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  1. Mfwetu

    WTB Frenzy 2011-2012

    If you have an old 11m or 13m Ozone Frenzy 2011 or 2012 model that's just gathering dust in the shed, I'm interested in buying it. Bag, bar and lines optional. Looking to spend around $250 - 450 but willing to negotiate for the right kite. PM or email at PMKDavidson@gmail.com
  2. Mfwetu

    analogue gps speedometer

    Brilliant piece of kit @RedSky and just the thing for our buggy riders to "pimp their ride". Love the shaky vision of the speedo as it really gives a sense of the speed and the forces involved on an unpaved surface at 100kph. Thanks for sharing 👍
  3. Mfwetu

    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    Updated wind forecast for this weekend. I don't have a kite big enough for really light wind conditions so it looks like I'm going to be doing more fishing than kiting
  4. Mfwetu

    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    Sorry to hear about the leg @jdhot but you won't be missing out this weekend. Winds very light and from an awkward angle so I'm going to give it a miss. Hopefully we get some Easterly breezes over Easter.
  5. Mfwetu

    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    @Tiger37, What a difference a day can make in weather predictions. It's still too early to tell but we may yet get a session in on the weekend. I'll keep the day open and wait until Friday before deciding one way or the other
  6. Mfwetu

    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    Not impossible that things change before then but the wind forecast isn't looking good for a beach session next weekend. Sorry guys, probably my fault for bringing on the winter winds early. New kite curse - picked up a couple of old inflatables that I want to experiment with and am expecting a new 8m Blaze III which I was hoping to test on the weekend. If this weekend doesn't work out, we're camping at Culburra over Easter and it would be great to see another landkiter in action so shout out if you'll be in the area
  7. Mfwetu

    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    Currarong is good if the wind is from the NE. Let's plan on meeting there at this stage and we can see closer to the day what the wind will be doing
  8. Mfwetu

    Hello. newbie Q bout depower kites-

    Hey @alison melia, If you haven't found a kite yet, I came across this one on Gumtree which looks good. The price is a bit strong but it's been up since August last year so the owner might be open to an offer and to posting it. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bruce/snow-sports/ozone-access-kite-6m/1191819253
  9. Mfwetu

    Pansh Genesis 2019

    The Genesis is the depower version of the Adam which you already have. Apart from the colour change I don't think the 2019 version is very different from the previous model so you'll know basically how it flies. Unless you're looking specifically for a medium/low AR depower in a smaller size why not have a look at the Blaze III instead? Open cell so I wouldn't use in on water but then I don't think I'd be using a Genesis on water either, even if Pansh says you can. The Blaze has been out long enough for the wrinkles to be ironed out and does a good job of impersonating the Summit but at a fraction of the cost. The Genesis 8m is the same price as the Blaze III 8m at US$139 but with an AR of 4.9 vs 3.7 for the Genesis, it'll be a lot more exciting for somebody who knows how to fly. The Blaze also has the upgraded 5th line safety system borrowed from the latest Ozone foils which is really good (Genesis has traditional) and they're also doing the same 50% deal for footage/reviews on the Blaze. Food for thought . . . .
  10. Mfwetu

    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    Saturday 6th may be possible but I can definitely do the Sunday.
  11. Mfwetu

    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    Thanks @Tiger37. Nothing too serious but I won't be able to get away for the next couple of weeks. Hope you guys have a good session this afternoon
  12. Mfwetu

    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    Sorry guys, I have to pull out. A family emergency means I won't be kiting this weekend 😢
  13. Mfwetu

    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    Wind update. Looks like winds will be NE both days. Unless the wind direction changes on the day we'll probably head straight to Hammerhead Point on Saturday. Aim to get there 11:30 (ish) I can be reached on 0400332499
  14. Mfwetu

    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    For those that can make it, conditions are looking fair for the weekend with Saturday being the pick as wind will be more onshore. The wind swings more to the North on Sunday so Culburra or Hammerhead could be better than 7-Mile on the day.