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  1. Born-Kite RaceStar

    An outstanding notion! I'm in the process of selling my 9.5m and 12.5m LongStar2s and upgrading to 9.0 and 11.0 RaceStars. The vast majority of my flying is on a rock hard, low rolling resistance playa surface (Lake Ivanpah) and when these big kites are the right selection the wind is extremely light. I've found in those conditions that the LS2s (and previously when I owned 9 and 12m Peak2s) were slower to react to pilot input than I cared for and didn't have all that good upwind performance. The big RSs in light wind still behave pretty responsively (much more so than big Peaks or LongStars) and are fun to fly in those conditions. I flew the 5m RS on Ivanpah in higher winds and I got spooked; in those higher wind conditions the lower AR LongStars suited me better.
  2. Born-Kite RaceStar

    LEIs? We don't need no stinkin LEIs! Could be a whole other story of course if you drop a tip in the water. Doh!
  3. Born-Kite RaceStar

    I've decided to evolve my Born-Kite quiver on the large end. While providing ample grunt in low wind conditions, my 9.5 and 12.5m LS2s just turned too slow for my liking. I got some short use of the 5.0 and 9.0m RSs recently and found them to be far more maneuverable. I decided to sell my 9.5 and 12.5m LS2s and pick up 9.0 and 11.0m RSs to take their place as my low wind "Session Savers". I cant wait to unfold the 11m; with it's 6:1 AR it will be over 8m long. Yikes! Now just to endur the endless wait for DHL packages to make their way across the Atlantic and get ridden out to Utah by Pony Express.
  4. Born-Kite RaceStar

    The RS kites have a lot more nose support stiffeners and sections that need sewing for comparable sized kites across the RS vs LS2 lines. Steffen also let me know that the bridle material used in the RSs costs about twice that of the simple nylon string used on the LS2s. So, I suspect labor and material cost both play into his cost structure to a greater extent than a supposed premium markup.
  5. Born-Kite LongStar 2

    Time for some good old fashion Born-Porn. Two pictures from IBX 2018 earlier this month on Lake Ivanpah outside of Las Vegas, NV, USA.
  6. IBX 2018 Born-Kite Style!

    @Tiger37 Thank you kindly sir! IBX is truly a fun event. My rookie video hardly does it justice. The whole LS2 versus RS thing is certainly a matter of personal preference. The newer RS kites have some nice new bridling using a line material exclusive to Born-Kites. It is a little bit stiffer and somewhat less prone to tangling. In some back and forth with Steffen he mentioned that this bridle line material would likely make its way into his entire line of DP kites eventually. Hard to know when that might be (if ever) as that would likely mean advancing the line numbers (LS2 to LS3, etc.). There is a cost factor in play here which can affect things. You'll see of course that the RSs are size for size more expensive than the LS2s which may certainly factor in. One thing to think about is that in light wind conditions the 9.5m and especially the 12.5m LS2s are quite slow turners. Tons of grunt but sort of like turning barges. The 9.0m RS turns on a dime. It pulls hard in light wind and could well be a contender in your book. Rolling surface makes a big difference here. The Ivanpah playa has extremely low rolling resistance and it is possible to get going pretty fast quickly with the big kites. If the wind picks up with one of the big ladies in the air that is a whole lot to contend with. A higher rolling resistance surface like sand or grass would allow you to run the larger kites in more wind and get more response out of them. It is sort of tricky on Ivanpah with these big kites. Most of the times I've been there for multiple days the wind has either been blowing far too hard to even dream of putting up my big ladies or it is light and variable. Not seen in the video I showed was huge amounts of time with these big girls sitting on the ground in complete lulls. You'll notice during the big kite shots how few people are out; they were smarter than me! I'd give the 9.0m RS a good look if you truly need to replace your 9.0m P1. Vroom!
  7. IBX 2018 Born-Kite Style!

    Here's a quick video I pulled together from IBX 2018 earlier this month on the Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed on the border of CA and NV in the Southwestern USA. Great time, great people, and a great event!!! This video ended up becoming a bit of a Born-Kite love fest because I only had helmet cam footage and I was only flying Born kites this year. Hope you enjoy it!
  8. Multiple bars for DP quiver?

