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  1. Wildwood Buggy Bash

    Nice to see that the blokart has tagged along. Got to chase something!
  2. Garmin etrex 10

    Does it come with your PB still in its memory?
  3. Dean Kite Festival

    Oh, that's no good. I hope you are feeling much better now. I hope you can get out and fly a kite soon! Look after yourself Richard xx
  4. Harden 2018

    @Tiger37 - The colours in your photos are stunning! It was lovely to see you again and to meet Pauline and Winston. I hope that they come on more visits. The last photo of my train is lovely! Its a Robert Brassington "Star of Lois" Train. Each kite stands taller than my mere 5"1.
  5. Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    Calendar Now Up - Thanks @.Joel Weather looks to be improving but it’s still too far out to forecast it precisely.
  6. Tread Marks @ Sandy Point

    November 2018 - Tread Marks @ Sandy Point When :- Friday 2nd November - Tuesday 6th November Where :- Sandy Point, South Gippsland, Victoria Accommodation :- Interested parties to arrange for themselves. (Sandy Point Caravan Park is just across the road from the beach and where most of us will be staying) We have a few interstate buggiers coming along to leave their trademarks on the sand so come and say hello. Please RSVP as between now and the 2nd, we'll arrange to have a BBQ and/or a trip out to Fish Creek for a meal. I guess we should keep the details on the Meets and Events post.
  7. Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    25 more sleeps until Tread Marks @ Sandy Point 2018 Yesterday, I was organising with the Foreshore Council and Waratah District Surf Life Club access for two members to park at the Surf Club house as they have difficulties getting their stuff up the hill at Sandy Point. The Council need to approve but Surf Club are quite happy to accommodate them to get them up on the beach. Calendar Event to be posted shortly. Please RSVP so if we do decide to have a BBQ and/or Fish Creek meal, we can get it organised between us. Just waiting on a clearer forecast to be able to pick a BBQ day. We had a lovely Thunder Storm last year.
  8. Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    The Predicted Rainfall changes daily, so closer to the time, I’ll post an update
  9. Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    Can never quite tell with Victorian weather @Grants but we have had some lovely warm days, with this weekend being particularly a nice one. There is a predicted cold front expected to move over the area between 29th Oct and 2nd Nov then again from 5th Nov onwards so 3rd and 4th Nov should be the best days if going by the rain fall predictions - cannot say what the wind will do though.
  10. Harden 2018

    Thanks for the heads up @BobM @Tiger37 - Might see you there then!
  11. Harden 2018

    We will be there @BobM Just down the road from you and @Tiger37
  12. Funny Videos

    After 10 years in our house, a few months back we finally go a tv-Ariel....just needed a big shed I guess!
  13. Funny Videos

    That was fantastic @Chook Had to laugh (a little bit more) when i heard the car alarm go off in the background when Thomas the Tank Engine did his thing! What is it with you Western Australian's?? You're all engineers with big garages and projects!
  14. 3.5m Flexifoil Blurr for sale

    @Gilbert Taylor
  15. bSuch a successful day at the Victorian Flash Mop Kite Flyers Meet at Dingley's Spring Road Reserve. This was an event where all the local kiters (and this time around, some international visitors attending after the Festival of the Winds 2018 in Bondi) can put up their static kites for a free display. So many members of the public came through to show their appreciation. Thank you to @igeighty, @Jo Baker, Ricky, Trent, Margaret, @Darren Tibbey, Naomi, Thomas@nigel, @Kathleen, Alexander, Georgia, @The Duke, Tracy, Dete, Donna and Fred Taylor from Canada, to name but a few who put up some fantastic displays!