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  1. Spares

    Synergy 12m and 19m

    You're Welcome
  2. Spares

    Synergy 12m and 19m

    Yes for both
  3. Spares

    Synergy 12m and 19m

    Synergy 12m and 19m I only have one set of lines. Good condition. Located in Canberra $600.00
  4. Spares

    ainsdale (video)

    Well keep enjoying the steady breezes of summer. There is just a hint temping us downunder wont be long..
  5. Spares

    ainsdale (video)

    Nice Carl, Looks like those clear skies of summer are fading. Don't say it...... Winters coming
  6. Spares

    Hallett Cove foreshore

    Isn't Hallett Cove in SA, don't you need a license from the kite mafia to even own a kite? Let alone be let loose on the grass. I will take note, for next time I'm in sunny Adelaide. Looks good bit like the park in Geelong. Let the flames begin.........
  7. Spares

    I want 9" wheels (MBS Core 95)

    I have started looking at some 10" tyres for the mountain board, and found these on ebay. So looking for a bit of advice/comments. Thanks http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/251571847484
  8. Spares

    For Sale: Peter Lynn Synergy 19m SOLD

    Thanks Outlaw, Kite arrived Yesterday. Now that I have a low wind kite I have to deal with the oppersite of the no wind curse for new kites.
  9. Spares

    Paint It Red

    Trees, strange soccer/rugby goals, lighting towers and the odd random dog/child. All good training in kite control.
  10. Spares

    Plummet Woke The Zombies!!!

    Just us zombies left.... I got out on the kite and land board out today, and will venture to the coast when the seabreeze kicks in...... So not so much dead.... but pining for the fjords I hope I didnt start something..
  11. Spares

    Paint It Red

    Well finally some wind in Canberra, so got the 12m Synergy and landboard out and headed for the Nicholls ovals. 2 hours and 23 minutes and 17.7km later, I had painted it red. I think I will be sore in the morning....... Time for Beer... Mmmmm beer
  12. Spares

    For Sale: Peter Lynn Synergy 19m SOLD

    Should be on the way to my place.... I hope it will arrive Wed
  13. Spares


    Nice counter weighted camera rig on the helmet, I was scratching my head till I paused the vid and saw the shadow. I believe its time to invest in a quadcopter for the long shots.
  14. Spares

    Wrong forcast Canberra

    What going on here? Damn stupid weather!!