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  1. @Tiger37 has got the ball rolling with the thoughts of speed week and this week end, we came out of hibernation and over dinner, myself, @igeighty, @the_hatmanand @Bill had a chat. Tides and weather permitting we all thought that the weekend before or after the footy may be the go, when its not too busy, but looking at the tides, Friday 25th October has a good low tide mid afternoon. So the seed has been planted, have a look at your tide charts and your work calendar and pop a few suggestions down. @roblukin, @bakersdozen, @.Joel, @mik333, @DrWind, @OBEwan, @Clive, @nigel, @BobM, @Darren Tibbey, @The Duke, @cris italy
  2. Its the start of the season @Tiger37, so if you want to make a date in November, we will certainly make it down (its only a couple of hours for us, not a full days drive, and some!) Would be great to get out every weekend from now until Feb!
  3. @bakersdozen - might be a bit upset with that
  4. Mez

    Last Ride for Jase

    When the wind fills our kites on the calmest of days, and my sail pulls on tight, I know I will look up, with a "good on ya Jase!" and rip up the beach!
  5. Anyone still wanting to make this a weekend? So far, the weather is predicted to be dry that weekend with some light rain due on Sunday. If we don't camp, we will certainly try and make a day trip on the Saturday.
  6. So should we look in a couple of days over that weekend? Friday 25th - Monday 28th October (So that the interstaters can make the most of it?)
  7. KINGSTON S.E 2019 Its that time again everyone, to start planning the main event of the Extreme Kites Group. (Correct me if I'm wrong @.Joel as the earliest thread I can see dates 2003) For the last 15 years, kiters have got together for the meet of the year and the best way to start the year with a catch up in Kingston S.E in South Australia. Kiters come from all corners of the country from Experience, WA to Canberra, ACT to buggy the long stretch of beach from The Blackford Drain up to the Granites, or if the weather is perfect, a ride out on the Lake Nadzab aka The Clay Pan. Members usually stay at the Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park for the duration of their trip, a fully equipment park with unpowered/powered sites, basic/delux cabins and decent bathroom and kitchen facilities and on Australia Day, put on a fantastic Ariel kite display for the general public. This is a non-organised event, it just happens as a way to celebrate a great meet up. This year, myself and @igeighty, along with @roblukin are planning on a slightly longer trip over. Arriving onsite on Saturday 5th January 2019 and heading back home on Sunday 27th January 2019. (Of cause we don't expect everyone to stay for 3 weeks, but its general idea of the dates) We have already made our site bookings and are now on the exciting countdown until we can head over. So if each year you've ummed and arrred about heading over, do it and you'll find that you'll return again and again each year as we have. Looking forwards to seeing you all! Mez
  8. Calendar Event Added If you're coming hit "going" so it adds you to the list. Well I have just sent through a booking request to Kingston S.E Caravan Park for January 2018. We anticipate to arrive Saturday 13th January and leave on Australia Day (as per usual) Who else will be heading over there in January?
  9. Mez

    Dual and Quad sport kites

    As like you @KaoS - kites need to be flown and with @igeighty collection of MEFM’s now, unfortunately everything else starts to collect dust (that’s assuming I get to fly them too) otherwise it’s my 2 prisms and my HQ from @andy666 which are my go-to’s. Befriended a fella in the USA who has a fantastic collection - hundreds! He might be in the market to grow his collection.
  10. Mez

    Dual and Quad sport kites

    The Blue Moon Moongeese are beautiful!
  11. Mez

    how old is too old ?

    To the captain of this ship....that is Extreme Kites..... Happy Birthday @.Joel I hope that you had a lovely day. All the best, Mez xxx
  12. Whilst watching Coast New Zealand - we came across this lovely short video of the rather large gathering at New Brighton (Christchurch, NZ) for a Kite Festival. Lately when the winds have been off shore and the tides, shoddy..... @igeighty and myself have been static flying with a few other kite enthusiasts. I must say its a different experience kite flying static kites but I do miss the roar of the waves. Coast_-_Kites_1.mp4
  13. Ripiro Beach is located on the Kaipara Coast line, (North West of the North Island of New Zealand) (close to Glinks Gully where the Moose Meet is held) Taken from the Coast New Zealand - aired May last year. Ripiro Beach is a 107lm long golden beach and is a gazetted highway so the standard rules of the road apply. It is possible to drive along its hard sands two hours either side of low tide, 4WD vehicles are recommended. It is suggested that you ask locals about the conditions before venturing on to the sands. Fantastic location for buggies and land yachts and yet another reason to attend the Moose Meet future events. Coast - Blokart 1.mp4
  14. Mez

    Yeppoon 2019

    So now I've dribbled coffee down my chin and somewhat all over the general vircinity of my keyboard, pray do continue @Chook And you're very much welcome about the axle - Thank you to Anne back.
  15. Mez

    Ok which one of you is the smart arse?

    HAHA - @igeighty Your new found clay pan at Bellarine near to Barwon Heads See Doug's post.
  16. Mez

    new buggy spot near Barwon Heads.

    But the tip looks a little soft and sticky in places, but you’d have to be nuts not to go and have a look!
  17. Hi All, Well our time in Kingston S.E has certainly excited us and the Victorian flyers are keen for some more buggy action. Looking at the tides and weather and wind depending, how about the weekend of Saturday 16th February and Sunday 17th February? The low tides appear at the end of the month but stretch across the week. If it works out, we will organise it closer to the date. We will plan on camping the night at the caravan park.
  18. Mez

    Videos from Facebook

    Joel, The last couple of videos you have posted (Chasta's Flow and f**K it) have videos taken from what seems to be Facebook. They will not play my end on the mac. Do you think I have to be signed in? Mez
  19. Mez

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Never heard of them either and last time we were up at Flynns Beach (Christmas time) They weren't there. Hasn't been a kite shop in Port for years!
  20. Mez

    Best Kiting Food

    We don't have a particular one but @nigel and his dash board donuts are a winner in the colder days out on the beach.! As for the sugar, about 5 years ago I calculated that 2 tea spoons of sugar in about 3to4 cups per day of either tea or coffee accumulated to about 5kgs of sugar a year so I ditched the sugar in the hot drinks. I must admit, the keeping busy works. If your mind is focussed on something the craving disappears. Another good habit to ditch is snacking in front of the telly. You will become used to eating chips, etc and then your body says to you, okay routine is to snack. Sometimes just getting up to do something else will help stop the crave. And lots of water, as 9/10 a grumbly belly is a belly which needs a drink.
  21. Mez

    Something diffetent

    @DrWind - That had some WOW factor. Especially the scene around the whales.
  22. Yes....yes he would!
  23. Hi @igeighty, Im viewing in 1080 (or so the video says) You've done an excellent job on the editing of this (well worth the time you took over it too) Well Done. To everyone else, enjoy!
  24. Mez

    Kiteboarder in trouble

    So I do not fly the big kites, nor have had any lessons but I do know that you keep an eye on your kite (plan a route down to the water first man!!)
  25. Sunday 10th March 2019 Rosebud Kite Festival. This year I have noticed that you can register for your attendance on the Rosebud Kite Festival 2019 Facebook Page. Under the information section, it says "Sign Up" so have registered @igeighty and myself up (I have also sent an message through to confirm our returning attendance.) DETAILS When :- Sunday 10th March 2019 Where :- 11:00am - 5:00pm - Rosebud Foreshore, Jetty Road, Rosebud, Victoria Contact :- TBC I shall put up more information as and when I receive it. However @Jo Baker of Kites for Kids will be a good point of contact should you need additional information. KiteFestival_A3_SCREEN.pdf