, and heat is good for that. ill get the Dremel out if need be cheers mate
  3. igeighty

    Found - AVIA Gforce UL

    Awesome, Thankyou very much. I am still in croydon. cheers mate. ill give you a ring
  4. igeighty

    Found - AVIA Gforce UL

    G'day Kevin. Thanks for the info, It certainly does help. If I could purchase the 'G-Force UL at 76cm' from you that would be amazing. As for the 7.3mm ferrule to join them, I am going to attempt to extract the ferule from this broken spar. (not sure on my success though) failing that though, it looks like that 7.3mm would be available through an arrow supplier, I found one listing on amazon, that sells 7.3mm OD arrows.https://www.amazon.com/SinoArt-Feathers-Press-fit-Replaceable-Targeting/dp/B07D6MH1BL so possibly could be used. Thanks so much for the info about the sky shark also. I think that sky shark 5pt is the way to go if I am to replace both leading edges as this seems the best and closest fit the these AVIA spars. I have found them here https://www.kitesandfunthings.com/Products/Sky-Shark-Black-Diamond-Tubes__BDSERIES.aspx also, I definitely need to get a set of vernier callipers. As eyeballing these sizes with old eyes just doesn't work again mate, thanks for your info and help. Doug
  5. igeighty

    Found - AVIA Gforce UL

    cheers Coogee, I phoned him yesterday, he is on holidays till next month, but yes it looks like he has them listed on his site. fingers crossed.
  6. igeighty

    Found - AVIA Gforce UL

    Thanks Michael, I have sent a few emails, seems AVIA is now defunct, ill see what replies come through after the easter break. another avenue might be Michael Richards up in Sydney, but he is in NZ on holidays till next month. http://www.kitesandfunthings.com have a huge range of stuff. I may have to bight the bullet and re-spar the kite with a different rod. I will keep trying and see what comes up
  7. igeighty

    Found - AVIA Gforce UL

    Hi guys, I am looking for a source of AVIA Gforce UL spars, or something similar, (and ferrules) these are wrapped tapered rods, from the leading edge of an MEFM. I do not have callipers on hand to measure, so have eyeballed it using a $2 tape. I have read that sky shark nitro would be a suitable replacement ? just looking for input from anyone that has replaced these. regards. Doug.
  8. igeighty


    This is a album all about me, all the things i do and all that i see.
  9. igeighty

    Buggy and Kite / Kites Wanted to Buy (Vic, Tas)

    Hi David. I have kites and buggy for sale here, I would be happy to package and negotiate price.
  10. igeighty

    how old is too old ?

    Happy Birthday @.Joel,
  11. igeighty

    Flysurfer VMG 13^3 - Game changer!

    I have to admit that I had a major pucker just sitting watching that. you would have to assume that he has a parachute strapped to his back also for when it DOES collapse ? man, that was intense.
  12. igeighty

    Yeppoon 2019

    I hope you guys are having a good time. Chook is consistently doing 85-90 kph, I wonder how long take would take you to crack 100, with some skinnies. ? Bloody good effort mate. impressed as always. Where is the drone footage @roblukin im counting on you buddy !
  13. Kite Clearout. Hi Guys. I have some kite gear that is no longer used, and would hope that we could find a good home for it all. All gear is in A1 condition with no rips, tears or repairs. All gear is clean and stored with no mould or stains. Located in Melbourne Australia. Ozone method 6.5m kite only and bag Ozone method 5.0m kite only and bag Ozone method 4.0m kite only and bag Ozone method 3.0m kite only no bag Ozone Turbo Bar $900 for the set. I prefer these all go to one owner as a set. it would be like splitting up a family. Peter Lynn Viper 5.3 kite only (with bag) $225 Purple, yellow, black, white Peter Lynn Viper 2.6 kite only (with bag) $200 Red, Yellow, Orange, white Peter Lynn Comp XR+ $400 Great condition, midi wheels on plastic hubs, wide front forks I am happy to arrange delivery to anywhere in the world. Prices negotiable. Methods. Vipers 5.3m Viper. 2.6m Viper (sand not included) XR+ Buggy Harness and Dog not included Best Regards, Doug.
  14. igeighty

    A hard day at work

    Now I realise that small things amuse small minds, but I found a video from a mate that sums up my day at work.