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  1. Kite Buggy Wanted asap

    @Jason at Briskites should be able to help
  2. Sydney Guys

    I can't do Thursday or Sunday. Wind's not bad for Wed/Thurs but the tides aren't great if you're looking for arvo sessions with the landboard this week. Wanda's a no-go zone after 4pm because that's starting time for the dog walking mob to fertilise the beach
  3. Sydney Guys

    Not enough wind this weekend to warrant the trip. Hopefully the fish are biting Glad you enjoyed it Phil. I'll give you a shout when I go down again. Here's a pic of the action Have a look at youtube clips from @carltb for tips on getting going with the landboard
  4. Sydney Guys

    A bit early to tell bu the wind's not looking too favorable this weekend. If it picks up I may shoot down for a Sunday arvo session. I'll post here if I do decide to go
  5. Sydney Guys

    Thanks for a great day guys. Hopefully not too long before we can do it again.
  6. Sydney Guys

    PM sent
  7. The Need For Speed

    64 mph = 103 kph !!!
  8. Sydney Guys

    I'm aiming for 11 at Shoalhaven surf club which will give us a couple of hours either side of the low tide. Hope to see you there. Yes and yes. Give me a shout if you need a lift
  9. Death Kite Nomination

    that photo is just begging for a caption
  10. Sydney Guys

    Was at the surf club in October and it was closed but that was before the rains. After discussions with my "social secretary" I'll be heading down on Sunday so I'll find out then
  11. Sydney Guys

    Wind and weather look fine for all 3 days at this stage with Saturday being my pick.
  12. Sydney Guys

    Nice to hear you had a good session. Still a few months before the winter westerlies set in so hopefully you get to dirty your gear before December. I finished too late on both days to make the trip but next Saturday doesn't look bad and I should get a day pass so hope to see a few other land kites in action.
  13. Which pansh kites are worth getting?

    Genesis is a fairly low aspect ratio (AR 3.7) closed cell foil and would probably be more stable than the Blaze 3 which has aspect ration of 5.2. The Blaze isn't particularly lifty but will be a lot more so than the Genesis and will also be more subject to luffing in gusty conditions which can be dangerous if you're just learning. To balance that, the Blaze has a much better flag out system (copied from Ozone) that will make dropping the kite and re-launching in sketchy conditions a lot easier and safer. Open cell is also a lot easier to setup and pack down than closed cell. Both kites are relatively cheap and quality is good for the price but they don't compare with high quality kites from HQ, Ozone, Flysurfer, etc. and they have zero resale value when you want to upgrade. Having said that, if you can fly a kite they'll get you anywhere you want to go and you'll have a ton of fun in the process.
  14. Which pansh kites are worth getting?

    Hi Andrew. Welcome to the forum. It would help if you could share what experience you have and what you intend using the kite for. Pansh make a wide variety of land kites and different models are better suited for different styles of flying/riding. I have very limited experience with Pansh kites as I've only ever owned one (Blaze 3) but it works fine for what I do and I haven't modified it in any way. A lot of our experienced members are away at Kingston so I expect you'll get more replies when they return.
  15. Sydney Guys

    Windfinder report for the weekend looks alright for both days. I'm working on both but will head down if I can finish early enough. @Phil Litchfield if I make it down I've got skis and a landboard that you're welcome to use.