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  1. twojaythomo

    Fexifoil Blur 2.5m

    Bought this and haven't really used it much at all. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Flexifoil-Blur-2-5m-Quad-line-Kite/143482277652
  2. twojaythomo

    Night Buggy

    Anyone been out at night, it's a full moon tonight and the wind is around 10 knots. I was going to go down the beach for a look and see if it's light enough for a safe run.
  3. twojaythomo

    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    Sound great, it will be nice to meet up with you guys finally for a kite and some beers.
  4. twojaythomo

    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    Been looking for a place to take the family camping too so if there's a place close for camping with amenities keen if work doesn't stop me. What locations would we be looking at?
  5. twojaythomo

    What's everyone's go to kite in patchy light wind.

    @Tiger37 I live in Nelson Bay, not sure where would be a good place for an event but would be happy to attend if work permits.
  6. twojaythomo

    What's everyone's go to kite in patchy light wind.

    I would love to try a Chrono or Sonic some day, I found the Peak 12m drifts with the light wind very well when going down wind and not stalling out of the sky like my FS speed 3 and PL kites do.
  7. Just wanted to see what people like in light winds, I haven't tried many different kites but by far the best one I have is the 12m FS Peak 2, it just floats and drifts really well without falling out of the sky, wind range is pretty big too really love this kite. Definitely want to replace my 9m PL P2 with another FS Peak.
  8. twojaythomo

    Today I was kicked off the beach from mole beach patrol.

    It's all good anyway guys I'd rather not loose my beach permit over the argument, the beach is on a bad angle and wind is never really in the right direction to do any kind of decent run. Fingal is my go to beach as it is pretty much a 2/3 of a circle so can nearly always find a spot along there, no rangers and is not a driving beach so pretty sure nobody can stop me there except the tourist at holiday times. SoutherlyBuster I reckon if I moved up past the north entrance maybe they couldn't really say much but like I said the wind is only good once in a blue 🌙.
  9. twojaythomo

    Today I was kicked off the beach from mole beach patrol.

    Thanks BobM I was more dissapointed that they approach me about a buggy then all the other issues they have on the beach, if I could get some black and white writing to prove this, I think rangers don't really know the law, just don't want to cause trouble and loses my beach permit over something so stupid l.
  10. Today I was packing up when apparoched via the beach patrol, I was told not to use my buggy on the beach anymore, this was at Stockton beach north end. Then I asked can I use my mountain board which is like a skateboard with large wheels and they said no road rules apply, I didn't think mountain boards were band on roads. My first impression was power trip with no concept of real road rules or am I in the wrong. I don't understand as people drink beers, drive like retards but I can do my sporting hobby, am I wrong? What is everyone's thoughts on this matter?
  11. twojaythomo

    Ways to bring kids for a ride along.

    @Kathleen thanks for all the great info, I didnt even consider all the spray from my buggy something I need to think about too as for a new buggy well I might need to save up for a bit. @nigel wow thanks for the awesome write up some great information in there, I do have a welder not too great with it but I can make welds so I might head down the local junk shop and see what I can think up. I haven't seen anyone around here on buggies yet but I think that's just because it gets busy with not much room for it most of the time.
  12. twojaythomo

    Ways to bring kids for a ride along.

    I might need a bigger buggy, only have a PL buggy not sure which one but no room on the back, maybe some kind of trailer to tow with.
  13. twojaythomo

    Ways to bring kids for a ride along.

    Hey guys been a long while since posting and just starting to get the bug back after a couple of good sessions the last week. Wanted to get ideas on how one would get my 6 year old along for a buggy ride. Cheers.
  14. twojaythomo

    Happy Birthday Joel

    Happy B'day mate, hope you had many celebertory drinks
  15. twojaythomo

    Whats been happening

    Hey guys been busy haven't been out much here, what's been going on I haven't really been on the internet much either. Got me a brand new fourb so going start going out kiting more now things have settled down.