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    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    Gday Mark. Actually buddy, I am SO glad you stayed till the very end. I put that in there especially for you.. purposely left with a long pause of black, most people would hit 'Next Video' long before then. but you my friend, you found the golden Easter egg !! Thanks Michael, It was a good holiday, much more low key than the last few years, Kingston is such an extreme environment, especially in January. And great to catch up with other weirdos. This year I explored it from the air with the drone, it is amazing how rugged and harsh the environment is Over there. Next year we will get a powered site so I can keep the drone batteries charged. It was a real juggle with power and SD card storage this year, I have 5 batteries that get about 25 mins each from, an iPad and the controller, each night id plug them into the 12v in the camper and hope for the best. its amazing how much juice these things can eat. It was a juggle between keeping the drone going and keeping beer cold in the fridge. I didn't take the computer with me, so dumping the 4K footage which really gets large quickly was a bit of a problem, I had fillled about 60Gb in the first day or two. Chook came to the rescue though and let me use his laptop to transfer stuff to usb sticks. Hope you are doing well, regards. Doug
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    Hobbies - the definitive list

    buy something cheapish first, and see if you will get into it. we bought several thousand worth of Meade lx200 and used it a handful of times in 4 years. ended up selling for same as we paid,, but I had grand plans for doing astro photography, but the sky here in croydon is not the best at all. and a 50lb telescope isn't the simplest to lug around I got into the drone flying a bit recently and that is pretty good, and scratches the itch. but I guess in Britain, you can't fly drones anymore without royal authorisation but astronomy in the right conditions would be amazing.. its not for the city though
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    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    after much procrastination, here is Lionel's view of Kingston. enjoy. (I uploaded a 4k file and all I see is 360 ?) not sure what the go is there.
  4. igeighty

    The things you find at jaycar

    Make sure you lube the froo froo valve when connecting the flux capacitor.
  5. igeighty

    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    Here is an auto generated clip from the foreshore, I am posting links from iPad and the embedding isn’t working the same as a computer, link below .fixed now I embedded it on the computer
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    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    Had a look at the clay pan this morning with John and it is very good. We had a tiny bit of rain overnight and the surface is only slightly tacky in places. Over 100m out and I only have clay one one thong. Give it a day or too and it should be rock hard. The beach is super smooth and the wind is onshore.
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    Kite buggy, kites to new home

    ^ Bargain... a buggy with 4 kites at this price is a steal/ good luck with the sale.
  8. igeighty

    Super Tracks - video

    that video gave me a tingle... it is seriously an amazing viewpoint and an excellent showcase of the tech.. I assume that you film in 360 all the time and then adjust the shots, zoom, angles in post production ? from what I have seen of the things is that they record everything. which would give you so much room to pick and choose at a later date in regards to setting up shots and all.. brilliant mate thank you. .. edit.. where the f#ck is the camera attached ?? @roblukin Lokk at THIS ----v come to think of it the more times I watch the video there more I am scratching my head. not only the camera angles and where is the camera actually located, But also how stable a fixed object is. look at 4:55 and the kite. the kite is rock solid and the bike is bobbing. is the stabilisation in post ? and if so. how can we get some.. :0
  9. igeighty

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    oh mate, I missed them by that much. I phoned the lady this morning and they are Gond. hope someone here bought them, that has gotta be the gumtree deal of the year.
  10. ^Russsel and his bouncers. Uploaded to youtube by Andrew bates.
  11. igeighty

    Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    We are heading down rain or shine. if the weather is poo, it will be a drinking holiday.
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    From the album: Igeighty

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    the only downside is that they are not three wheel tracks we went to shallow inlet and flew the cameras around. The stingray holes are pretty noticeable too/
  14. igeighty

    Dean Kite Festival

    Gday Richard. hope you are doing well, and good to hear from you. hope to catch up if you are out and about ? find a park somewhere and ill meet you there.
  15. igeighty


    nice you guys having a blast, and look at you with your upwind turns with kite loop on the exits Fang it brother....
  16. igeighty


    This is a album all about me, all the things i do and all that i see.
  17. igeighty

