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  1. crazy

    very short video of flat 3 attempt

    sick effort mate - im too chicken to jump
  2. crazy


    finally took it out for a run Pari - goes well mate just need a tad more wind now
  3. crazy

    Can I buggy on Stockton Beach?

    Too right andy, my previous post was purely a suggestion of what could potentially be a way of getting access, it all seems a bit hard nowadays so im going to bow out of the stockton discussion and go back to minding my own business
  4. crazy

    Can I buggy on Stockton Beach?

    Emi - the important part of all that is that the plan is still in draft format and hasn't been signed off according to my conversation with the ranger.. also this part is key...and believe it would be worthwhile for EK as a community to discuss this with NPWS once the plan of management is in force. 1. Land yachting, kite landboarding and buggying will require the consent of the park authority and are permitted on the beachfront between the Sygna and the Gan Gan Road access frontal dune crossing, and in the Recreation Vehicle Area. Conditions regarding the timing and specific location of the activity may apply.
  5. crazy

    Can I buggy on Stockton Beach?

    All, unfortunately, i have had a brief chat with the Stockton ranger today (Tony) and based on my understanding of the conversation its a NO to kite buggying on Stockton at the present point in time. JD - i have asked Tony to give you a call - maybe you can convince them? btw JD - do we have any EK reps that can approach NPWS to organise event permissions for buggying on stockton??
  6. crazy

    Can I buggy on Stockton Beach?

    Any Luck JD? i got an email from WCL today regarding the Draft Plan of Management and the inclusion of Land Yachting - if you don't have any luck let me know and i will give the number they have given me a call tomorrow to see what can be organised.
  7. crazy


    Ok All - just out of curiosity i just looked at the bookings for the Birubi Beach Holiday Park - seems pretty much everything is already booked out except a powered ensuite site and a deluxe two bedroom at a cost of $120 a night... im not sure who has booked already and would like to get an idea of numbers attending before i look at either sharing or Tenting it
  8. crazy

    Wanted --Ozone turbo bar for 5m Octane.

    Dude, im not sure how a Turbo will fly on a 5M octane but i have my Turbo bar on my 6.5 Method and to be honest i get more turn on the handles than i do with the bar, though i have to work a lot harder to get that turn, the Bar does make it easier on the board and in the buggy. happy to bring it out to Narra 1 day if you want to try it out on the octane before shelling out for 1.
  9. crazy


    Not yet mate..waiting to hear if the rangers are going to take exception...
  10. crazy

    Video - buggy blast

    very nice
  11. crazy

    Slowing and stopping!

    some good videos there.. i haven't really done any of the transitioning slides yet (underpowered and on a fixed bridle scary) ive done some basic back foot out power slides which do wash off a bit of speed, but i found that if i want to slow down and not slide/transition etc (assuming wide open space) i just bring the kite to the edge of the window in the direction im travelling and turn the board into the wind - the kite then operates as a slow brake + since im already at the edge i can drop the kite fairly quickly from there too if im packing up or resting for a bit. hope it makes sense - if needed i can record a demo
  12. crazy

    Can I buggy on Stockton Beach?

    yeh with MAYDAY coming up it would pay to contact the council up there and ask - surely we could discuss a permit with them if they feel so inclined (including access to the dunes )
  13. crazy


    im actually hoping i can borrow my brothers Navara for the weekend sleeping in the back not a bad idea - not sure how anal they are up there about it with all the latest changes
  14. crazy


    emidub - i haven't booked yet and i want to go up - i haven't got a 4wd unfortunately ... i don't mind sharing if people want to cut costs
  15. i am actually down at 7 mile for the next 3 weekends in a row