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  1. 2018 HQ Snow Kites

    For those of us thinking of buying a new snow kite or upgrading their quiver, HQ have given us something else to think about with the release of their 2018 snow kite lineup. Upgrades and sexy new graphics for the Matrixx, Montana and Apex and also a new beast for the speed freaks and foil boarders amongst you called the Freeracer. Check them out at : https://hq4.com/en/produkt/matrixx/ https://hq4.com/en/produkt/montana/ https://hq4.com/en/produkt/apex/ https://hq4.com/en/produkt/freeracer-2/
  2. Four Wheel Kite Buggy

    Depends which way around you're sitting
  3. Soloshot 3

    Might be an idea to list it in the For Sale section with a price to gauge interest. Any pics of the new kite in action?
  4. Alex Sanz - Longest Kite Replies in History thread

    Bit of common theme running here . . . .
  5. Ozone Hyperlink V1 2017

    If it's as good as I hope it is you may have to wait a bit
  6. Sydney Guys

    Work's been getting in the way of the important stuff but I'll be free for a couple of weeks over Christmas/New Year
  7. Another Jean Baptiste PG gem!

    Love it. Amazing skills and the shots of Capetown bring back some good memories. He's still alive with both original legs intact so obviously he hasn't made many serious mistakes but I wouldn't mind seeing some of the "blooper" footage thrown in
  8. Ozone Hyperlink V1 2017

    It does look good and I'm keen to test fly one. Ozone must have timed the release for the Northern Hemisphere winter which is good for me as our summer sea breezes have started. I'd like to test fly the 9m as this is the size I use most. Any idea when they'll be out?
  9. Moose Meet details

    Sounds really bad. Hope you aren't scarred by the experience
  10. Moose Meet details

    Any footage or pics from this year's meet to share?
  11. Ozone Hyperlink V1 2017

  12. SpanishMan's Garage Sale II

    When all else fails just lower your expectations. I'd like to offer $2.50
  13. Ozone Hyperlink V1 2017

    Thanks again Chris. Unfortunately I don't think there's enough demand for snow kites over here for retailers to carry stock on hand of all models so there's not always the opportunity to fly before you buy. and getting a new model takes a bit of a leap of faith. Would appreciate it if anybody out there with a Summit V4 wouldn't mind measuring the span of the kite so we could calc the approximate flat AR which should be good enough to make a rough comparison.
  14. WANTED! Kite Buggy and Kite. TAS.

    Price dropped to $1000