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  1. I'm selling all my old kites which includes a 2015 North Dice 6m $650 (kite only) 2015 North Dice 9m $895 (complete with bar and lines) 2015 North Dice 11m $975 (complete with bar and lines) 2013 Airush Razor 7m $400 (complete with bar and lines) 2013 Crazyfly Sculp 8m $450 (complete with bar and lines) please email me if interested: antbrownkite@gmail.com
  2. Sunset Sesh!


  3. Ant

    Yeppoon 2017

    Great to see use r coming back down this year! Im keen
  4. my jumps are getting bigger.


    1. Kamikuza


      That looks like Christchurch, NZ...?!

    2. Ant


      This is at sandypoint, Yeppoon, QLD, Australia. @Kamikuza

  5. Ant


    I crashed trying to do a double backroll.
  6. Ant


    Doing some jumps.
  7. Ant


    Another jump.
  8. Ant

    Easter @ Yeppoon 2015

    Ok sound like my small 2.4m kite should be able to pull me around. Anyways if it does pull me it will be my first time in a buggy, so i might want to go with a small kite to start off..
  9. Ant

    Easter @ Yeppoon 2015

    Thanks Goz, The buggy is supposed to arrive tomorrow (09-04-2015) so I would to love to try it out sometime hopefully. I might be kitesurfing while the winds are good because the only land kite I think I could use to maybe get going in the buggy is with a 2.4m trainer kite, but if no one is kitesurfing I will try to get going on my new buggy Just don't know if a 2.4m kite will be enough power to get me going on the buggy.
  10. Ant

    Easter @ Yeppoon 2015

    Great pictures, looks like it was an awesome day today.
  11. Ant

    Easter @ Yeppoon 2015

    Hi, its me Anthony.(this is my first post) Just made an account not long ago and thanks for all the useful tips you guys have told me and to let me borrow the ozone access. Today didn't sound like a bad day and I have just been waiting for my new buggy to arrive at my doorstep.