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  1. Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    Haven't booked yet @Tiger37 - Maybe we could get an expression of interest going and make a group booking for the corner we stayed in before. I think I have a map somewhere of the sites, I will post it if I find it.
  2. GT, Peter Lynn Viper 5.3

    Gee, I take some good photos!
  3. GT Buggy on New York south shores

    Your number is 888.....you did truely idolise the boys didn't you, as thats also @igeighty number AUS888
  4. GT Buggy on New York south shores

    Hi @Cheezycheese - Great video and especially great to see buggying videos on here from a different part of the world. My husband @igeighty has a GT-Race Rapide ++ Buggy, one of the first Martin of GT-Race in the Netherlands sent out to Australia, followed by @roblukin who has a GT-Race Radical, and @.Joel, @nigel, @Grants and @Jase Shepperd who all ride the Rapide ++ buggies. They are a fantastic buggy and I like to think "safer" than the old PL II buggy @igeighty used to "whip" around on. I see now that GT-Race now only stock a GT-Rapide V and a GT-Raw. What model do you have? I myself stick to the land yacht as have yet to master the skill of a foil (considering my husband flies Peter Lynn Vipers and they go like shit-of-a-shovel) Looking forwards to some more videos! Take it easy and enjoy the wind! Mez
  5. Dean Kite Festival

    @igeighty and I shall both be there @jo (@Jo Baker)
  6. Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    Love the title!
  7. Eco Charging....

    @.Joel - What an excellent idea!
  8. Happy Birthday.....

    LOL Love the video @.Joel Time for a Duggee Hug!
  9. Happy Birthday.....

    Monday 9th July 2018 Happy Birthday to @igeighty Have a fabulous day Dougie. I hope the clouds lift a little so Lionel can stretch his wings for a fly! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUSBAND! XXX
  10. Les hemmes 8 hour 2019

    Nice to see you back in the saddle @Grants
  11. Multi-Rotor Thread

    @igeighty has put his Adobe Illustrator and Auto-Cad skills to the test and designed the internal foam packing for the drones. His design was then water-cut into Kaizen foam. One for “Budgie” the DJI Spark and the other for “Lionel” the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum and all their accessories. Budgie’s Design Budgie (left) and Lionel (Right) Kincrome Cases
  12. Lady Bug Workshop

    @nigel - They look fantastic! Well done!
  13. Happy Birthday.....

    @mik333 Enjoy your travels west. Keep safe and have a great time!
  14. Happy Birthday.....

    Wednesday 4th July 2018 Today "Happy Birthday" goes out to @mik333 Wishing you many happy returns and we hope that you enjoy your day! Happy Birthday Michael From @Mez and @igeighty
  15. June 2018 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia was recorded as the coldest month since 2006 says the Bureau of Meteorology. This morning was the coldest day since exactly this time last year, which was even colder! Up in the Northern Hemisphere, my parents report that its 33 degrees where they are in the UK and that even the "sun worshippers" are struggling. Its a different heat in Europe, very humid, where as Australia is a dry heat. Whats the temperature where you are? * Temperature Image Credit - @Mez ** Snowkite Image Credit - Big Dubya Where @igeighty is working today, cars are covered in ice....