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  1. Harden Kite Festival 2017

    Harden Kite Festival 2017.
  2. Harden Kite Festival Kites

  3. Flying Lines? *Closed*

    I would have an unused 18m set in my spares box if you can't get one local.
  4. Flysurfer Peak2 9m

  5. Extreme Kites Winter Chill Hoodies

    And in Scuba colour too!
  6. Fixed bridle v. Depowerable kite sizes

    Thanks everyone. That's great information.
  7. Fixed bridle v. Depowerable kite sizes

    Thanks fellas.
  8. Fixed bridle v. Depowerable kite sizes

    In terms of depower kites, I'm most familar with LEI kites. Fixed bridle I'm looking at closed cell options - probably just the Pansh Adam.
  9. Hi, Can someone refresh me on approx fixed bridle kite sizings when compared to depowerable. Thanks.
  10. LOLO BSD

    I'd give it a go if I could land that soft.
  11. Cost neutral kiting (aka) free kites

    I think it's one of those things where you say yep, I'm happy to spend $X on this sport each year and buy whatever fits into that budget. Kites like everything else depreciate quickly, but at least they last a while. The good thing is there's little ongoing costs once you own the gear. It's not an expensive hobby like motorsports.
  12. With a windless May and time on my hands I’m thinking how can I make this kiting hobby cost neutral. Surely harnessing the collective brainpower of the XK lounge should be able to come up with a workable solution. Thoughts so far have included: - Get a second job, night fill or other out of hours work (discounted this one, working enough hours already) - Interest arbitrage using peer to peer lending where interest received is 10%+ (as long as who I lend to doesn’t go broke) - Some form of pay it forward system (will probably involve me just buying someone else a kite) - Sell advertising space on my kites (makes a good excuse to get out flying more) - Get a group together to approach corporate sponsor to put their name on a heap of kites (has some merit) - Create a kite tupperware/amway/nutrimetics/etc (read somewhere pyramid schemes are illegal) - Internet stuff. Amazon Affliates, Clickbank, Adsense (big learning curve and seems like hard work) - Put together a private consortium and buy all the honey in Australia, forcing a shortage, price goes up then sell at a profit. Well that’s about all I could come up with. What other ideas are out there to legally generate the funds to buy a couple of new kites per year.
  13. Pansh Aeolus

    For anyone chasing an Aeolus, Pansh have buy 1, get a smaller 1 free offer at the moment. (May 2017). I believe it applies to their already current deal of 50% off, but check this for yourself.