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  1. Born-Kite RaceStar

    I'm right there with ya! I'm getting a 5m and 9m RS and will hopefully have them in hand by the end of February. My first realistic chance to fly them while moving in a buggy will be the first week of April on Ivanpah at IBX2018. Can't wait!
  2. Born-Kite RaceStar

    Just got a new video sent to me by Steffen. Features his orange and black ribbon doing some nice work in 7-8 knots of wind. They were in a mountain ski spot in Italy that looks outstanding! I had some pangs of envy seeing all those folks out enjoying the wind with kites. Thought folks would enjoy a gander!
  3. Born-Kite RaceStar

    I don't have any news beyond what I've already shared. I'll be getting a 5.0m and 9.0m RaceStar once they become available and hope to use them first in the beginning of April at IBX2018 on the dry lake bed playa of Ivanpah on the border of CA and NV near Las Vegas. I have a complete LS2 quiver so if the wind cooperates I hope to be able to do some back to back comparisons in close size proximity (5.0m RS vs 5.5m LS2 and 9.0m RS vs 9.5m LS2).
  4. Born-Kite RaceStar

    Some snowkiting action with the soon to be released 11.0m RS. It looked as if there was some nice pull in low wind. I'm looking forward to these. There is a great shot in the very beginning of the video below with all of Steffen's kites out in the snow. Born-Porn at its finest!
  5. single skin power kite

    @Randy and I corresponded via U2U on PKF yesterday about your request. He is traveling over the holidays but plans to be in touch with you upon his return.
  6. single skin power kite

    A guy in the United States that makes a lot of single skin kites is on this forum using the user name Randy. It's @Randy https://www.extremekites.com.au/profile/3875-randy/ You might try reaching out to him. Good luck! Love dem single skins!
  7. Merry Christmas Extreme Kiters!

    Merry Christmas! Live from Park City, UT, USA.
  8. Born-Kite RaceStar

    Added a pic just now of the 5m. She's a beauty!
  9. Born-Kite RaceStar

    THIS JUST IN: The RaceStar will also be available as a 5m. It will be red and black. So, sizes will apparently be 5.0, 7.0, 9.0, and 11.0m.
  10. Born-Kite RaceStar

    Steffen let me know that the tensile strength of pull is comparable square meter for square meter between the LS2s to the RSs. The LS2s are sized one half meter larger. The AR of the LS2s and RSs are very different so they will move in the air differently of course. Steffen noted that due to the increased air speed of the RSs more flow is built up. Apparent wind... whippee! One more useful picture depicting the axis of rotation during DP for the RS:
  11. Born-Kite RaceStar

    Steffen provided me a more detailed explanation of how DP works for his line of DP kites (LS2, SS, and RS). "DP works with variable AOA. The kite blows mainly in the "belly" and only minimally on the tips, this leaves the kite in depowered state with relatively quiet flight." Below are three pictures depicting this function:
  12. Buggy conversion

    It should come with one of those signs you see at Amusement Parks: KEEP YOUR HANDS IN THE RIDE AT ALL TIMES
  13. Born-Kite RaceStar

    Steffen and his crew at Born-Kites continue to innovate and today made public their newest offering, the RaceStar. Like their other kites this one is SS too. I'm going to be getting one over the winter and plan to bring it to IBX2018. I'm excited and a little nervous to fly such a high (6.0) AR kite, but who knows, maybe I'll be the fastest SS guy on the playa! Steffen sent me some pictures and a series of bullet points describing his new baby. I believe it will be available for purchase early next year. Gotta love that Steffen keeps innovating!!! RaceStar, the first serial single skin high performer AR = 6.0, very good up-wind characteristics Construction without profile ribs, thus barrier-free flow distribution on the bottom of the kite from the center to the tip Reduced bridle design offers low air resistance Start and landing stress-free without additional "staff" possible because super fast, the air flow is applied and can be eliminated Single skin construction, high light wind properties, crash unsusceptibility, very small pack size, minimal weight and unaffected by flying snow or sand Loops can be flown via tip or center rotation Very pleasant bar holding forces for long stress-free kiting Depower function like the LongStar 2 and StreetStar out of the "belly" and not on the tips The RS can be flown with any conventional control bar Considerably cheaper than a double skin high performer
  14. Born-Kite StreetStar

    A nice video from Steffen showing off his new StreetStar (SnowStar?).
  15. The future of wind power

    Great video of a splendid idea! I hope this plays out. Go kite power!