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  1. London to Perth ** Non Stop! **

    Yep, look into hiring a van and travel with the buggy. Let us know when you head over as we have riders from WA, along the south coast to Victoria, then up the east coast, so plenty of guys who will show you the best spots and will become life long friends.
  2. London to Perth ** Non Stop! **

    I was sometime this month @RedSky that they announced this was the go - however the trip from Perth to the East Coast is not cheap if your travelling with International Weight limits. A few years ago there was an Australian Rules Football game being held over in WA, (I think it was to determine the grand final teams, or something big in the sport), anyway, it was actually cheaper to buy a return ticket to London than it was to fly over to the other side of Australia!
  3. Wanted : MEFM and oldtimers stuntkites

    Would be interested in more information about your MEFM @deefledermaus But of course @Tataouine gets first say. In guidance with the Buy/Sell site rules, what is you location and at what price would you be selling it for?
  4. Yeppoon 2018

    Creating your own wind @Chook - I hope your not cheating?
  5. Thanks for posting @nigel Sounds like you are having a blast! Next year hopefully for @igeighty and I.
  6. Walking Inflatable

    Rider :- Ian Burrell NSW
  7. Walking Inflatable

    Rider :- Ian Burrell NSW
  8. 020.jpg

    Pilot :- Tony Walker NSW
  9. Maggie in the Marquee

    And look as that big beaming smile Olivia is giving me...
  10. Thomas Duke

    Thomas did an amazing job supporting his Dad @The Duke His skills as a dual line stunt kite pilot are excellent. Well Done Thomas!
  11. Mezz

    Hey Joel, You've tagged the wrong "mez" I'm @Mez (have no association with a Mezza from Lazy Joes)
  12. Yet another windy day...

    Effecting my family back home too! Stay Home and Keep warm! Yes, you even got me to take a photo LOL
  13. Yet another windy day...

    Another windy day here this side of Melbourne, but no time to kite. These past three weeks we've had at least one day in the week where the wind has been fairly strong. Last week the gusts bought down several trees at school, yet at the shelter, about 1km away, there was no wind as its protected by the mountain. Come the weekend, it will all be gone again.
  14. Low Wind Racing

    Might as well put a sail on a Green machine Or we could make it into a Whike