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  1. Bernie

    Yeppoon 2018

    β€œThe guys that go love it” - and the guys that stay love it even more 😎. Was great seeing you guys again and will make sure I take some more time off next year.....
  2. Bernie

    Farnborough fun with drone.

    Should have remembered it's my 6.5.... - no wonder I was moving!
  3. Bernie

    Farnborough fun with drone.

    Nice drone footage from today on Farnborough Beach at Yeppoon. Step-daughter's boyfriend Johnnie just trying out his new drone and camera. Ant out on his board and me on the Sysmic with 5m Method - a perfect winters day in Qld...πŸ˜€
  4. Bernie

    Yeppoon 2017

    Thanks for not posting pics of me sitting on the beach with tangled broken lines Chook - not one of my more enjoyable sessions...😑😑
  5. Bernie

    Yeppoon 2017

    That wind is cranking - was out yesterday and it was gusting up over 40k ESE gps failed but it felt very fast and a bit dicey with 5m Method. Taken today off to have another go while the cyclone is whipping it up. Might be becalmed by the time you get here Chook .....πŸ˜€
  6. Bernie

    SOLD: Peter Lynn Synergy 19m

    Just leave them all here in Yeppoon Chook - you only seem to use the R1 now and I'll look after em......
  7. Bernie

    Yeppoon 2017

    Yes well I'll be there too but that's because I live here
  8. Bernie

    GPS for speed runs, which one

    In the wrist GPS range just treated myself to a Tom Tom Spark (in preparation for running Gold Coast marathon tomorrow). Good big display, one toggle control, 6hr battery, heart rate monitor, and easy app - but the real reason I like it is the Bluetooth headphones with capacity to download 400+ songs. Buggying to reggae just sounds right...
  9. Bernie

    Easter at Yeppoon QLD 2016

    Chook, Rob, and Andy, it was great to spend the little time I could get off work this year kiting and learning from you all over Easter. Wish I could have made more time with you all along with Gannet. I'll keep using this wonderful beach I'm blessed to live on and improving - hopefully without too many injuries.... Looking forward to a few more meals, drinks, and a lot more kiting time off work next Easter. Will try to get over this weekend still Rob if you're around, and trying to organise getting to Moose meet in NZ if I can Chook - otherwise hope to see you all next Easter.
  10. Bernie

    Easter at Yeppoon QLD 2016

    Thanks Joel - was talking about doing this today. King of glad though that I had the extra clearance yesterday when I hit a ditch full of water and somehow made it through - Chook was silly enough to follow my wheel tracks Will make the change this weekend...
  11. Bernie

    Easter at Yeppoon QLD 2016

    So I'm assuming you've arrived Chook. Didn't get home from work till 8pm tonight but will chase you up tomorrow. If you want your Montana I can leave it on back porch table for you - otherwise will bring it over after work....
  12. Bernie

    Easter at Yeppoon QLD 2016

    Hanging out for you guys to get here - haven't been out much lately as wife (Nicki) in hospital. Beach is flat as ever and creek shallow and easy to cross currently (but that can change in a day...). Will have to take you up on the free lessons Peter - combines my love of two wheels with kites....
  13. Bernie


    Nice to see you made it home safely Ralf - having buggies with you both I know you'll get on well with Chook. Maybe you should fly back to Yeppoon at Easter for the meet - you've been missing some great conditions.
  14. Bernie

    Life Paint?

    Mmm - not a bad idea but as a motorcyclist I still think Volvo need to work on what todo about Volvo drivers....
  15. Bernie

    Easter at Yeppoon QLD 2016

    Have a spare buggy for you to use here Peter - any more s/h kites on the horizon you can bring with you...? WillyWeather has a Yeppoon spot - wind vane is at sailing club about 2k away but reasonably accurate - they have the tide times/cycle as well. Beach is in great nick when I did 12k tonight after work.....