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  1. Randy

    short kiting video

    You managed to cover just about every form of land/wind sports in one video! Impressive. What was the 3 wheel thing that looked like a trike at the start?
  2. Randy

    First Builds

    I have exactly the same machine and have now used it quite a bit for 3 years. Sewing kites is one of the least demanding things (for the machine) you can. The fabric is very thin and pretty easy to sew. The "Heavy Duty" name is probably overstated though - my machine can't make it through the seam when hemming a pair of blue jeans for example. But if kite making is the main use of the machine you don't need much. I've only ever used 3 stitches - straight, zig-zag and triple zig-zag. Probably every machine made now has many more stitches than that. So you don't have to spend a lot. A walking foot is probably a necessity, and for NPW's I would get a cording foot. This is because often you use kite line as a seam reinforcement (see Tom White's plans on kiteplans.org). This provides a very strong attachment for bridles. It is very hard to sew a a reinforcement line without one, but quite easy with one.
  3. Randy

    Foil boarding with a wing

    Homemade NASA parafoil - sound interesting. Can you post or pm me pics? Tried to build a few myself.
  4. Randy

    IBX 2018 Born-Kite Style!

    Awesome vid Steve - love the music too!
  5. Randy

    Born-Kite StreetStar

    I am building a 4.2 M version now. Not sure if I will build it for buggy (full ribs) or street (nose ribs only). The material is actually light polyester - just looks like tarp. My first version was tarp but didn't use the full wrap around LE. This is the 4th iteration. Plans are online. I doubt it would be as good as your 4.0 StreetStar though. http://www.laboratoridenvol.com/projects/gkite/gkite.en.html http://www.laboratoridenvol.com/projects/jouetbhl/jouet.en.html
  6. Randy

    Born-Kite StreetStar

    @Freda Latou Here you are. Not sure if this has a true depower, but it has a "power dump" ability which is pretty useful. Just tilt the bar back and the kite flutters and depowers, but keeps flying. You can hit full power by feel. Think I need to use it with a harness.
  7. Randy

    Born-Kite StreetStar

    I'm working on it. It seems to fly better with the middle line hooked to my harness. Here is a video. _.bbf0958c97998df58d2c4c40e3131321
  8. Randy

    Born-Kite StreetStar

    @Freda Latou It is just a PVC pipe about 60cm long, bent with a heat gun, a few holes drilled and notches in the ends to wrap line around. I put a line in the middle for harness hook or maybe depower if I can figure that out.
  9. Randy

    Born-Kite StreetStar

    Tried my homebrew single handed handle today. If you have enough wind to ride it provides plenty of control. Fun way to ride. Easy to make the bar with PVC pipe, a few drill bits and a heat gun.
  10. Randy

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Here's an interesting listing. Only about $50 more than Pansh themselves would charge. (They did cut the price from $198 though.) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pansh-Adam-4-5m-Kiteboarding-Trainer-Kite-Closed-Cell-Water-Relaunchable/152901879914?hash=item2399a9886a:g:-WcAAOSwHo5afk6B
  11. Randy

    Born-Kite StreetStar

    Does StreetStar come with the bar or do you have to buy that separate?
  12. Randy

    Born-Kite StreetStar

    That's pretty cool. Have you ever tried the Adam with that bar on longer lines?
  13. Randy

    Which pansh kites are worth getting?

    I'm wondering the Flux, Adam and Genesis are all the same basic kite - Flux being a simple fixed bridle open cell, Adam being the same but closed cell and Genesis the Adam with a simple depower bridle in place. So does anybody know whether that's the case? It just looks that way from the pictures, cell count as best I can tell and the limited data on wingspan, and so on.
  14. Randy

    single skin power kite

    I used "Prototarp" from Dollar Tree on the first version and surplus 3/4 oz poly from Flymarket on this one. I don't think the choice of material matters that much, but something that is a little bit stretchy is probably best. I think if the material was more stretchy the wrinkles would be a lot smaller, though they do give me a guide as to where bridles might need adjustment. The lighter poly does take a lot less wind to fly than the blue Dollar Tree tarp, but I am always reluctant to use expensive material on a design that is unproven such as this. If it flies then making a second one out of better material easy because I already have the templates and know some of the finer points. BTW - 3/4 oz is a bit misleading. It is measured according to a sailmaker's yard which is 27 by 36 so don't expect an actual yard to weigh 3/4 oz. I've used texlon as my "go to" fabric for single skin and foils I've made and been happy with the results though like the poly it doesn't stretch much.
  15. Randy

    single skin power kite

    I just hold the two panels together (front side to front side on the inside of the two pieces) and sew them, a few CM at a time until the curve is not so pronounced. Once that's done I sew the rib into place. The guys that are really good do all 3 pieces at once though. Normally, I work from the left most panel and go to the right so I don't have a lot of fabric inside the arm of the machine. The real work is in making the patterns, cutting out the pieces and sewing the rib hems and reinforcements together. Ian's blog shows one way to do it. Once you have all that done, sewing the pieced together is not a big job, if you have some experience sewing (or know someone who does.)