    A number of us had a good discussion on PKF recently concerning the attributes and trade offs of having a DP quiver managed with one bar across kites or perhaps a bar for each kite in the quiver. I'm curious what my "Southern" friends think about this topic. Personally, I'm a kite buggier flying a complete quiver of Born-Kite LongStar2s. I'd been trying to get away with a single bar across all five kites but was finding myself increasingly frustrated with the time spent (read wasted) swapping the bar across the kites as conditions changed. I just bit the bullet and bought three new bars so I would have a dedicated bar for my 3.5, 5.5, and 7.5m LS2s (the ones I use most frequently) and a single bar to share between the 9.5 and 12.5m kites. Hated to spend the extra money but hated the time suck even more so there you have it. How do others address this issue?
  9. Born-Kite RaceStar

    Prices and further details can be seen on their website here: http://www.born-kite.de/
  10. Born-Kite RaceStar

    @BigTone - Bridling is improved with somewhat less tangling. Still lots and lots of bridles due to the lack of the second skin, but this seemed to be somewhat less of an issue. Best of luck getting your back on the mend.
  11. Born-Kite RaceStar

    I had several long sessions with the RSs on the Ivanpah dry lake bed this week during IBX 2018. These are beautifully designed kites, purpose built for racing around the sky, pulling really hard and going to the front edge of wind window, and performing admirably in upwind propulsion. I don't have any experience with other similarly dimensioned 6:1 AR kites, but can compare them to their cousins the LS2s. Compared to the LS2s, the 5.0m RS feels like you have more kite in the air than the 5.5m LS2 (same for the 9.0m RS versus 9.5m LS2) and the RSs have a lot more personality, and that personality is aggressive. I'd say Steffen scored very high marks in designing a highly responsive, aggressive, single skin depower kite. Choice between similarly sized LS2s and RSs likely come down to personal preference. To give it a vehicular comparison, I'd liken the RS kites to sports cars and the LS2 kites to SUVs. They handle very differently and in the case of the RSs take keeping close attention to. I am able to fly my LS2s in most conditions without really looking at them, or maybe just sort of see them out of the corner of my eye, but I found I had to keep quite close continuous attention to the RSs. Speaking only for myself, I prefer the LS2s over the RSs. I'm a long straight park-and-ride buggy pilot and the LS2s suit me just right. My style is to park a kite and cruise for several kilometers. Friends of mine I watched on the playa this week were constantly looping, diving, and redirecting their kites. I suspect that such people would vastly prefer the responsiveness of the RSs over the comparative slow motion action of the LS2s. If anything, flying the RSs this week made me appreciate my LS2s even more. That takes nothing from the RSs; they are purpose built. For my purposes the LS2s are just right. For anyone looking for a single skin powerful high performance kite I'd suggest taking a strong look at the RSs.
  12. Born-Kite RaceStar

    @Tiger37 - Yes to the bar question. The RaceStars and LS2s both come with two DP pulleys per side and the little securing lines in the center of the leading edge as you see in the pictures. The bridles terminate as four even sets of lines, "balanced" as it were. As such, either RSs or LS2s could theoretically be flown on any basic four line bar that has break and power lines terminating in equal lengths, again "balanced" (if that's the right word). I personally plan to use both my LS2s and RSs on the same single bar, a version of Born-Kites Universal Control Bar: http://www.venturi-power.de/product_info.php?info=p272_ls-universal-control-bar.html I have my bar strung with the full length 5th safety line that terminates in a yellow little wind sock along with the standard Red-Blue-White-Green lines. Similarly, I have all my LS2s and two RSs (5 & 9 m) strung with the center 5th line FAS system. In retrospect this is probably overkill as the SS kites flag out just fine with the standard 4.5 line setup but I started that way so I stuck with it. Final thing, I had Steffen make me up a second set of 5-lines that he packaged up for me and charged me for. I don't remember what he charged me, but he made them up for me custom so that I could have a complete second set of lines as backup since I only have a single bar for seven kites. I'm sure he could do that for you too. If I like the RSs next week and I'm feeling frisky I may have to buy the 7 and 11 m RSs too. Lord help me!
  13. Born-Kite RaceStar

    Never met a quiver I didn't like! Well played.
  14. Born-Kite RaceStar

    OUTSTANDING. Complete quiver or a select few? I've got the 5m and 9m. I'm going to fly them next week at IBX2018 on the dry lake bed of Ivanpah. I'm going to use the same bar as my LS2 quiver. I look forward to hearing about how you like them and how they stack up to the LS2s.
  15. Born-Kite RaceStar

    The RaceStars are now on the Born-Kite website. http://www.venturi-power.de/index.php?cat=c86_Race-Star-Race-Star.html&XTCsid=0l839i9q2be1aovr6928nhc2h0 Kite-only coming in about 200 Euros more than comparable LS2 sizes.