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  1. Mfwetu

    Nasa Star 4

    On 40m lines if you're content with big slow turns you don't need a lot of force to bring the kite around but if you want to hurry things up then you've got to give a good strong pull. I did try a 4m NS3 on this setup and it worked well - turned really quickly with minimal input but unfortunately just wasn't big enough to ski behind.
  2. Mfwetu

    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    Tides are better for the weekends of 2-3 Feb, 16-17 Feb or 2-3 Mar. Can't tell what the winds will be doing at this early stage so I guess we settle on an date and hope the winds blow fair. I'm flexible on dates.
  3. Mfwetu

    Blowback in time.... Spartan Kite Skating!

    Hi @Htxdea, welcome to the forum. I had exactly the same idea as you and was lucky enough to pick up a good second-hand pair of Powerslide nordic skates. They feel very different to inline skates and skis so I've taken a while to get into them but they are a lot of fun - even @carltb has got himself a pair now although he spends so much time in the air it doesn't really matter what he's riding They do cost a bomb so suggest you buy second hand or borrow before committing - you may find you prefer the off-road inline models rather than the "wheels of doom" nordic skates. I could be wrong but I think that @windstruck played about with both styles before an unfortunate accident made him change his ride. Have a look at his posts under this section of the forum
  4. Mfwetu

    Chasta's Flow

    Chasta and the Peak 4 making each other look good Nice to see the amount of development going into SS kites these days with a number of manufacturers borrowing concepts from each other to create better and better kites. I was ready to pull the pin on a Shaman just before the Explore came out but now I think I'll just sit back and see what else is going to hit the market - so many fantastic new models coming out right now.
  5. Mfwetu

    Ozone Explore

    Holden Explore ?
  6. Mfwetu

    Théo de Ramecourt Strapless Loops!

    Looks like you're not alone . . . . . 😜
  7. Mfwetu

    Peter Lynn Nova - Closed Cell Foil

    Nice looking kite. Any idea whether this is a traditional closed cell foil or is it a cross-over like the Ozone Hyperlink or the HQ Empulse ?
  8. Mfwetu

    Nasa Star 4

    Thanks for the update. I'll bide my time until they're available. With their raw power and quick turning ability I reckon the 8.5 will be perfect as a down-wind tractor using my old 2-line rig and 40m lines when I have a few k's of open beach in front of me 😁.
  9. Mfwetu

    Nasa Star 4

    Thanks for sharing @windstruck. Nice to see that Steffen has kept the price for the NS4 the same as for the NS3 although the lineup has been trimmed down. Any idea if he's going to be making it in the larger sizes?
  10. Mfwetu

    Happy Christmas

    To all kiting enthusiasts out there, wishing you all have a safe and happy Christmas with fair winds and enough free time to enjoy them
  11. Mfwetu

    Ozone Explore

    Looked it up on google maps - that's a great playground you have in your backyard
  12. Mfwetu

    Making Food Look Delicious!

    Hope it's a speedy recovery @the_hatman. If it's any consolation, macdonalds burgers taste like foam and sawdust covered in motor oil to me too
  13. Mfwetu

    What's everyone's go to kite in patchy light wind.

    With the winds the Kiwis are accustomed to they operate at a different level from the rest of us. Then again, you're pretty game to be playing with a 7m race kite in 45 knot conditions
  14. Mfwetu

    What's everyone's go to kite in patchy light wind.

    It's all relative. One person's "nuking" conditions is another person's "light and patchy"
  15. Mfwetu

    Hello. newbie Q bout depower kites-

    Hi @alison melia, welcome to the forum. On the difference between fixed bridle and depower, for kites of similar size, aspect ratio and projected sail area, when sheeted out fully the pull from a depower kite is very roughly half that of a fixed bridle kite BUT when sheeted in fully it's going to be pretty much the same power size for size so a powered-up 6m depower kite has the same pull as a 6m fixed bridle. Bigger kites are slower through the air so you have more time to react but there are going to be many times when the wind is too strong for it, especially while you're learning. I reckon you're better off with a smaller de-power to start off with as you'll get more use out of it. A popular choice over the years to learn buggying and kite landboarding has been the stable, low AR snowkite models around the 6m mark like the Ozone Access and HQ Apex foils and more recently the single skin models such as Flysurfer Peak. If you do go this route the chances are that you'll sooner or later outgrow them so I'd suggest you buy second hand and get something more advanced when you're ready for it. You can then choose to on-sell or keep the first kite as a storm sail. These kites are high quality builds that last forever and you can pick them up pretty cheaply. As an example, I recently got a 6m Access XC with bar, lines, harness and bag in really good nick for $ 150. Good luck and keep us posted.