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  1. soliver

    Sunset Session SSI *VIDEO*

    Thanks!.... Those sunset sessions have been some of my best ever... can't wait to try it with a minty fresh 6m Peak !!!!
  2. soliver

    Sunset Session SSI *VIDEO*

    Hey gang, I wanted to share this with you guys here at XK... As usual, I spent the week after JIBE with the family on Saint Simons Island, GA. Last year, I figured out that I could log some primo time in the buggy seat between the hours of 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm... sunset sessions. The tide is perfect, the beach goers have all gone home except for the stragglers and locals, and East Beach is just as awesome as Jekyll Island as far as hardback and size is concerned. I got to know Jim (a Saint Simons local) pretty well at JIBE this year, so he met me a couple of nights, and another local, Johnny showed up every night as well. These have been some of my best unadulterated and uninterrupted sessions in the buggy this year and I caught the last one on video and on GPS... hitting a new PB of 28+mph. So I invite you to enjoy: Thanks guys!
  3. soliver

    a return to the North GA fairgrounds

    Oh yeah... riding the beach is a dream for me!... Its not really all that bumpy, the camera is just taking on all of the shake from being mounted on the back axle... When I have it mounted on my helmet its not nearly as bad.
  4. Hey guys,... Its been a little while since I've been on the forum. My kiting has been much less frequent as of late and I have been focused on another hobby. Anyhow, I had to clear out room in my GoPro to film some beach riding so I finally got around to editing some footage from a session from back in November. Enjoy!
  5. soliver

    The Elephant that came to dinner

    Very cool Steve.
  6. soliver

    Kiting Gone Wrong!

    I have a nice OBE at the end of this one.
  7. soliver

    Ozone Octane 4m kite

    I used to have a 3m Octane... Probably the most stable foil I ever flew.
  8. soliver

    Born-Porn Large and Small

    Shall we say... Wasp on a string? Awesome @windstruck
  9. soliver

    Monjet Kiteboarding

    COOL STUFF!!! That looks more like a proper power kite than even the Peaks... a lot more wing shaped. Very nice looking indeed.
  10. soliver

    PC getting 'laggy'....

    +1 here
  11. soliver

    My son in the buggy

    Awesome Sean!... way to get the family involved!!!
  12. soliver

    Merry Christmas

    kids were up at 630 this morning, christmas over by 715.... fun times
  13. soliver

    Your Xmas pressies....

    Hmmmm.... I'd like a 9m or 12m Peak 2... As unlikely as Santa Claus. Maybe another NS3,... maybe a 2.5m or 8.5m... Equally unlikely A newer, nicer Mandolin (I have one picked out).... Deffo unlikely looks like its undies for me to,... I prefer Boxer Shorts personally
  14. soliver

    I'm off to space!!!!!

    Wow, it is remarkably phallic isn't it.... my how unfortunate that the accomplishment is diminished by the fact that the thing looks SO MUCH like a ding dong
  15. soliver

    Help me...

    Please Mark,... NO!!!