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  1. 8 people voted and we have a joint winner:-

    (Sorry for the quality of the photos, I had to capture some of my videos) 

    2 votes for the 18 m Ozone Chrono 1 (Owned by @Chook)


    2 votes for the Vented Frielein (Owned by @Chook)


    1 vote for the 6.5m Vapor (Owned by @igeighty)


    1 vote for the 9m Flysurfer Peak 1(Owned by @Tiger37) (Thank you for the photo)


    1 for the Box Kite (Hand made and owned by @igeighty)


    1 for the Purple/Teal/Black/White MEFM (Owned by @igeighty)



  2. World Records on Extreme Kites

    10 hours ago, 123matt said:

    I think there is about to be a run on the eTrex 10's.  What price are you getting from Anaconda?

    $127 - but the store says that there was a mistake and that this GPS unit should not have been placed on sale, but because of the screw up, had to sell it at the advertised price - not the original ($159.00) Mine was the last in store (and the online stocks are low also) Whoopsy Anaconda! 

    Still Doug bought his for something like $110 a few years back from the same store.

  3. Thanks @Chook Its nice to be appreciated for the voluntary work I do. Like yourself, I enjoy the beauty of the Australian bush, I have always felt drawn to this country and I'm proud to be a part of its up-keeping. You and I will keep Australia (what it should be like) alive! What with you saving the land and me saving the creatures. 

    Catch up with you soon in SA!

    All the best, 


  4. The best tornado there is John, paddock, away from populated places. I watched the Boxing Day storms going through live via the TVN Weather website. 

    We went storm chasing the end of last summer just around here. The storms all disappated before we reached them, but left quite a few great clouds. 

  5. Beautiful little fella - Looks like a Western Grey, probably last year's joey. Would still be hanging around Mum but have that independence to wonder off. I bet he got in trouble when he got home to Mum. "Your grounded my boy!" 

    Great photos @Chook.

    Number one on my list to do in my life - I can't really call it a bucket list as I can only think of a couple of things, is to see the mobs in central Australia by helicopter. That would be a dream come true for me!

    See you in a couple of weeks my friend :)

  6. Extreme Kites Blog Competition

    Ricardo, I think you did an awesome job in the above post. Some translators translate text terribly. So well done.

    From Mez

    "Ricardo, creo que hizo un trabajo impresionante en el post anterior. Algunos traductores traducen el texto terriblemente. Muy bien hecho.

    De Mez"