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  1. Re Peter Lynn

    What do you want to use this kite for? Buggy engine, static flying, something else? Depending on your intended use and skill level there could be a few ways to go. A whole other way to go is the Born-Kite NasaStar-3, a series of single-skin NPW style kites that get as large as 12.5 sqm. The NS3 line tends to be less "lifty" but I doubt the big Hornets have much lift either. Lift in a large FB kite can be a dangerous thing which is why I bring it up. Depending on conditions, large FB kites will pull like tug boats; slow movers but able to pull stumps out of the ground. One nice thing about the NS3s is that being single skins they are a little easier to get aloft than kites with more fabric and thus more static weight. Again, not knowing your desired use this may not be relevant.
  2. Born-Kite RaceStar

    THIS JUST IN Already in production and to be commercially released in October is the RaceStar+, a matching 5.0, 7.0, 9.0, and 11.0m quiver to the original RaceStar. A forthcoming video will explain the nuances, but the principle difference as Steffen explained it to me is the addition of some flexible vertical spars in the trailing edge to keep the shape of the kite more complete during jibe turns. Gotsta love how Steffen keeps on innovating in the SS DP world! I'm really loving the RSs and now have a complete quiver. For my needs the RS+ is overkill but I can see how this refinement could be important in racing and other maximum performance conditions. A small weight and packing penalty, but these SS DP 6:1 AR kites still come in way lighter and pack more compactly than comparable race kites with their (unnecessary) second skins.
  3. Born-Kite RaceStar

    @BigTone just posted a nice review of the 5.0m RaceStar: I had missed this and I bet others did to. Thanks for taking the time to do this Tony!
  4. Born-Kite Racestar 5.0M

    Very nice review Tony. I'm off tomorrow to the coast of Oregon for Fall SOBB and will have an opportunity to fly the 7, 9, and 11m RSs conditions permitting. I'll look to add perspective to your review after this week.
  5. Born-Kite RaceStar

    'Bout time!
  6. Born-Kite RaceStar

    An outstanding notion! I'm in the process of selling my 9.5m and 12.5m LongStar2s and upgrading to 9.0 and 11.0 RaceStars. The vast majority of my flying is on a rock hard, low rolling resistance playa surface (Lake Ivanpah) and when these big kites are the right selection the wind is extremely light. I've found in those conditions that the LS2s (and previously when I owned 9 and 12m Peak2s) were slower to react to pilot input than I cared for and didn't have all that good upwind performance. The big RSs in light wind still behave pretty responsively (much more so than big Peaks or LongStars) and are fun to fly in those conditions. I flew the 5m RS on Ivanpah in higher winds and I got spooked; in those higher wind conditions the lower AR LongStars suited me better.
  7. Born-Kite RaceStar

    LEIs? We don't need no stinkin LEIs! Could be a whole other story of course if you drop a tip in the water. Doh!
  8. Born-Kite RaceStar

    I've decided to evolve my Born-Kite quiver on the large end. While providing ample grunt in low wind conditions, my 9.5 and 12.5m LS2s just turned too slow for my liking. I got some short use of the 5.0 and 9.0m RSs recently and found them to be far more maneuverable. I decided to sell my 9.5 and 12.5m LS2s and pick up 9.0 and 11.0m RSs to take their place as my low wind "Session Savers". I cant wait to unfold the 11m; with it's 6:1 AR it will be over 8m long. Yikes! Now just to endur the endless wait for DHL packages to make their way across the Atlantic and get ridden out to Utah by Pony Express.
  9. Born-Kite RaceStar

    The RS kites have a lot more nose support stiffeners and sections that need sewing for comparable sized kites across the RS vs LS2 lines. Steffen also let me know that the bridle material used in the RSs costs about twice that of the simple nylon string used on the LS2s. So, I suspect labor and material cost both play into his cost structure to a greater extent than a supposed premium markup.
  10. Born-Kite LongStar 2

    Time for some good old fashion Born-Porn. Two pictures from IBX 2018 earlier this month on Lake Ivanpah outside of Las Vegas, NV, USA.
  11. IBX 2018 Born-Kite Style!

    @Tiger37 Thank you kindly sir! IBX is truly a fun event. My rookie video hardly does it justice. The whole LS2 versus RS thing is certainly a matter of personal preference. The newer RS kites have some nice new bridling using a line material exclusive to Born-Kites. It is a little bit stiffer and somewhat less prone to tangling. In some back and forth with Steffen he mentioned that this bridle line material would likely make its way into his entire line of DP kites eventually. Hard to know when that might be (if ever) as that would likely mean advancing the line numbers (LS2 to LS3, etc.). There is a cost factor in play here which can affect things. You'll see of course that the RSs are size for size more expensive than the LS2s which may certainly factor in. One thing to think about is that in light wind conditions the 9.5m and especially the 12.5m LS2s are quite slow turners. Tons of grunt but sort of like turning barges. The 9.0m RS turns on a dime. It pulls hard in light wind and could well be a contender in your book. Rolling surface makes a big difference here. The Ivanpah playa has extremely low rolling resistance and it is possible to get going pretty fast quickly with the big kites. If the wind picks up with one of the big ladies in the air that is a whole lot to contend with. A higher rolling resistance surface like sand or grass would allow you to run the larger kites in more wind and get more response out of them. It is sort of tricky on Ivanpah with these big kites. Most of the times I've been there for multiple days the wind has either been blowing far too hard to even dream of putting up my big ladies or it is light and variable. Not seen in the video I showed was huge amounts of time with these big girls sitting on the ground in complete lulls. You'll notice during the big kite shots how few people are out; they were smarter than me! I'd give the 9.0m RS a good look if you truly need to replace your 9.0m P1. Vroom!
  12. IBX 2018 Born-Kite Style!

    Here's a quick video I pulled together from IBX 2018 earlier this month on the Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed on the border of CA and NV in the Southwestern USA. Great time, great people, and a great event!!! This video ended up becoming a bit of a Born-Kite love fest because I only had helmet cam footage and I was only flying Born kites this year. Hope you enjoy it!
  13. Multiple bars for DP quiver?

    A number of us had a good discussion on PKF recently concerning the attributes and trade offs of having a DP quiver managed with one bar across kites or perhaps a bar for each kite in the quiver. I'm curious what my "Southern" friends think about this topic. Personally, I'm a kite buggier flying a complete quiver of Born-Kite LongStar2s. I'd been trying to get away with a single bar across all five kites but was finding myself increasingly frustrated with the time spent (read wasted) swapping the bar across the kites as conditions changed. I just bit the bullet and bought three new bars so I would have a dedicated bar for my 3.5, 5.5, and 7.5m LS2s (the ones I use most frequently) and a single bar to share between the 9.5 and 12.5m kites. Hated to spend the extra money but hated the time suck even more so there you have it. How do others address this issue?
  14. Born-Kite RaceStar

    Prices and further details can be seen on their website here: http://www.born-kite.de/
  15. Born-Kite RaceStar

    @BigTone - Bridling is improved with somewhat less tangling. Still lots and lots of bridles due to the lack of the second skin, but this seemed to be somewhat less of an issue. Best of luck getting your back on the mend.