    MEFM heading home

    yep, its small 2.5mm carbon tube that slides through the spreader and is kept taught by the bungy and line, not sure if this is what give them the unique flying feel, but it Is pretty neat The black one was a shop model that was left over stock from the kite shop when it closed in 96. so I took it home for dad. he loaned it back to me last year. the middle yellow one I got from Prawnstar and is fairly well used,, but very much flyable. and the top one came from Kevin and is pretty much brand new still. I would age them all at 1996-1998 I used to have a very early one it was grey and white, it had vented panels and was very very nice to fly in all winds. one day I will find another vented one somewhere. I also had a microlite version it would fly in zero wind with a bit of walking. You can fly them at Kingston. I promise you will be hooked.
  18. igeighty

    Funny Videos

    cat party popper is gold !
  19. igeighty

    MEFM heading home

    At the moment a three stack is definitely on the cards
  20. igeighty

    MEFM heading home

    An immaculate example of a classic deep dish kite. Thanks @KaoS for the opportunity to give this baby a new home.
  21. igeighty

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    Follow me mode, is the mode I need to try, however it is a bit dicey to have to carry the remote onboard in order to be tracked. Maybe the GT, could have its one special drone box to hold your gear ") and while in this mode the mavic has a top speed of 10m/s or 36kph (22.3mph) anyway, follow me mode is the one I was thinking about. I am yet to try it. and have watched a ton of youtube about it this week. here is one that breaks it down.
  22. igeighty

    My best M8's last kite

    Kobi is the furry one ? he sure can keep up and clearly loves it. I love how he stays upwind too.. where about are you bugging in Sydney Dave ? if you are up for a road trip, Sandy Point in November Dogs welcome. disclaimer.. I called kobo a 'he' as I didn't check for tackle or none
  23. igeighty

    HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    nice score Trev
  24. igeighty


    Look at you in your dinky lil buggy, you lucky sod cracking 50 k's All the best mate, hope you have a safe journey.
  25. igeighty

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    I haven't had the pleasure of filming a buggy just yet.. 'Active Track' through the DJI app, has a habit of 'loosing' the subject it is tracking if you actively try to dodged it, IE running in one direction and quickly changing tack. The drone overfly's and looses focus.. But while on the buggy if you do controlled slow downs and turns, it should follow you no worries. I saw a video of a person on a scooter, and it seems to keep up with them pretty well. I was sure one of the apps, either Litchi, or Autopilot featured a setting where it would track a GPS enabled device. like your phone. rather than relying on visual acquisition. but now for the life of me I can't find where that feature was. or even if I was on crack at the time/ Given the video above, I reckon though, it will have no issues on a wide open beach tracking a buggy. Just set the return to home point to your beach base and if it does go pear shaped, it will head home and land at the tent. As for winds, I have had mavic out in 22 knot easterly at shallow inlet and it handled the breeze with no issues, but you generally have plenty of space on a beach for small movements due to wind pushing the drone and it making corrections. it tilted sideways to compensate for wind, but hardly budged from it poisition in the sky. I flew from the inlet to yanakie, which is a fair hike. I flew into the wind at first, so I would have a tailwind if I had to get home quick. The flight logs show that while flying east into the wind, I had max speed of 42.8 kph but coming back peaked 64 kph with tailwind. I think that it will handle the speed of a buggy also in normal mode. Sport mode in the wide open spaces is the fastest you will fly, however active track and the likes aren't available in sport mode ? and the camera gimbal is pretty sketchy at those speeds, As it fly's with the nose pointed right down, the camera has to tilt up, and you get rotors and sun strobes on your image. It is fun to fly in sport mode if you are just flying from shot to shot. I have setup the I think though that the mavic is very capable, and smart enough to RTH if it goes south through loss of transmission. I have tested its idiot proof features extensively I flew it over the house and to a water tower, I set the RTH to 100m so it will clear all the trees and the hill, obstacle avoidance isn't to awesome when in RTH mode, it sees something and if it gets stuck trying to avoid it, it will just hover sometimes and get stuck. I flew it to the tower, and the down behind the hill about 1 klm away. after loss of RC signal, it started on its way home, and landed on the same '50' Traffic sign I use for a lander. So I am pretty keen on what it can do under RC signal loss situations. Around my suburbs, range is fairly modest due to interference and loss of sight, although in the open beach space range was significantly increased. chasing a buggy shouldn't be a problem. I hope you get out the beach soon, the days are getting warmer here in melbourne, and the days longer. so we are just coming into season.