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  1. Happy Birthday Joel

    Happy B'day mate, hope you had many celebertory drinks
  2. Whats been happening

    Hey guys been busy haven't been out much here, what's been going on I haven't really been on the internet much either. Got me a brand new fourb so going start going out kiting more now things have settled down.
  3. Poultry in motion

    Mad distance and speed chook.
  4. Kiting Legend Peter Powell dies aged 83

    Really enjoyed that thanks for the share.
  5. I have 2 hobbies and the wife hates both

    We have been together since 2004, so not 20 years yet. Maybe I need to me way more annoying to speed up to the 20 year happy to have spare time part time in the relationship
  6. I have 2 hobbies and the wife hates both

    Should have told me could have come over for a sample
  7. What gives, I only like doing 2 things, kiting and making spirits. She hates me doing both and would be more happy for me to sit inside and do nothing all day, I guess it's there job to make us miserable.
  8. surface to air missiles

    EPP foam combat delta wing pusher prop, I have one very indestructible, start flying real close and says your not very good at flying.
  9. Finally made it to Newcastle

    Yeah was the new harness, love it. Something is wrong with the P2 it seems to have a long right hand trailing edge line as it keeps turning left pretty quickly too. I haven't got my M10 yet hope I don't have the same problem, I ordered from there site directly. School holidays are still on so between the rocks and people not looking I have to dodge it wasn't too bad of a short run.
  10. Finally made it to Newcastle

    Well did get a few runs up and down the beach on the end of that green graph yesterday, must have been me complaining the wind gods heard me. Was good wind for the 9m Phanny. The camera man sucks too btw, the old man is useless but my M10 should be arriving soon so will get some footage to post soon.
  11. Get well Mr 333

    Holy shiz man looks nasty, but glad it came out okay for you. Hope for your speedy recovery.
  12. Finally made it to Newcastle

    Well been here for a while and the weather just sucks, what gives with the wind. Does the wind blow a different time of year down this way, I always got the 2pm winds back up in Brissy.
  13. Flysurfer speed 5

    One day I will have millions and will buy all models, one day
  14. Flysurfer Peak 2

    Got my 12m P2 out today again, man it's such an impressive kite always forget how good it is. I could barely feel the wind on the back of my neck yet still up she goes. It truly is a must for land kiting quiver. Big smile on John's face, is this your new favorite John?
  15. Sand dune landboarding

    I got a some cheap board called Zebra Kites landboard so not sure what rims they are, might try to source a tyre and try it but I will let some air out and try the for now thanks baker.