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  1. Mez

    Tribe of Trilobites

    Had to upload this photo. Tibbey's brother-in-law is a photographer and captured this excellent picture of the "Tamer" Here is "Blob Marley" and two of the white Trilobites. I think its a great photo.
  2. Mez

    2020 Vision at Kingston

    No.2!!! Congratulations, you kept that quiet!!!! Robyn passed away last Australia Day and since then her family were selling off a lot of Sandy Grove's property. I wish I could have homed her guinea fowl. @jhn.holgate - We will be arriving on the 18th and I'll pack the bike.
  3. @nigel and @mik333 Still keen on a 20th/21st run?
  4. Mez

    Victorian Flash Mob Kite Fly

    Due to the weather, this event has been moved to Sunday 8th December - all details remain the same.
  5. Mez

    Victorian Flash Mob Kite Fly

    Thank you for approving the event @.Joel Here is the calendar link. It would be fabulous to have everyone with a kite in the air. Rather than end a year, let's start the kiting season....We have a couple of spare airbeds should anyone like to make a weekend out it, and a very big back yard for swags. (I wonder what Sandy Point is like on the Saturday?)
  6. Mez

    Bye Dad.

    Best wishes and our love to you all. Time for a Jim Buggy Day!
  7. Mez

    Victorian Flash Mob Kite Fly

    I have created an event for the next Dingley meet, which will be on Sunday 1st December (The VFMKF yearly wrap up) from 1pm until 5pm with a pub meal to follow. Once @.Joel can approve the post, I will share the link here.
  8. until
    ** VICTORIAN FLASH MOB CHRISTMAS FLY ** ** DATE CHANGED FROM 1st DECEMBER TO 8th DECEMBER DUE TO THE WEATHER ** Dingley Spring Road Reserve https://www.facebook.com/events/2629300777133081/ Once again the Victorian Flash Mob Kite Flyers are organising a Christmas get-together fly, a chance for all static flyers (and dual/quad line flyers) to get together for a Christmas Flash Mob. A fantastic free event where the locals of the Kingston Council area come and leisurely walk through the park taking in the sights of the sky. Afterwards, we will head off for a meal at the local pub, which has a fabulous menu and in the past, been a lovely end to the day. With it being Christmas, bookings are essential for the meal, so please either RSVP via the Facebook link above, or if you're not on Facebook, comment below and I will pass on you reservations to the Mob admin team. Parking will be on the Spring Street, Dingley (Near to Seaton Drive end of the Reserve)
  9. Mez

    Victorian Flash Mob Kite Fly

    I think with the "ownership" of all things posted, Facebook wants to take the credit so therefore would limit what you see without logging in, just like Pinterest. (That s**ts me to tears as I see a good activity to do with the kids at school but have to log in to get the activity instructions, so I was forced to make an account) The alternative is to replicate the events from the Flash Mob page to the forum.
  10. And to think the two days before, that beach was unusable !!! As usual, a great video @bakersdozen
  11. They arrived and took up the WHOLE entire lounge room space, and then some!
  12. Mez

    2020 Vision at Kingston

    Not sure on our dates yet John, but we are booked in from 11th - 27th January. We've a collection of single liners steadily growing so it will be great to have those in the air - great for when it's no good to buggy! Looking forwards to it!
  13. @igeighty and I have a couple of new additions too.......watch this space
  14. Mez


    He’s been a stranger to the forum for a while but congratulations to @jaysmith and his newlywed Tania, who were married on Saturday. Congratulations to you both and all the very best to the future. Best wishes, @Mez and @igeighty
  15. I finish on the 20th as does @igeighty so we're certainly up for a pre-christmas run!