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  1. Alystan

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    lol, I actually tried to buy that kite 2 months ago, but the owner did not respond to meeting in Newtown :-(.
  2. Alystan

    Ozone SB harness - SOLD

    I'll be back from new cedonia tomorrow morning. Is there a good time for me to drive by in the afternoon? Please send me your address to Jeremy.brun (at) gmail.com or send me a PM. Regards, Jeremy
  3. Alystan

    Ozone SB harness - SOLD

    OK, I'll contact you back on Wednesday when I am back. Jeremy
  4. Alystan

    Ozone SB harness - SOLD

    Wollstonecraft, near North Sydney. But I am overseas for another week. Jeremy
  5. Alystan

    Ozone SB harness - SOLD

    If it is still on sale I may be interested. What is the postage to Sydney or is there a pick-up option? Jeremy
  6. Hi there, if it remains unsold, I'd also be interested. Can pick up in Sydney..

  7. Are you still selling this kite. I'm am interested in buying?

    1. Alystan


      Yes, I still have it. Give me your address if you want a quote for shipping.

      Please note that I will be away on holidays from Wednesday 23rd of December up to mid january. So if you want the kite now, the transaction has to be very quick.



    2. PeterJC


      Sorry I didn't get back to you. I've had some moving house distractions and set backs.

      When you get back from holidays I would be happy to buy the kite from you. I will be located at 19 Rawson St Mayfeild 2304 NSW for your shipping quote.


    3. Clark


      Hi there, is the kite still available?

  8. Alystan

    Flysurfer Peak2 9m 2015

    Hi everyone, I am selling my near new 9m Flysurfer Peak2 (2015) with bar/lines and its sac (as pictured) and original spare parts. This is a single skin depower kite with a high aspect ratio that can fly in as little as 6 knots. It generates a large amount of power for its size as the kite is much flatter than regular foils (and inflatables, obviously). I bought this kite new in August 2015 from briskite ( http://www.briskites.com.au/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1361 ) with the intention to use it as my light wind snow-kite and have used it on 3 different days at the back of Thredbo this season. I can confirm that one can go upwind and uphill (at the same time) below 10 knots. In the Australian back country, you can't just go back to you car to switch kite when the wind changes. Being small framed, I found myself quickly overpowered when the wind picks-up and I have settled for a smaller and less powerful kite. Reviews of this bad boy can be found here: http://www.hardwaterkiter.com/kite-and-gear-reviews/flysurfer-peak2-first-impressions http://www.iksurfmag.com/issue49/?page=139 The kite is in near new condition. Bought for AU$1199 (can provide receipt), selling for AU$900 plus postage. Pick-up and inspections available in Wollstonecraft or North Sydney (NSW).
  9. Alystan

    Old Frenzy 7m2 for free

    I know that kite :-p (wink at Marcin) It flies well, a bit slow turning for a 7m however. But that is the deal with these old frenzy. I hope the new owner takes care of it and stay safe. Jeremy
  10. Alystan

    Nasa Star 3 Competition

    Hi Jeremy here, I am an avid kiteboarder and snowkiter. I would love to put my hand on one of these Nasa wing on the snow!
  11. Hi all, I am looking for a second hand small depower foil kite for snowkiting. Ideally I would like a 4m Ozone Access but I am opened to offers. Cheers, Jeremy
  12. Alystan

    Ozone Frenzy 11m for sale. Brand new condition.

    I don't believe that a 2011 Ozone Frenzy can be sold for that price, even if it is in new condition. Just my 2 cents here.