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  1. Shane.robbo

    Nasa Star 3 Competition

    Hi John Helen and I were looking to buy a nasa or 2 , but our kiting came to a halt in january, Helen got of the dirt bike the wrong way (our other extreme activity) which put an end to kiting for a while. ...broken collarbone and ribs! Helen tried your nasa at kingston 2014 and liked it. cheers hope to see you all again somewhere sometime Robbo and Helen
  2. Shane.robbo

    Extreme Kites Kingston 2015 Meet

    Hi John Holgate, have just got back into kite flying again after winter break plus a little bit more. Really keen on getting a nasa kite and know you are the one with all the knowledge for such. Is any one in Australia selling them yet. Will order from the web in Germany but need your help with what to buy as regards to lines and bar. Hope to hear from you. My email address is helenjean58*******hotmail.com regards Helen Taylor and Shane Robinson ( Robbo)
  3. Shane.robbo

    Extreme Kites Kingston 2015 Meet

    Hi all We're not able to get there this year either. Wish we could tho had a ball last year! Haven't done much kiting thru the cool months, just got them out recently, helen got concussed and I pulled a hamstring. But we're still going, had a couple of good days on Louth beach low tide all day and spot on winds. Have fun , we are , between kites and motorbikes ! Cheers Robbo and Helen Koppio P.s. Don't know wether to thank Chris for introducing me to molinari or not!
  4. Shane.robbo

    Extreme Kites Kingston 2014 Meet

    Thanks Mark Yeah bloody good stuff can buy online from dan murphys too since Adelaide is probably the closest to us Cheers Robbo and Helen
  5. Shane.robbo

    Extreme Kites Kingston 2014 Meet

    Hey Chris/con the fruitier What was the brand of the sambucca you kindly let us try, want to make sure we get some the same Cheers Robbo & Helen
  6. Shane.robbo

    Extreme Kites Kingston 2014 Meet

    Hi everyone, Finally got my finger out and registered. We had a great time at Kingston . Great to meet you all, good fun,food (thanks Joel for organising the meals) great way for everyone to socialise,new friends etc, hope to see you again around the country , or at least back at Kingston. We learnt a few things about kiting , haven't kited since due to time and conditions.the local beach (Louth bay)we've been using was last weekend loaded with seaweed we went there late yesterday on the dirt bikes and it is clearing again,going to try greenly beach on the west side of the peninsula soon too,and the salt pans if they dry out again before winter,as we just had 60 plus mm. Helen's rapped she found a buggy on eBay from nsw ,it's the same as the one we've already got(Joel's old flxifoil). Great videos guys top stuff. Cheers Robbo and Helen