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  1. Mez

    Lady Bug Workshop

    @nigel - They look fantastic! Well done!
  2. Mez

    Happy Birthday.....

    @mik333 Enjoy your travels west. Keep safe and have a great time!
  3. June 2018 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia was recorded as the coldest month since 2006 says the Bureau of Meteorology. This morning was the coldest day since exactly this time last year, which was even colder! Up in the Northern Hemisphere, my parents report that its 33 degrees where they are in the UK and that even the "sun worshippers" are struggling. Its a different heat in Europe, very humid, where as Australia is a dry heat. Whats the temperature where you are? * Temperature Image Credit - @Mez ** Snowkite Image Credit - Big Dubya Where @igeighty is working today, cars are covered in ice....
  4. Looking forwards ti seeing your happy little family again Lachlan
  5. until
    KINGSTON S.E 2019 Its that time again everyone, to start planning the main event of the Extreme Kites Group. (Correct me if I'm wrong @.Joel as the earliest thread I can see dates 2003) For the last 15 years, kiters have got together for the meet of the year and the best way to start the year with a catch up in Kingston S.E in South Australia. Kiters come from all corners of the country from Experience, WA to Canberra, ACT to buggy the long stretch of beach from The Blackford Drain up to the Granites, or if the weather is perfect, a ride out on the Lake Nadzab aka The Clay Pan. Members usually stay at the Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park for the duration of their trip, a fully equipment park with unpowered/powered sites, basic/delux cabins and decent bathroom and kitchen facilities and on Australia Day, put on a fantastic Ariel kite display for the general public. This is a non-organised event, it just happens as a way to celebrate a great meet up. http://kingstonforeshorecaravanpark.com.au
  6. Mez

    Victorian Flash Mob Kite Fly

    Do you know what time @nigel, we might get over.
  7. Mez

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    Nice short drone video of the town where I grew up back home.
  8. Mez

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    I dreamt of Budgie last night - time for a fly somewhere @igeighty - I guess after you've finished making up the cases (Doug bought some Kaizen Foam, which pulls away in layers, so a quick trip to Bunnings last night for another case, he'll be spending this weekend designing and creating the foam inserts) I think we've found the perfect hobby for when the winds and tides (and temperatures) are not at their best. Thanks for your comments @SoutherlyBuster - I just couldn't get enough of that sunset, it was soooo pweedy! That fly was just a general "get to know your drone" I can't wait to capture some kite buggy action along the beach. Should be well practise come our Kingston trip. @igeighty Prepare to get buzzed!
  9. The curve of your tail bone in that last photo is incredible @Jase Shepperd
  10. Mez

    Big kites for sale

    Hi Emily, Welcome to the forum! My husband @igeighty (above) is SO passionate about the MEFM's (Most Excellent Flying Machine) so if not already sold elsewhere, please can you provide us with the cost to purchase? And its his birthday in July, so would make a wonderful gift. In regards to the other kites, like you have with the MEFM, spread out the kite for a photo and we will do our best to try and identify them for you. But certainly, any MEFM's in your collection, we would love to take them off your hands as they will certainly be flow.
  11. Looking forwards to catching up with of you all throughout the year Hoping you are all well? @.Joel @jhn.holgate @Chook @Tiger37 @OBEwan @The Duke @nigel @Kathleen @bakersdozen @Darren Tibbey @Jo Baker @Clive @roblukin @cris italy @Dingo @DrWind @bull31 @Jase Shepperd @Grants
  12. Any news whether Dean Festival is running on the 2nd Sept @jo
  13. Mez

    Shout out to all the regulars....

    Old Bloke, meaning your Dad, cos my “old bloke” Dougie hasn’t been out since Kingston. Hope to get a ride in over the June long weekend down at Sandy.
  14. Mez

    Wanted : MEFM and oldtimers stuntkites

    Have you tried yahoo(dot)com
  15. Mez

    Applique Workshop

    @igeighty - Would you like to attend Jo's workshop to refresh yourself?
  16. Mez

    London to Perth ** Non Stop! **

    Happy Saving Tom!
  17. Mez

    Yeppoon 2018

    We're working on it - even if @igeighty comes up alone.
  18. Mez

    London to Perth ** Non Stop! **

    I meant Port Lincoln SA (not Port Douglas) But both have good buggy beaches @Chook will be the best one to answer your question about the best time of year in WA. Although as for Chook, any time after work is a good time As for SA @roblukin is your man! He is by far the most travelled kite buggier on the forum (if not the world)
  19. Mez

    Victorian Flash Mob Kite Fly

    Sorry Jo, I just saw your post. Im afraid though, Im still lead up with a bad back. I hope you had a good fly?
  20. Mez

    London to Perth ** Non Stop! **

    Yeppoon, Qld Stockton Beach, Newcastle, NSW Sandy Point/Waratah Bay/Shallow Inlet, VIC 13th Beach, Barwon Heads, VIC Multiple places around Port Douglas, SA Kingston (beach and clay pan), SA The stretch from Lighthouse Beach to Lake Cathie, Port Macquarie, NSW To name a few, but I guess thats all I know of.
  21. Mez

    London to Perth ** Non Stop! **

    Want to get on the plane, going the other way now. That made me a little home sick. Nice to hear at the end that it will be the connecting flight onto Melbourne. No messing around with the big luggage. $956 one way (on sale) Melbourne to London (via Perth) From QANTAS ~When travelling London Heathrow to Melbourne on QF10 and QF9, one free stopover is permitted in Perth in each direction. Onward travel to and from Melbourne must be on QF10/QF09. Not sure how long the stop over is for flights onto Melbourne but I guess if their giving you one stop over, you could spend a few nights in Perth and make sure your on a QF10/9 to get home.
  22. Mez

    London to Perth ** Non Stop! **

    Yep, look into hiring a van and travel with the buggy. Let us know when you head over as we have riders from WA, along the south coast to Victoria, then up the east coast, so plenty of guys who will show you the best spots and will become life long friends.
  23. Mez

    London to Perth ** Non Stop! **

    I was sometime this month @RedSky that they announced this was the go - however the trip from Perth to the East Coast is not cheap if your travelling with International Weight limits. A few years ago there was an Australian Rules Football game being held over in WA, (I think it was to determine the grand final teams, or something big in the sport), anyway, it was actually cheaper to buy a return ticket to London than it was to fly over to the other side of Australia!