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  1. Its the start of the season @Tiger37, so if you want to make a date in November, we will certainly make it down (its only a couple of hours for us, not a full days drive, and some!) Would be great to get out every weekend from now until Feb!
  2. @bakersdozen - might be a bit upset with that
  3. Mez

    Last Ride for Jase

    When the wind fills our kites on the calmest of days, and my sail pulls on tight, I know I will look up, with a "good on ya Jase!" and rip up the beach!
  4. Anyone still wanting to make this a weekend? So far, the weather is predicted to be dry that weekend with some light rain due on Sunday. If we don't camp, we will certainly try and make a day trip on the Saturday.
  5. Hi mez are you and Ig going to be at Geelong tomorrow?


    1. Mez


      Hi @the_hatman

      We were, but looking at the forecast, we've decided to pull the plug. Not sure where the others are getting their forecasts from (saying the weather is meant to improve) Mine says showers up until noon, then showers again after 3pm with thunder storms and putting away wet kites isn't fun. Its a long way to go for an hour or two of "possible" good weather.

    2. the_hatman


      Bill Withers weather hear and now, my forecasts gave as clear till noon then 25% chance of rain till 3 then the heavens open

  6. So should we look in a couple of days over that weekend? Friday 25th - Monday 28th October (So that the interstaters can make the most of it?)
  7. @Tiger37 has got the ball rolling with the thoughts of speed week and this week end, we came out of hibernation and over dinner, myself, @igeighty, @the_hatmanand @Bill had a chat. Tides and weather permitting we all thought that the weekend before or after the footy may be the go, when its not too busy, but looking at the tides, Friday 25th October has a good low tide mid afternoon. So the seed has been planted, have a look at your tide charts and your work calendar and pop a few suggestions down. @roblukin, @bakersdozen, @.Joel, @mik333, @DrWind, @OBEwan, @Clive, @nigel, @BobM, @Darren Tibbey, @The Duke, @cris italy
  8. Mez

    Dual and Quad sport kites

    As like you @KaoS - kites need to be flown and with @igeighty collection of MEFM’s now, unfortunately everything else starts to collect dust (that’s assuming I get to fly them too) otherwise it’s my 2 prisms and my HQ from @andy666 which are my go-to’s. Befriended a fella in the USA who has a fantastic collection - hundreds! He might be in the market to grow his collection.
  9. Mez

    Dual and Quad sport kites

    The Blue Moon Moongeese are beautiful!
  10. Mez

    how old is too old ?

    To the captain of this ship....that is Extreme Kites..... Happy Birthday @.Joel I hope that you had a lovely day. All the best, Mez xxx
  11. Whilst watching Coast New Zealand - we came across this lovely short video of the rather large gathering at New Brighton (Christchurch, NZ) for a Kite Festival. Lately when the winds have been off shore and the tides, shoddy..... @igeighty and myself have been static flying with a few other kite enthusiasts. I must say its a different experience kite flying static kites but I do miss the roar of the waves. Coast_-_Kites_1.mp4
  12. Ripiro Beach is located on the Kaipara Coast line, (North West of the North Island of New Zealand) (close to Glinks Gully where the Moose Meet is held) Taken from the Coast New Zealand - aired May last year. Ripiro Beach is a 107lm long golden beach and is a gazetted highway so the standard rules of the road apply. It is possible to drive along its hard sands two hours either side of low tide, 4WD vehicles are recommended. It is suggested that you ask locals about the conditions before venturing on to the sands. Fantastic location for buggies and land yachts and yet another reason to attend the Moose Meet future events. Coast - Blokart 1.mp4
  13. Mez

    Yeppoon 2019

    So now I've dribbled coffee down my chin and somewhat all over the general vircinity of my keyboard, pray do continue @Chook And you're very much welcome about the axle - Thank you to Anne back.
  14. Mez

    Ok which one of you is the smart arse?

    HAHA - @igeighty Your new found clay pan at Bellarine near to Barwon Heads See Doug's post.
  15. Mez

    new buggy spot near Barwon Heads.

    But the tip looks a little soft and sticky in places, but you’d have to be nuts not to go and have a look!